Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas Day Part 5: Nana and Papa's...and then back home!

 And because we are completely spoiled, we opened more presents at Nana and Papa's.

Jaxson had fun blowing out our cool remote control candles.  Look at the precious face!

He helped deliver the yummy treats the Baby Harmon's made for us.

And had fun opening the gift we gave him.  It was a fleece jacket...but by this point in the day I wasn't really keeping up with documenting it all that well...

Oh wait-I did get a shot of it...but I missed a lot of other stuff...

Erin liked the t-shirt we got her to replace the Clemson one Jake always picks on her about! Hahaha!  

Parker liked his PJ's.  I guess I got more pictures than I thought!

Jake was excited to get several bow ties from Christmas.  One from us, Anika, and a few more from the Martin's.  

 Aaron and Jaxson had a fun time laughing at Nana's talking Christmas bear.

  We had a great time spending the day with family and being completely spoiled!  When we got home we decided to give Sadie her new antler that Aunt Sheila gave her. 

She loved it and all her other toys...She is just as spoiled as we are.  

We ended the day watching part of The Christmas Story...

...and Jake wrote me a little message on the notepad Nana got me.

It was a good day. :)

 Merry Christmas 2014!