Wednesday, July 31, 2013

You know you are a homeshcooling mom if....

. . .you tell your child the reason you started school before the public schools did, is so you can change your mind and send them there if they don't work hard enough at home. True story.  Day 3 of school and I've already done it.  Don't judge me people.  If you homeschool you get it. 

 . . .you do this:
. . .for an hour to make a "timeline composition notebook" (that still isn't done), after you find out the nice printed one you were going to buy that cost $25 (which you think is way too much money), is going to be $10 more just to ship it!!!

. . .your favorite thing about Sam's Club is the cheap books.

. . .and you consider going to Sam's Club to be a field trip.  What? Budgeting, math, books. . .How is that not a field trip?

. . .you have pinned ways to incorporate Lego's into what you are reading about in history.

. . .you like to point out how many people in history were homeschooled. . .even though you know most people used to be homeschooled because public schools were few and far between in the "olden days".

. . .you watch The History Channel and you hear names of civilizations and people that you just learned about while teaching your child and it makes you feel like a genius because you actually know what they are talking about and you can even add to it.

. . .if when you blog you worry about the fact that you aren't actually using proper grammar and are writing run on sentences (I blog it the way I would say it.  Comma's in the right spot?  Nope.  But that is where I would be pausing when I say it. . .), but don't worry about fixing it because you have done that enough already during the day. 

. . . you wonder what exactly you learned in school because you are learning tons of things for the first time while "teaching" your 7th grader.

. . .people ask your child questions things they would never ask a public schooler, because they are testing them to see if they are stupid.

. . .you wonder if it counts as teaching when you just learned it yourself.

. . . you wonder if you are ruining your child on a daily basis.

. . .you have actually considered buying the Noah Webster's 1828 Dictionary for $63. . .just because.  (no I didn't buy it)
. . .you feel like the luckiest person in the world to be blessed to teach your child, even though it is hard everyday and people think you are crazy.  Sometimes crazy is good. :)

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

NH & VT Photo Drop #1

I didn't take my camera out as many times as I usually do on vacation...but somehow I still managed to take a whole bunch of pictures!   This is going to be one of those picture and description posts....Boring, I know, but I have too many pic's to do it any other way!

Jake took advantage of the clear skies and light wind and decided to fly a kite at Aunt Tina & Uncle Allen's house.

Saku decided to give it a try too.
Later that day Mom & I loaded up the big boys and headed to Camp. It was hot and we were ready to get settled in for our week and a half on the lake.
The morning of the 4th the boys were up and ready to swim before the fog even lifted.
Later in the day Nee and Ben worked on getting a special book together for Grampa Smith. 
Saku decided to try to ski and we were all excited to cheer him on!

Grampa in his favorite dock chair.
Aunt Shelia, Tina & Braeden, and Anika
He is such a good baby!
Saku was ready to go!

He almost made it! 
Jake and Saku decided to go in the bowl, after Saku decided he his arms were stretched out and he drank enough of the lake. :)
Papa and Ben going for a row...
Ben was my motor boat.
You can tell these boys are brothers!
Jake road the bowl on his own too.
I always try to get a good candid picture of Grampa every summer.
Jake and Uncle Dave's annual chat.
Mom and Grampa checking out the book we all contributed.  Mom is the editor. :)
Braeden....I can't remember if that is how you spell it....but isn't he adorable!!
Tina and Brae-brae....for some reason I couldn't stop calling him that.
The Jakester.
Uncle Ron & his crew.
Anika had a tiny spider on its web on her hand.  Jake was not excited to be underneath it.

Ben and Braeden share the baby pool.
After a day of swimming this boy was tired.  All the kiddos were walking around like zombies...
Jake decided to take a little nap after everyone left.
We even had a rainbow right off the end of our dock.  We figure that means Camp is the pot of gold.

Can you faintly see the double rainbow?  I am sure someone else got a better picture I will have to post.  We were singing the double rainbow song!  "Double rainbow all the way across the sky! Whoa, whoa-oa-o-o-o. It's so intense."
We love Camp!!!

Monday, July 29, 2013

Day 1 of middle school....

        Jake is officially in middle school....
      We started school today and I think we are going to love Sonlight.....
     I also really love our chalkboard on the wall in our homeschool room. I love that we have a homeschool room. :)

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

I heart air conditioning...

We are still in NH/VT for vacation and it is a heat wave up here!  It isn't as hot as down South but without air conditioning it is crazy!  We are heading back South on Wednesday or Thursday and we are really excited to get back to air conditioning, our own beds, and especially Aaron. :)