Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Papa G's Desk

Jake and I were upstairs in my parents room getting it ready for Dean, Laura, and Riley's visit (YIPPEEE! We are so excited to see our old friends and neighbors) yesterday. Jake opened Papa's desk drawer (he's nosey...) and said "Mommy come here! Smell this-it smells like Papa. Mmmm..." We miss you guys. The coat closet near the front door smells like you guys too. I'm not going to tell him though. I will let him discover it his own.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Jake's Summer Vacation Interview Part 1: Day 12

Me: So, Jake how is your summer vacation going so far?
Jake: Fantastic! I love it!

Me: Why do you think Phineas and Ferb (an awesome cartoon on the Disney channel that chronicles what 2 brothers do over their summer vacation) get 104 days of summer vacation and you only get 74?
Jake: Because they have a much better school and it's not fair! :)

Me: If you had Phineas and Ferb's skills and resources what would you make?
Jake: A giant Sonic robot.

Me: What did you ask me to let you do for the first week of vacation?
Jake: Watch TV and play the Wii for the whole week.

Me: And did that happen?
Jake: YES!!...No...

Me: What book are you reading right now and how is it?
Jake: Percy Jackson and the...Uhh...Hold on I'll go see. (Yelling from his room) And the Titans Curse!!!

Me: How do you feel about the fact that you have a reading list and small project you have to do before you go back to school?
Jake: What?!?! ...YOU JUST TOLD ME THAT! I feel horrible about it...
Me: Can you explain the following pictures please?
Jake: Ben 10 toys...Messy?
Me: I just want to have proof that we spent 3 days playing Ben 10!
Jake: Not true! Psych! Psych-your mama rides a mini bike!
(Looking at next picture) Super Mario Galaxy Wa-whooooo! 2!!! (We rented it and played it A LOT...Yes my house is quite messy in the background...)

Me: Can you tell us how you felt about the famous "scooter wreck"
Jake: I feel horrible!
Me: Why?
Jake: Because!
Me: Because why?...
Jake: Because it was my scooter. My scooter, my responsibility.
Me: It wasn't your fault buddy!
Jake: I don't care I feel that way.

Me: How was Father's Day?
Jake: Happy!

Me: Why didn't you help your mother...I mean me, make these cookies for your dad on Father's Day? And are they as delicious as they look?
Jake: They look more delicious than they taste...Wait! Wait! I mean they taste more delicious than they look! Because I didn't want to help...Any way you make the most delicious cookies! (kissing me on the check while he answers to butter me up!)

Me: Why did you say Daddy married me?
Jake: Because he likes your food. :)

Me: How did you like making "Jake's Noodle Tubes" (otherwise known as manicotti. I don't know how to spell it and spell checking isn't helping...)?
Jake: I loved it!
Me: Can you explain the pictures below?
Jake: No..hehe...
Stirring the cottage cheese...

It's supposed to be...(giggling)..I didn't know my face looked like that in the picture! I look crazy! Okay (deep breath) That's supposed to be me looking...Looking like my hands are gross. (We used our hands to fill tubes)
That's the Jake's Noodle Tubes without the sauce on top...This is boring! Can't you say: "Jake Harmon (like a news caster) what are these pictures below?"
Me putting sauce on...
After it's done. Done, done, done! hehe...

Me: Who are you talking to in this picture?
Jake: Nee and Papa. :)

Me: What are you most looking forward to doing this summer?
Jake: I don't know...Lots of stuff.
How much more?....
Me: What did you think when I was driving the truck today and bumped into a white minivans front bumper in the Family Video parking lot? (Yes, that really happened. Not a big deal but I felt horrible! Long story...Luckily the lady was super nice and when we went to their house to work it out. **They are a very sweet Mexican couple who didn't want to call the police or use insurance...They maybe illegal aliens...*** When we went over they said we could give them $100 and call it even. Phew...Thank you Heavenly Father!)
Jake: Erase that right now. Mommy I don't like to talk about stuff like that. (He went to his piggy bank when we got home and took out his money to give me. I didn't take it obviously. He is on this kick of protecting me and worrying about me so much. He thinks if I am at all worried that he in some way may have caused it-he had bumped his toe right before the "bump" and said I must have been distracted worrying about him...Has anyone ever been through this before? I think it is because I am working and he feels the need to take care of me when I get home.)
Me: One more question. Tell me a few things you have already done this summer.
Jake: Watch Phineas and Ferb-it's a huge hit! Played the Wii. Went to Corey's house. (played the Wii and went to his pool)...This is over...Cheerios! (I think he meant Cheery-oh!)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

To the Father's in my life..

Dear Aaron,

I am not even sure where to begin. You are the best in every way I can think of. You are a wonderful husband and an awesome daddy. You now how to have fun and make us laugh. But you also know when to take charge and take care of what needs to be done. I am so proud of your decision to go back to school. You are and always have been a great example to Jake. Thank you for all that you do for me and Jake. You always put us first. You are our protector. You have always worked so hard to take care of us and never complained. I am so thankful for you.

I love watching you and Jake. You guys laugh and joke and are so much a like. I love it when you are teaching him. Whether it is how to start a camp fire or do math. You always make it seem like there is nothing else you would rather be doing.

I still have the little card that was on the flowers you gave me on my first Mother's Day, when I was pregnant with Jake. It says "You are going to be the best mother ever. I love you-Aaron". That was nine years ago. Where has the time gone? Today I just want to say: You are the best dad ever. I love you-Carrie

Dear Dad,

When I was thinking about what to say to you I just kept thinking of dancing. I know it sounds strange but I love dancing and I can look back over my life and think of different times I have danced with you. When Tina and I were little we would dance in the kitchen to Kenny Rogers and you would let us stand on your feet. Maybe that is where I got my awesome dance moves. :) I remember at Whale Back ski area when they would have the band and we would always dance. Most of the other kids there would be off playing but Tina, Pat, Ryan, and I would always stay with you adults to dance. I remember that you would always smile and tell Mom how good a dancer I was. I thought I must be the best dancer there since you told me that. I also remember dancing at my wedding with you to "If Tomorrow Never Comes" by Garth Brooks. I remember the time when I was a teenager and we got in a fight (pretty normal-I was a big brat to you at times...I am sorry for that). I remember you had us all go into the family room and you played that song for us. You told us that no matter what you wanted us to know you loved us because you would not always be around to tell us and you didn't want us not to know it.

I have always known you loved me. I am thankful for all the memories I have of what a great father you are. I picture riding our bikes at camp on the rail road tracks and you carrying Fresca on your back in a basket. I remember riding in that big open cockpit airplane with you and doing flips and I thought I have the coolest dad in the world. I remember going to your airshows and watching people line up to get your autograph and we got to stand behind the rope with our special t-shirt and I KNEW I had the coolest dad in the world.

Thank you for being the best dad I could ever ask for. I love you-Carrie

Dear Harold,

From the moment I met you I felt 100% accepted. The rest of the family was nice to me, but I could tell they were waiting to see if I was really going to stick around. But you made me feel comfortable from day one. I remember you showing me how to use your lathe (is that how you spell it?) and I made a bowl. I was trying so hard to make you think I was good at it for the first few minutes. Then I remembered you wouldn't care one way the other if it was the best bowl ever or lopsided, so I just didn't worry about it and had a great time. You have a way of making everyone feel comfortable and I appreciate that so much. I loved watching Aaron and Jake make Jake's Pine Wood derby car. It made me picture you and Aaron doing the same thing. Aaron kept saying you have to keep sanding it Jake because that is what my dad always told me to do and it works. After Jake won the race he said Papa Harmon was right and he couldn't wait to show you his car.

Thank you for teaching Aaron to be such a hard worker. He always tells us about all the projects he used to do with you. Thank you for teaching him to keep his priorities straight and keep pushing for what you want. Thank you for teaching him to honor his Priesthood. Thank you for always making me feel comfortable and loved.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

I have conquered my U-Scan hatred!

I made it through another day and it was so much better than it has been. I don't know why I let it bother me so much before. I think it is because I was taking peoples bad attitudes personal. They aren't mad at me, they are frustrated with the machine that won't stop talking to them! I also hope you all realize I was never actually rude to anyone-I kept my frustrations inside at work and vented it all here on my blog. I guess the venting worked! Amazing what venting a little (okay a lot...) changing your attitude can do. :)

I also got to split my time between U-Scan and greeting. I even worked in the floral department a little. I had one of our regular customers (a sweet black man that I think is a preacher and likes to talk as much as I do), give me a hug and tell me how excited he was to have only paid $5 for a tank of gas (thanks to our fuel perks program! I am about to redeem my savings of $2.65 off per gallon of gas. Yes, you read right. It will be completely free.)! Am I changing the world by helping people with their groceries? No, but it feels good to help the sweet little old man register his new bonus card, and help the mom with three kids find that last item she needs so she can get her crew home. It is the little things that matter. So, I guess I didn't have a concussion, I just needed to change my attitude. And my scooter wreck injuries are healing just fine too. (Also, I know it isn't proper grammar when I start sentences with "and" but that is the way it talk, so that is the way I type. Just consider these little conversations.)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Scooter Wreck and an Attitude Adjustment. It was a good day...

I had a scooter wreck today. I didn't start out on the scooter. I was riding a bike (Mom's beach cruiser) and then Jake decided he wanted to ride it. So, we switched. Bad idea. I was doing awesome of course, until I started to go around a corner and I heard this little voice in my head (the Spirit) say "STOP!". I really thought about it...For that half a second and was going to, but it didn't work out so well. I busted. Isn't it funny how these things always happen in slow motion. Why is that any way? So, your brain can fully register how bad this could be and then you can sigh and say "I'm...(looking yourself over to make sure it really is true) OKAY!". The person your with always thinks you are saying it to them, but really it is to yourself in disbelief that you are actually alive. My right knee hit first, then my right elbow and then my "unhelmeted" (made up word I know) head. I heard "MOMMY!" being screamed some where in front of me as I exclaimed my "I'm okay!" and realized I felt a little nauseous. I then thought how pitiful it would be to have to call in sick to work because I have a concussion...from a scooter wreck. Luckily I didn't have to do that. I was okay! And I spent 8 lovely hours on U-Scan. That is where the attitude adjustment comes in. I decided to not let U-Scan get to me today. I wasn't going to get annoyed. I was going to think positive thoughts. I tried to pick out something good about everyone that came to U-Scan the moment they got there, so I wouldn't let bad thoughts creep in. Here is the great part: IT WORKED! Even when a man got so upset at the U-Scan talking to him (it repeats the same thing when you are messing up...over and over again), he threw his groceries down and his girlfriend/wife(?), covered her face and told him to calm down...I seriously thought he was going to hit her as he started dropping the F-bomb and other bad words. This is a true story and no it isn't usually that bad at U-Scan...but it happened today. And I only momentarily had a bad attitude. I immediately thought: you are a BIG JERK DUDE! But, then I thought what could have happened to make this guy so angry? I don't want to be like that so...I thought positive. I took a deep breath and nicely told another man who's money wouldn't go into the machine "I am sorry I didn't notice you needed help. I couldn't see you behind the man who was cussing so loud." That broke the tension and I went on with my day. It was a good day. I spent the morning with Jake having fun playing and doing chores. (Which obviously was the BEST part of the day. I even made up a new nickname for Jake today: Gross-o Gross-o...but that is another very goofy story for another day) I spent a whole 8 hours thinking good thoughts at the U-Scan. And my knee only hurt a little until I got home and realized how swollen it really is and finally had the chance to sit down, and it stiffened up so bad I wanted to cry. But seriously it really was a good day. My life is awesome! I think I am going to pray for that Jerk...I mean man with some serious emotional issues AND his significant other tonight...I had a break through today! I didn't hate every minute of U-Scan! I am excited to go on Thursday (I am exaggerating, I really am not that excited that I want to skip right over my day off!) and see it I can do it again or if I really did just have a concussion and that is what actually got me through it... :)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Playing in the Rain

I love the thunderstorms in the summer in the South. I finally admitted, after almost 21 years of living down here, that I am just not a fan of the VERY HOT and HUMID days in the summer. But, I do love the storms when it is hot out and the rain drops are big and cold. Jake and I took advantage of it today...until the lightening and thunder were about a second apart and we decided to head inside! I love how the rain drops are so chilly but the puddles on the street are so warm...Gotta love it!

Sara's Graduation

Aaron and Jake had a great time in Virginia and Aaron actually took some pictures for me! Jake was so excited because they have a pool (how lucky are they??) and even though he didn't bring his bathing suit that didn't stop him from swimming. He came back with a bag full of wet clothes because he swam every chance he could. Mike and Terri's black lab (sniff, sniff...) named Lulu even swam with him! Aaron didn't get a picture of that...I will have to train him better. Just kidding-I am glad he remembered I sent the camera with him! I am so jealous I wasn't there for the fun, but we are definitely going to visit later in the summer. For some reason Aaron didn't think to take a picture of Papa Harmon with Sara, but he was there too! Congratulations Sara! We are so proud of you!!!!!

Jake in the pool.
This is Lulu. She looks so sweet!
Jake and Sara
The Virginia Harmon's:Mike, Sara, Megan, Kayla, and Terri
Aaron and Sara

Friday, June 11, 2010

Taking advantage of an empty house: The Pine Wood Derby and Last Day of School (Another long post...I am starting to see a pattern here. )

I got the pantry all neat and organized, grocery shopped, and ran some other errands. The piles and laundry and linen closet will have to wait. I also just spent almost an hour reading other peoples blogs. It is almost 11:00 and I should be going to sleep, but I can sleep in uninterrupted tomorrow! So, I am going to take this time for some random updating. I know I post a lot but this is my journal/scrapbook/way to keep missionary parents in the loop of what there sweet grandchild is doing!

1. Jake FINALLY got all A's on his report card! That B in reading was killing him and he finally got an A. Good job dude. I guess you didn't do the "bare minimum" this quarter :) I wonder if he said anything to his teacher about that...

2. After much procrastination we finally had our Pine Wood Derby. (Yes, it is late to be having it. That is what happens when you have a slack Cub Master. Just kidding Aaron. He is the Cub Master.) And after much procrastination in making the car (Aaron and Jake were still finishing it up right before we went to the church to set up), Jake came in first place! He also got the award for shiniest paint job. Don't worry it was fair, the Bishop was the judge and everyone got a trophy. Speaking of trophy...Check out the trophies I made for the boys. They are totally cheesy but the boys loved them:

I got the matchbox cars at Bi-Lo on clearance for 3 for 89 cents. Some blocks of wood for a couple of bucks, liquid nails, and silver spray paint. I was going to use my label maker to label the trophy with the award name, but Aaron didn't think it would stick. I ended up writing what the trophy was for and the year on the bottoms. Only boys would love them, but I am glad they did!

And here are just a fraction of all the pictures I took... But as you know that is still a lot of pictures...

Aaron and Jake last week starting on the car. This is them pretending they wanted to take this picture. They aren't the best actors, but at least they humor me.
Jake doing some sanding. Aaron told him the key to a fast car is sanding. Aaron won his Pinewood Derby 3 years in a row. As you can see Jake is wearing different clothes in the pictures. It took several days to get it just right. Aaron still said he wished they had just one more day to work on it, but they didn't need it! It won any way! :) (Jake wore these shorts and then informed me I had to wash them so he could wear them to school on Monday as part of his costume for his play at school. He ended up wearing them 3 of the 4 days of school this week, which means I washed them 3 times. The other day I didn't have time and he had to wear black pants. I am telling you this so if you notice them in every picture you won't think I let him wear dirty clothes.)
Spray painting the first coat on Monday.

Aaron putting wood putty on after adding the weights.
Jake on blow dryer duty. He was trying to dry the wood putty quicker. Yes, this was the day of the race and they still had to put the wheels on it.
Testing out the track while setting up. The missionaries couldn't resist checking it out too.
Jake's awesome car. 13 is his favorite number, ever since it was the number on his basketball jersey. It was a lucky number for him because the won all but one game. Aaron also used it as his jersey number after that. It wasn't so lucky for him. His team at church only won one game and that was actually a forfeit. At least it was lucky again in the Pinewood Derby!
Some of the boys checking out the competition before we started.

The cars waiting to be judged...
A couple of cars were over weight but A LOT. They are supposed to be 5 oz or under and we had 2 that were pushing 9! So, a little work had to be done to get them race ready.
Chow time.
I hate that this is blurry! This is Jake winning his first set of races. He was just moving too fast, but I love the picture any way.
Brother Russell, our Webelos Leader was the finish line judge, with help from Brother Callahan. I love the kiddos laying down to get the best view possible.

The Monroe ward has an awesome track!
I never even took my apron off! (We had dinner too for the Blue and Gold Banquet)
The Pack with their trophies and cars.
Jake and Aaron.
Jake at home after the Derby, with his trophies and car. He's got the "blues" (dark circles under his eyes. It is a tell tail sign he is tired. He will be wide eyed and playing one minute and drooping, with the "blues" the next!) big time and was ready to hit the sack! The big trophy is for the "Fasted Car in the Pack" and the little one is for "Shiniest paint job".

3. The last day of school was the next day and Jake was psyched! He was the only kiddo who signed out RIGHT after the play. At Marlow (our old school) no one really went to the last day of school, so Jake just couldn't under stand why everyone wanted to stay! His best buddy Corey left early too...Just not as early as Jake. They told me in the office he would be counted as absent. Who cares! He missed 5 days the whole year. I am a big believer that kids need personal days too! Jake's class did Aesop's Fables and Jake was the Crow, in the Crow and the Pitcher. You know the story where the Crow needs water but the pitcher only has a little in it and his beak won't fit, so he adds pebbles to make it rise up? He did great! I made his costume Sunday (they did the play all week for different classes starting on Monday...And he missed the only dress rehearsal on Friday-his teacher knew he wasn't going to be there-because we were "up the Mountain") night at 9:30. Starting Monday I am going to get more organized if it kills me! I will probably finally get used to working outside the home and getting everything else done at home when Aaron graduates, gets a teaching job and I am at home again! :) How do all you working Moms do it? More power to you! But any way here are the pictures from the last day:

Jake trying on the costume Monday morning before school to make sure it would work. The beak could have been better, but the wings are pretty sweet if I do say so myself. :)
The best picture I got of Jake during the play. Aaron had to go to class so I was videoing taping and taking pictures at the same time.
Jake sitting and watching the other plays.
In his costume again.
The whole class taking a bow. They all did great.
Jake and his best friend Corey eating ice cream at the party.

Jake and Ms. Swanson. He ended the year saying she was the best teacher ever. (She is a very nice person and a good teacher, but I won't go as far as to say she is the best. You all know how I felt about the whole not having recess thing. I can't say anything about her organization, because that would be so hypocritical. At this point in my life I am a MESS in the organization department) He is right, she is pretty awesome. Any teacher that can have a whole class of 3rd graders pass the EOG's and not go crazy, has got to be pretty darn good.
Jake and his assistant teacher Mrs. Helms. She is the one who admittedly (and very vocally! She has no problem telling anyone Ms. Swanson seriously couldn't do it with out her!) keeps Ms. Swanson on task and schedule. Isn't she so pretty? Both teachers teared up after the play and said what an awesome class it was. This is the first year I wasn't totally emotional about Jake moving on to another grade. That is some kind of miracle...
And now I am going to sleep....UPDATE: The piles of laundry are going to get done on Monday, but the linen closet is all organized again too! And I slept in until 9:30...after waking up around 6:15, out of habit, and rolling back over to go back to sleep. And I took a little nap after work. It was AWESOME! It is nice to have to house all to yourself on occasion! And I wasn't even scared like I thought I would be! I fell right to sleep all by myself (no family and no dogs) for the first time in 12 years. I am finally growing up. :) But the best part was when my guys got home.