Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sara's Graduation

Aaron and Jake had a great time in Virginia and Aaron actually took some pictures for me! Jake was so excited because they have a pool (how lucky are they??) and even though he didn't bring his bathing suit that didn't stop him from swimming. He came back with a bag full of wet clothes because he swam every chance he could. Mike and Terri's black lab (sniff, sniff...) named Lulu even swam with him! Aaron didn't get a picture of that...I will have to train him better. Just kidding-I am glad he remembered I sent the camera with him! I am so jealous I wasn't there for the fun, but we are definitely going to visit later in the summer. For some reason Aaron didn't think to take a picture of Papa Harmon with Sara, but he was there too! Congratulations Sara! We are so proud of you!!!!!

Jake in the pool.
This is Lulu. She looks so sweet!
Jake and Sara
The Virginia Harmon's:Mike, Sara, Megan, Kayla, and Terri
Aaron and Sara