Thursday, April 30, 2009

My broken camera is cramping my style...

Well, that isn't completely accurate. The charger for the re-chargeable battery, that goes in the broken camera is really the problem... I tried to download my pictures and my battery died on my camera! I can't find the charger any where (after your post Melissa, I may check under my bed!)and it is driving me crazy! There are only so many places it could be and it isn't in any of them! So, my pic's are all stuck on my camera that really doesn't work...Did you follow all that?

I am dreaming of a camera that will take pictures like a pro every time. One that can take pictures one right after the other and with out that digital camera know the one were the moment is over and then it takes the picture! Or people have stopped smiling and are starting to step away when it finally captures the moment! I also dream of a super duper lens that zooms in to take pictures from far, far, away! A girl can dream right....

Actually I would just like to find my charger!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Another Jake quote...

About a month ago we were in Sacrament meeting and a women giving a talk started to cry. Jake looked up from writing in his journal and said "All women cry up there." I tried not to laugh out loud as I explained how feeling the Spirit strongly sometimes makes you cry.

He never holds back! I gave a talk yesterday and was talking about our Nerf basketball hoop we have taped to the wall in the living room (very redneck, I know, but hey I am a cool mom), but by mistake I said football. Aaron said Jake very loudly corrected me...I didn't hear him...I wonder how many people did..

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Where does the time go...and other random things.

I can't believe there are only 34 days of school left! Jake and I counted the other day and were both shocked. How can 2nd grade almost be over? It feels like it just started. I have been soooo busy lately with PTO, callings at church, babysitting, trying to work in Spring cleaning, soccer, homework...okay that is enough. I could go on forever! You all get the picture because you are all doing it too! I am preaching to the choir I know! I just had to update a few things that have been going on lately since I haven't blogged in a couple of weeks. (WARNING-this is one of the posts that is for me to remember what happened so when I make this into a book we won't wonder what happened in April because I was to slack to blog...)
-Blog girls I have been trying to upload the screaming NKOTB video that you requested but for whatever reason it just isn't working...Stay tuned I will get it up I promise and you will have yet another reason to laugh at me! :-)
-Easter was fun. We went to my parents and had a nice weekend visiting good old Monroe, NC. Jake got to stay for a few days after Aaron and I left. Spring break isn't a whole lot of fun when Mommy is babysitting 3 babies. The summer will be long but Jake will survive.
-Soccer is in full swing and for whatever reason they still felt the need to have a game during Spring break! CRAZY! Jake scored his first goal of the season during the game so I won't complain too much but, it was an early game so I didn't even get to sleep in..bummer, but worth it.
-Very random, but we all got new running shoes! It happens so infrequently that I had to mention it! Rack Room had one of it's awesome buy one get on 1/2 off sales and our shoes were looking very sad-so we shopped! Every time I get new shoes I declare that I will never again wait 3 years to get a new pair...and then I always do. I am not going to do it this time! I hate shoes and now I remember why. When you wear them out they are no longer comfortable...duh.
-I am pulling my hair out over Teacher Appreciation Week coming up at our school! I am on the PTO board and I am starting to find that there really aren't enough hours in the day to get it all done! Especially when I take 30 precious minutes to read everyone's blog and write on my own! Time well spent! Your blogs always make me smile..
-My niece Anika, who lives in Uraguay, just read Flat Stanley at school. She sent us her flat Anika and we only had her for the day because she was going to leave for Florida the next day. We decided to take her to Cracker Barrel! While taking pictures I dropped my camera and broke it! It no longer zooms in...wonderful.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Starting the day feeling so blessed...

I have good friends who have been so kind to listen to my trials and help guide me in the directions I need to go to work through them. Last Friday I met 3 of these good friends at Panera Bread and we chatted and leaned on each other for a little while. We talked about lots of things-we laughed, we shared and we complained a little...but most of all we listened to each other and then I learned from these awesome women. I then spent the weekend going to soccer and watching conference...doing laundry and watching for my family and watching conference...Not a bad way to spend a couple of days. On Sunday Elder Oaks spoke and I swear he was talking to me...and it made me feel bad and good. I felt bad that I could put myself into the category of people that he spoke about...But I felt good to know I am obviously not the only person in the world feeling this way...I am treading water and have been for a few months. But I am trying. I feel like if I take a step forward, I then take 2 steps back.

I got Jake off to school and decided to sit down and check out the blog world and found myself laughing and crying and now typing! Thank you friends for sharing yourselves with me and everyone else that reads your blogs! I feel connected and loved as I read your stories and look at the sweet pictures of your lives. I am uplifted by your testimonies of the Savior and how aware of us I know He is... and I love to hear stories about your children as they grow and go through the same fun milestones Jake has gone through or is on his way into. I feel blessed to know you! I feel blessed to learn from you! I am lucky.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Two can play at this game!

A couple of weeks ago my mom was visiting and we were on our way to Jake's school for "Absolutely Incredible Kids Day Lunch". I am on the PTO board so I have a tag that I wear to school and I hang it up on the hook were I hang my keys. I went to grab it and couldn't find it anywhere...I looked in all my bags, drawers, and both vehicles. The strange thing is I swore it was there earlier that morning...Finally I said forget it! I will just wear a visitors tag and look for it later. So, after school I asked Jake if he remembered seeing it. He laughed and said he got mad at me that morning when I told him he couldn't watch TV while I took a shower, so he hid it...That little stinker! I asked him where it was and he went to get it...It was in his treasure box-a wooden jewelry box that he stores his little treasures (rocks, cards, etc.) in. A place that I would never in a million years looked! He thought it was hysterical and said he was going to give it back but forgot. I am glad I asked him! I decided two can play at that game and while he was getting ready for bed that night I hid Blue Boo, the blanket he has slept with since he was a baby, in the spare bedroom...When he came in his room to go to bed he asked where Blue Boo was and my reply was to laugh and say I got mad so I hid it! Silly boy, who does he think he is dealing with? We all had a good laugh (including Jake-he is a good sport) and I went and got it for him after he searched for a few minutes. Never a dull moment at our house!