Monday, August 22, 2011

A quick post from Vermont: Picture me...

...with tan legs and a smile on my face.  We are having a blast on vacation here in Vermont!!  I have to admit I am homesick. :(  If Aaron were able to come with us I could stay here for another month...He and Nana will be here on Thursday for a long weekend and we can't wait to see them.  We will be celebrating Jake's big 1-0 birthday.  Where has this decade gone?

Now I have to get back to the lake...My toes are starting to lose the wrinkled up raisin look so it must be time to get back in. :)

Aaron and Nana-be ready to see Jake's amazing pocket knife he bought with Papa G when they walked/hiked 3 miles  (one way) to the little store that sells ice cream on the rail road tracks.  He spent several hours today whittling the bark off his walking stick.  :)

ALSO!!!!  Are you looking for some fun, interesting, and inspiring blogs to check out in the next few weeks? Check out these posts from two of my favorite blogs Chocolate on my Cranium and Welcome to the Madness, for a sneak peek on the fun stuff they have planned.  I am so excited!!!! (Wish me luck...I am going to be a guest poster on Welcome to the Madness. :)  I will let you know when.)  These ladies are my hero's!!!!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Quick Post from Vermont: In less than 24 hours.... Mom and Dad will officially be home from their mission!!!!  We will be meeting them at Grampa Smith's house tomorrow around 2 o'clock when they drive in from their 4 day trip across the country from Seattle. :)

  We are in Vermont and the drive up flew by uneventfully (thank goodness!).  Thanks in part to The Chronicles of Narnia dramatized on CD, Jake's portable DVD player and a Kindle with the funny voice reading me the rest of Wuthering Heights (which by the way is not my favorite all...Way too depressing!!!).  This is one of those journal posts. I have to document the moment. :)  Jake is soooo excited and I am too.  Can't wait to see you Nee and Papa G!  We miss you Aaron/Daddy-can't wait to see you in a couple of weeks!!!!

We are going into Camp tomorrow (where we will officially be computer/phone free) and can't wait to dip our toes (and everything else) in Groton Lake.  So, far this week we have: Swam at Peacham Pond and Camp Garrett (were Sadie learned to swim and killed a frog...); went to the Ben & Jerry's factory, took the tour, meet Jerry (as in the Jerry of Ben & Jerry's), ate yummy cider doughnuts we got at the Cidar Mill, hiked, spent time with cousins, built a fort in the woods at Aunt Sue and Uncle Ron's house...and basically had a blast!!! Gotta get back to the fun!!!  Hope you all are having a great summer.