Thursday, February 18, 2010

Where do I begin????

I am just going to hit all the highlights of the month so far in order to catch up...This is going to be long folks so forgive me!

First, I am back to work (for the first time in about 10 years-outside the home at least. I of course babysat some sweeties I miss sooo much!!) and I really like it so far. I work part Bi-Lo. I say technically because last week I had 32 hours and this week I will have 37! I have been able to work mostly while Jake is at school, and 2 evenings a week when Aaron is home. It has worked out perfectly so far. They are totally family friendly and most of the people (including the young kids) have worked there for years! I thought turn over was big at grocery stores but not this one! I am going to be a cashier starting the beginning of March, but right now I am updating everyone who comes in the store over to the new "Fuel Perks Bonus Card" and it really is fun. I get to chat with people all day and they pay me. Totally works for me! Wednesday is the best day because it is senior day and all the cute seniors love to really chat it up. They are so awesome. I seriously wish I could have a video camera to document their amazing stories! This job came at a perfect time because Aaron found out he is not going to be able to get his unemployment...BIG wrench in our plans but we are rolling with the punches and working it out. I put applications out and didn't hear anything until Bi-Lo called a month later. I literally got hired the day we got the letter in the mail saying he wouldn't be getting unemployment. Thank you again Heavenly Father for being mindful of our family! I will post a picture of my lovely uniform (I am being extremely sarcastic..) soon and tell you Jake's sweet reaction to it. I love that boy!

Okay, so that was me rambling...I have to post a few pictures to show the love and support our families are to us. Aaron told his parents the not so good news about his unemployment and they rallied right behind us to show us their support in Aaron being in school. I actually wasn't supposed to start at Bi-Lo until Monday the 8th, but they called me on the 6th and asked if there was any way I could come in (someone was sick), because they were just kicking off the new bonus cards. So, off to work I went and when I got home this is what I saw:

My wonderful in laws drove up from Spartanburg (1 1/2 hours a way) to stock our pantry for us. And these pictures don't even show all of it! Thank you for helping me convince Aaron that this wasn't the end of the road, that we can make this whole going back to school thing work. Thank you for reminding us that even though it may not be easy, we are on the right path. Thank you for loving us and supporting us in all we do.

I forgot to take a picture of Pooha! Or as Jake used to call here when he was little "Poohba". We are watching her while Aaron's parents go on a cruise. She is so sweet. She loves to curl up with anyone sitting down. And if you are covered with a blanket (it is cold in our/my parents house. It is an adorable historic home with tons of character...and old homes equal drafty windows and little insulation. Plus we are cheap so we have the heat turned REALLY low. But that just means hot chocolate and cuddling which totally works for me!), Pooha likes to crawl under it. She is so sweet!

Lets see...whats next? Oh, to go along with the house being cold I had to post a picture of Aaron studying.

Nice hat in doors right? I guess when you have very little hair covering your head you have to keep it warm some how!

We FINALLY had snow here (Jake was so bummed every time he heard how much snow you all were getting up in the mountains) TWICE! The first was equal parts ice and snow. We played the first day when it was snow...And then looked out the window wishing we could play in it, but it was no fun for 2 or 3 days after that! Snow is fun to play not so much. Jake did get a day off from school Monday the 1st and 2 hour delay the next day so it was pretty awesome! Here are pictures from snow #1:

Snow #2 was PERFECT! The light fluffy stuff that accumulates in no time at all and makes the best snowballs. And as quickly as it came it left within 2 days. Don't you love the south? Enjoy playing in it and then poof it is gone. I love it that way!!! Here is snow #2:

Okay...My head is starting to hurt...I will break this up into parts to make it easier. Consider this Part One. Tomorrow I will do Super Bowl Party, Jake's TOTALLY AWESOME Valentine Card box for school...and some other stuff I can't remember right now, because my brain has shut down for the day! :)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Week 7 results

I am not surprised to report that I stayed the same this past week. I hardly got to exercise at all because I am getting into the swing of juggling work, laundry, Jake's homework, etc! I will blog more later today and update all that is happening in our world but right now I have to clean one more room and get ready to head to work!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Week 6 Results

I am in a hurry so I will make this quick! I lost 2 pounds! Yippeeee! I have to get ready for work now, which is another thing I will blog about later. Along with snow, making Jake's Valentine card box for school, etc.! I will catch up soon...

Monday, February 1, 2010

Week 5 Results: I stink..

...I really do stink right now because I just worked out and REALLY need to take a shower. It was one of those "work out so hard your whole had is wet" work outs. For good reasons I worked out that hard...I got ELIMINATD from my Biggest Loser Wii. You read right I actually got eliminated! I slacked BIG TIME last week and gained 4 pounds!!!!! So not only do I stink from needing a shower, I stink at week 5! Aaron was like don't worry usually you do bad week 3-at least you made it longer this time...Is that really a compliment? I am back on it people-BIG TIME! Let this be a lesson to all who are reading (which may be no one...) If you slack and eat a little too much life is not over if you are working out. But if you slack at eating and exercise you WILL pay the consequences...I stink...I have to go take a shower...

..One more thing...actually 3 more things:

1. My parents are on the way to the MTC as we speak!!!! We love you and are so proud of you! Good luck!!!!

2. Jake said "Mommy can't you change the picture at the top of your blog? It looks like I am getting more and more tired every time I look at it!" (he has "the blues" as we call it in this picture. If Jake is tired we know because he gets dark circles under his eyes instantly or "the blues")

3. You will probably be happy to know I won't be blogging for a few days until we get our internet up and running. I am not sure anyone will even notice I am gone because I don't think anyone even reads my blog any way (that's okay though you all are busy and I have been RAMBLING lately!). But I did reach my goal of blogging all of Jan. by Jan. 31st. A lot happened in Jan. sorry for the post overload but this is my journal/scrap book so it had to be documented. I can't wait to see what all you post when I get back! Good bye for now!