Sunday, September 6, 2015


NO!!!! Just no.  Benjamin Franklin was not the 6th president of the United States. And I know I don't really have to type this because most people are smart enough to know but: HE WAS NEVER PRESIDENT!!!! You think you would know that (if you had a brain!!!!) if you just got done reading the AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF BENJAMIN FRANKLIN!!!!  It seems like it is something Ben would bring up. He also did not write the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution.  And he didn't pass away from natural causes-all points that were incorrectly stated (along with MANY other) in this ridiculous, final draft paper. NO THIS IS NOT JAKE'S PAPER because Jake is not a moron (sorry that is harsh but I am venting)!!!!  This is one of the papers I am evaluating from my class at co-op....this is going to be a long year at co-op.  This is proof that some people should not homeschool. I can't....WOW.

One more gift...

 I almost forgot!
 A couple of days after getting his smart phone, Jake got the case he and Aaron ordered for it.
 Sadie watched carefully to be ready if it affected her in any way (food).

It fits. The smart phone is protected.  Jake is happy.  I am almost caught up with all the posts I need to post.  Life is good!

So strange... have the windows open in August. Thank you global warming!!! :) It was was only 67 degrees so we opened up a few to air the house out.  This was the day before our AC unit went.  We had to close them after a couple of hours as the temperature started creeping up but is was glorious while it lasted.
 Sadie did not know what to has been so long!
We are counting down the days (with out wishing them away...) that we can enjoy the cool fall breezes every. Single. Day!  Hurry up fall!!!

Court of Honor

The church is sticking with the Boy Scouts for now.  I have to admit I took lots of pictures at this one because I thought it may be one of our last...we shall see what happens as the world feels the need to have its lack of morals and values seep into every aspect of our lives!  Jake got lots of merit badges (and has many more he has done partially that he needs to finish) and moved up two ranks.  He also tied a knot blindfolded and showed off his mad sword play skills.  He is pretty darn awesome.

First time...

 ...using the ATM to deposit all this birthday cash!  I drove in the wrong way so Jake could do it through his window.
All Jake's friends are invited to my birthday party. :)

Jake's Birthday Party.

 Cookie cake in progress...
 Hot dogs cooking in the crockpot...

 Buddies to run around like crazy with...
 Check, check, and check!
 (Note to self in 20 years: This picture speaks volumes...Do you remember why? Has anything changed?)
 The girls decided watching was much safer than playing (Della...why so serious? I am about to keep it real: this is the normal teenage girl, I am way too cool to be here face).
 Gaga ball was the favorite game of the night.
So BLESSED!!! I am so glad Jake has such a great group of friends.  I also love that Elizabeth was such a good sport and had fun laughing at these crazy guys since she was the only girl there for most of the party.

 Jake had a huge deposit to make into his checking account after this party!

Summer is ending...

...which I am thrilled with!!!!..Except that means peach season is coming to an end. I dropped Jake off at the fixer upper to cut the grass (that is why I was driving the Jeep rather than my fancy car. I don't transport the lawn mower in my fancy car) and headed to Abbott's to get one last bag of really good, in season South Carolina peaches. Now hurry up Fall-we are ready for you!

Easy like Sunday morning...

I love this picture of Jake working on his "Duty To God" and preparing for his Sacrament talk he gave at church on his birthday weekend.  The Sabbath is a delight! (Isaiah 58:13)

Slowly but surely...

 Progress is being made at the fixer upper.
 There used to be a door here.

 The bathroom is a little bit bigger now that they bumped the wall out.
 The tub is going in!
 One new window is in...and all the rest to go!  Don't let this picture fool you-the AC unit is in too.
 This space is going to be amazing!

 I can't wait until the painting begins!

Too Soon Walmart,...

...too soon.  Can we get past Halloween before you put out Christmas ornaments?


I snap pictures pretty much all the time. So it goes with out saying that I have a whole bunch of us homeschooling. Here are a few...

This is one of my all time favorites...
Our mascot and teacher's assistant.
Sometimes school happens on the back porch (we decided the sun room doesn't sound right).
Some times the assistant/mascot is also the guidance counselor and helps relieve stress.
Sometimes you have to stand on the chair and take a picture to really capture the moment.

Sometimes school happens in the car.
Recess is important.
The smart phone comes in handy...and so does the Kindle.  You can research on two different sites at one time!
Co-op doesn't start until 9:15, so math happens before we go.

Although we can wear whatever we want to homeschool we don't usually wear crazy hats.  But we do on crazy hat day.

"Un gato"....That means the cat (or a cat...Jake knows) in Spanish but if you say it with an Asian accent you will be thoroughly entertained.We are doing Rosetta Stone for Spanish and it is kind of hysterical at times
 Snacks are a big part of homeschooling.
  The mascot/assitant/guidance couselor is also the cafeteria janitor (of just the floor.  She doesn't do dishes...unless they are on the floor for pre-washing) who will pick up any messes we leave behind.

 Her job is exhausting...
 A long recess to a friends to swim (and show off a cool new smart phone).
 Another out of order Spanish picture!

 This is what is looks like when you say "Un gatto" with the Asian accent that I referenced earlier.  The end of the bar thing is where is picked up us laughing hysterically!

 This is what the screen looks like when you say it correctly.  Notice the arrow in the green on the right.  We are pretty good at Spanish.
 We have found that Jake can spell better in Spanish....?
 Sometimes you get to type your paper in your mom's room while she is you are a king or something.
 Yep. It happens in the car a lot. He is listening to classical music (he isn't allowed to listen to music with words while he does school. It is too distracting).  It is supposed to make you remember it better and it also blocks out the other people talking in the car.
 Theatrical audio books are pretty awesome.

Homeschooling pretty much rocks.