Tuesday, March 31, 2009

What does the Easter Bunny do the rest of the year?..

..He is a Safari Bunny of course. Jake wrote a story at school about what the Easter Bunny does the rest of the year and we had to make the bunny to go along with it at home. Jake loves animals and is full of facts about them. When he was 4 he wanted to be Jeff Corwin (from Animal Planet...he is the snake guy) for Halloween. So naturally, Jake's idea of the Easter Bunnies other profession was not a surprise at all. Notice the snake in his hand and one coming out of his pocket. Also the real feathers in his hat. (Amaron- these are the feathers from the Grouse Joe shot last fall...yes we still had them.) The tubes attached to his hand are his binoculars, but you knew that, right? How cute is my sweet boy?

The monkey in my house.

Ignore the mess and enjoy the pictures of the monkey that lives in my house. Jake takes off his socks and runs around so he can get his feet sweaty. Once they are sweaty enough you can no longer touch the carpet because it will wipe the sweat off and you won't be able to climb as high...This in a few words sums up the fact that Jake never gets bored...

Notice Bella laying on the floor not even phased by Jakes climbing abilities...She is used to him by now.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Out of the mouth of a 7 1/2 year old...

Jake cracks me up! On Sat. Aaron, Jake and Matt (Aaron's brother) went hiking. They took our dog Emily and along the way came across some other hikers with a dog. Well, as dogs do-they sniffed each others bums. To this Jake said "that is like a dogs high five."

Way too close to the edge...Jake told me "Daddy was holding Emily's collar because she might fall off"...

I was not very happy with Aaron when I saw this picture... Evidently Daddy's are not as paranoid as Mommy's...

I think Uncle Matt found the safest place to enjoy the view...though I am sure he ventured to the edge too.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Thanks for the memories...

In the past 5 months I have had the chance to throw all responsibilities to the wind and act like a 13 year old again. I spent months anticipating the events to come. I spent time with good friends preparing for our adventures by making crazy t-shirts and laughing until our sides hurt and we had tears in our eyes. I screamed until I was horse (...for a couple of days) and I thought the ringing in my ears would never go away because of the loudest noise I have seriously ever heard in my life...Yes my friends, I have had the chance to see The New Kids on the Block in concert again-TWICE...Life is good! I loved them the first time around (in the late 80's early 90's and saw them in concert 3 times back in the day) and still do! I saw them in Atlanta in Oct. and seriously thought my hearing was going to be impaired the rest of my life! My friends and I were obviously not the only ones excited about it...It was crazy and wonderful! Greenville on St. Patty's day was a smaller venue so the ringing in the ears only lasted for a few hours...but the memories will last forever. They are true entertainers!
I didn't realize how much I needed to act like a 13 year old again. I highly recommend it! I never thought I would have the chance to feel like that again...I never even knew I needed it...A break from cleaning toilets, helping with homework and PTO was greatly appreciated. Thanks to Aaron, who thought I was crazy before and now he knows for sure it is true and still loves me! Thanks to Jake for being the only person in the house to like the music I love! Thanks to my mom and dad for chipping in for "round two" as an early birthday gift! I needed a break from reality, but now I am back and remembering I am 32 (almost 33...) and that my life is so much better than good-it is great...Now excuse me...I have to go clean my toliets...

...One more thing...I may post a picture of us in our awesome t-shirts...I am still trying to decide how much of my "crazy" I am willing to let you all see! And these little pic's give it no justice-we had great seats! So great we got to high five the guys as they left stage "B"-and yes I screamed (everyone did) like an insane person. If it had been 20 years ago you would have had to pick me up off the floor! This time around I just screamed...I am making progress toward being a grown up...right? (By the way the new first song on my "playlist",that you may or may not have paused, is NKOTB. If you like pop/R&B you will love it! If not...just humor me, it won't kill ya!)

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Holding Hands

After school yesterday Jake and I went to Target to find a birthday gift for one of his best friends birthday party. As we got out of the truck Jake looked at me a little nervously. Then he walked a step behind looking a little sad. I asked what was wrong and reached out to hold his hand. He looked up at me and with a look of relief took my hand. Then he said "Mr. Vaughn (his gym teacher) told us today that our parents aren't going to hold our hands anymore and that we had to start doing more for ourselves...So, I was worried you weren't going to hold my hand." How sweet is that!?! We talked and I explained to him that Mr. Vaughn was using a saying that people use, that kind of means we won't always be able to do everything for them and they have to to take responsibility. He understood and felt much better.
I love how children take things so literally. I remember one time when Jake was probably 3 years old and I told him to go jump in bed and I would be right there to tell him goodnight. Well, when I walked in his room he was jumping up and down on his bed and he said "thank you Mommy! I always want to jump in my bed and you never let me! Thank you!"
I also love that he was sad I might not hold his hand. I will be sad when he doesn't want to hold my hand for sure!