Monday, July 28, 2014

I love this picture.

It started out like this. Which, by the way, I love too.
Instagram is so fun.  But really I wanted to post this because I love this face.


We found Jake's Ninjago headband when we were unpacking the last of his boxes.
 The after of Jake's side table.

I forget that we have a TV in our room most of the time.
Aaron and Jake this is officially on my Christmas list.  It's at Barnes and Noble.
I started rereading Harry Potter.  It has been too long since I have read them and I still love it just as much as I did when I read it over a decade ago.
This is pre-Jake's room being all unpacked.  He is the Lego king.
Just because.  I need to put flowers in the flower boxes at some point.
I love our water oak.
The before...
And the during of the repainting of chairs project.  Spray paint is great for an instant gratification project.  It is like a mini makeover in a can.
I went in for a trim and came out with several inches gone. Luckily it is summer and my hair grows fast.

Pioneer Day

Jake found a new talent at the Ward Pioneer day activity on the 19th.

There were a whole lot of old school games going on.

The Sister missionaries even got in on the stilt action.

And the Elders tried out the stick pull.

Everyone had a great time remembering the Mormon pioneers that crossed the plains so many years ago and leaving us an amazing legacy.

8th Grade so far...

The mess of books, paper, pens, etc is back.
The principal is also the math tutor.
There have been a couple of school mascots that have showed up that doubled as an impromptu "science class".

And there has been a whole lot of reading going on.  We are getting back into the swing of things and it feels good. :)

Big Foot.

These are a size 6 and we bought them late fall I think of last year.
They are worn out and we told Jake we were going to get him some new shoes.  He then mentioned that his shoes were feeling pretty snug.

My super heros. :)
And the winners are these awesome kicks...that are a size 9. Nine.  His old shoes were a size 6.  Those were some seriously cramped toes. And those are some seriously big feet...compared to what they were last time we bought shoes. :)

Our 4th Home: Jake's Room

Last Friday after two garbage bags...
An over flowing container of clothes that Jake has out grown (which means he has no fall/winter wardrobe to speak of)...
...a couple of coats of paint...
...some distressing...
...hanging of pictures...
...and posters...
....blood, sweat, and tears...And Jake's room is finally done.  Completely. Unpacked.  Maybe a little organizing in the future.  But for now it is DONE!!!!!  And is so cool, just like the boy who inhabits it. :)

Jake's ceilings are pretty cool.  The other rooms have patterns but his is just random swirls.  We thought they kind of looked like the waves in Japanese art.

It is so him and he loves it!
And we love him. :)