Monday, April 22, 2013

The Boy Today... (in story form. Read it to yourself in a whimsical fairy makes it less like a catch up post and more like a...well a story.)

Once upon a time there was a boy named Jake who's mother was so wonderful that she made him breakfast in bed just because it was today.
Then she took him to the library because she really wanted to blog and check out Pinterest which she hadn't been able to do in forever and she knew he would be thrilled with the idea because he loved the library just as much as she does!  Jake's wonderful mother loved to blog because blogging really meant chronicling his life!
This lucky boy was growing up so quickly that his mother couldn't believe it!  Why just the Saturday before today he had learned how to cut the grass!  His father is so proud and glad he doesn't have to do it any more....

Jake had spent many hours painting, packing, moving, and cleaning in the past months and it made his mother's heart soar!  Just a few days before today when they were getting the last things out of the house they were moving from this wonderful boy cleaned out the whole fridge all by himself...

This amazing young man made it through 24 weeks of Classical Conversations with a breeze.  He grew to despise Essentials but not before he learned more about English grammar than most seniors in high school know.  He is can recite all the prepositions by heart, diagram sentences even his mother can not, and write an amazing research paper.  Jake may have grown tired of all the copy of charts in Essentials but his love of Foundations never wavered and he became a Memory Master!...More on what that means later...
Jake decided to take a recipe he saw on the Pioneer Woman and make it his own one night for dinner when he fried pork loin chops...
His mother was delighted to only have to help with dinner rather than be the one to make it every...single...night.  His wonderful mother is also a bit of a story teller because she doesn't cook every night.  Their family has learned that when they ask her what is for dinner and she says, "Something delicious!", that that means she actually has no idea what is for dinner.

Even though this spectacular boy was growing up quickly he still wasn't too old for dying Easter eggs.  Truth be told no matter how old he is his thoughtful mother will most likely always force him to do it but he hasn't grown up that much yet.

This magnificent boy still loves a good Easter egg hunt!  Who wouldn't when eggs are sometimes filled with money!

The kind boy didn't even mind when his mother uploaded a picture of him eating the dinner he made in the wrong order.  Jake knew she could easily fix it but cared not that she decided not to.
The boy was much like his manly father in his love of mathematics.  They both relished the chance to celebrate Pi day (March 14...3.14 for anyone who is sadly not a math geek) by making a pie.

This kind hearted boy even took the time to tell his miraculous mother how much he loved her Easter decorations.  Jake took after his strong father in wanting to eat the chocolate bunnies but refraining for fear for their lives.

This boy genius spent many hours learning and memorizing his memory work to gain knowledge that he will be able to recall for years to come.
His courageous father says he will teach this gifted boy to play the guitar.  This warms the heart of the lady in there life for she loves being serenaded.
The boy continued to make his mothers heart burst with joy when he finally got good enough at the dishes that she didn't have to spend a lot of time cleaning up after least not all the time.
He had grown into an accomplished and wonderful young man that made his parents so proud.   His amazing mother felt accomplished herself as she finished updating her blog with just a few of things her baby had been up to since she last posted....She also started to wonder if she had written her little story in the tense the whole time but didn't have time to go back and check because her play time was up and it was time to homeschool  Jake. :)