Friday, December 25, 2015

That Sky Though...

 It was not unbearably hot just over a week ago when we had a very laid back Ward party. I had to take a couple of pictures because that is what I do. I think I took pictures more to document the sky because it was looking extra big and blue that day.

Christmas Day: Our Little Old Family.

(No words, just pictures, since it is actually September 26, 2016 and I am back dating and posting this.)

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Friday, December 18, 2015


Note to self that I want to read this book. I will forget about it if I don't make a note...

I wish the picture did it justice. I pulled into a parking lot to take the picture because it was so pretty.

Sadie is our homeschool mascot.  She keeps morale up.

The only picture I took of our house with the Christmas lights in the windows and the tree...I took it and said I would take a better one another time...That never happened....

I was in the hall of the church where Jake does archery the night that mom called me to tell me that Grampa Smith has colon cancer. I had to take a picture of this map because I loved it so much. The map and Grampa don't really go together but I will probably always remember getting the news when I see a map like this.

Brother Tallent (a youth Sunday school teacher) works at Best Buy and snagged Jake one of these awesome Avenger's shirts because he knew how much he loves them.

The rug with leaves falling onto it as I cleaned it. I am sold on indoor/outdoor rugs they come clean beautifully...

I hung it to dry and left it out long enough that it got rained on...but it eventually made it back in!

I had to dry off after a shower with a hand towel because I had neglected the laundry too long. Lesson learned...again.

We went to IHOP for the fun of it. Jake is cute.

Lego's happened...

I had to take a picture of Jake's egg experiment results because they hadn't been written down yet...

Jake tried on his old Link costume and it still fit...

Elder Hall was going home and two other missionaries were transferring so we had them and the Tallents over to have a going away dinner.

And we fried some Oreo's. I actually did it. I don't fry things usually(Aaron and Jake are the fryers) but I made an exception. They were delicious.

Elder Hall was a wrestler in high school and one of the young men in our ward is currently. This kid wanted to wrestle Elder Hall and the video of it was hysterical....Elder Hall crushed the poor kid.

We had a great Ward Christmas party...that I took a few pictures at. This was my last official duty as Primary president since Aaron is now the Bishop. The Stake President told him he had to release me. It is bittersweet...but mostly sweet because I it has been a long time since I have been to the big people classes and I am ready for it!  I need to ask someone for the pictures of the Primary singing. I was too busy prompting them to use their props and crying while I did it.

I could go into more detail, but let's just pretend I am leaving blanks so we can see if we remember what was happening when we look at this in 20 years...Rather than the truth..I just want to catch up and be done!!!