Thursday, December 10, 2015

Worth every penny...

Jake like "Skating on the Square" so much last year that I promised him we would get him a pass this year.

It was only $50 and it cost $10 to go one time. Last year we went 6 times and this year we could go every day if we got him a pass!

So we went on a Friday and got the pass and Jake skated.

All these pictures were taken on the day we got his pass.

The Monday after we got the pass, we met Aunt Sheila to skate. I had to drop off our Angel Tree gifts, so I left and then got a call (Jake didn't have his cell...I told him to keep it in his pocket but he didn't want to break it and said he wouldn't need it) from a NY phone number. Luckily I answered it because it was Jake (on one of the phone of one of the people that work at the rink) and he had sprained his ankle.

It took a couple of weeks for his ankle to heal enough to go skating again.

 But then it was raining....

Or too hot (above 70) for the ice to stay frozen.

And then he got sick. And it is only open until Jan 3rd.... (Remember I am not really typing this in December. I am just back posting so that is is included in the 2015 book. He never got to go again)

Awesome. They definitely made money on us this year!

But just look at this happy face!
It was worth every penny.