Thursday, December 17, 2015

Star Wars.

I found a whole bunch of Star Wars stuff on the dollar aisle at Target and planned on giving this little care package to the guys the night of the movie but I couldn't wait any longer...

This was Aaron's reaction 48 hours before the movie came out, when Jake randomly started playing the Star Wars theme music. This was a spontaneous moment I some how captured. Yes they are that excited. (Remember I am back dating these posts because I it is actually Jan 23, 2016 and I am still trying to catch this was on Dec 15th)

And this is when Aaron walked through the door, after work, on the day the movie came out (Dec 17th) and they were going to see it. Playing the music again of course...

They went and got a bite to eat and then met Papa G at the theater.

They loved it. It was epic. Life is good in the hood for these Star Wars fans.

Aaron had taken the day off of work since they went and saw the movie at the night before at 9:55pm. He checked the theater and they had added more showings so we all went the next day. It was awesome. I loved it! I laughed! I cried! I am more of a fan now than I have ever been before!