Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Aaron's Day Off... other words: how we wish life would be every day.
                                         We played with Sadie and her ball in the back yard.
                                                          Aaron cleaned out the gutters.
                                                            We kind of like him. A lot.
When he was on the rood he kept smelling something beautiful that he knew I would like so he picked it for me. 
He took on his role as Principal and made sure the student was in line. This is not posed. This just happened and I am almost always prepared for Kodak moments.
                          We had some frozen Talapia that looked a little like VT an NH for lunch.
                                                              Our pumpkin looked sad.
Jake tried out his new bike. It is Elder Bowles' old mission bike that he wasn't taking home with him.

                                                                         And then....
                                                                .....math in the man cave.
                                         We did other fun things together. It was a good day.