Tuesday, December 1, 2015


I am pretending that I am posting this (and many other posts) in 2015, when in fact I will be back dating these posts as I frantically try to catch up and finish out last year, while also posting what is happening in 2016...I haven't post since November 18th and that may have been the only time I post in November...Ugh...So I am just going to add any old random date on the next several posts as I work my way up to 2016. Maybe I will keep up better next year. Most of these posts will be lots of pictures and a few words...Next year there will be more words, but still lots of pictures.

Can you see the part I washed?...Gross.

                                                    A science experiment and school...

                                    It rained a lot from October to December. I mean A LOT

There was a lot of analyzing of the Star Wars preview going on. Watching it over and over again.
                                                          Sadie took Jake on some walks.
We used our pretty globes to map the Middle East since they are always in the news and we needed a review.
Jake read an Agatha Christie book and liked it. Then we scored these...but still haven't read them.
                                                                    Fall happened.
The Water Oak tree in our front yard dropped approximately 70 billion little acorns in our yard and drive way this is what a few hundred of them looked like after we ran them over with the car a few dozen times and they got rained on.
Peach colored leaves in the fall were my favorite this year, so I saved some....now to remember which book this was....

                                                          I really like the red ones too.
                                        Peach, red, and yellow all together in one picture in a parking lot.

Did I mention it rained...a lot? Yes that is my toe in flip flops. I never had to put them away for the rest of 2015. It was in the 70's on Christmas day.

                                          We carved pumpkins with the grandmothers.

                                      Partied with our homeschooling friends at Halloween.

                                    And then the next night we partied with the Ward family.
                          Jake drew his face and a lot of other things in his drawing class at co-op.
                                                  I took the three stooges to Pizza Inn.

                                                                           Did archery....
We even ate at the Beacon while Jake's archery team had a fund raiser washing cars. Jake had a little burger with his bacon.
                                           Aaron thought it was the best fund raiser ever.

Inside Jake's wallet.  His temple recommend cover with a picture of Christ is good reminder to always remember Him.
These goofball missionaries, Elder Hall and Elder Bowles were Jake's favorite and they both went home from our Ward.
                                        Jake made wings for Elder Bowles last supper.
Aaron is usually the wing fryer but he was at work so Jake took over, while I made homemade mac and cheese.
He did a great job and now there are two people who can fry wings at our house. I never have and most likely never will.  I am not a fryer.

                                                                      They were a hit!

The missionaries thought the video of Jake dancing to the Just Dance video was as funny as we did.
                                          We brought Papa G some chocolate for Veterans day.
                                          I made the Powell's some t-shirts for Christmas.

And had them all wrapped and ready to go to NH when Nee and Papa went up to visit in November.
We had a few cool days and this is how Jake did school. Then it got really warm and humid and we hated it way worse than the cold.
                                             This weird little but was on our car window.
How cute is that that they thought they were the movie of the year. They must of forgot that Star Wars was coming.
                                 I am thankful for yummy strawberries even in November.
                                            More work happened at the fixer upper house.

                                                              All new windows.
                                              And the bathroom was starting to take shape.
                                                           I kind of adore the old hinges.

Here is proof that the photographer (me. always. no one else ever) painted too.

The first signs of color.  I picked it out. The men vetoed the first choice because they are men.
Jake and I came up with a fancy way to mark our book (The House of Seven Gables) so we could be ready for the discussion.

                              This is how Sadie eats.  She picks out the pieces she doesn't want. 

                                                            My new scent warmer on.
                                                                   And when it is off.
                                                        Spartanburg 1st Ward Primary.
                                                              The end.