Wednesday, May 30, 2012


We finally heard that Aaron got the job he interviewed for!!!!!!  Heavenly Father answers prayers in His time not ours.  I keep learning that over and over again.  I guess I need to have a little more faith...

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Since setting a goal at the beginning of the year didn't seem to help...

...I am blogging/journaling about losing weight and getting healthy.  For those of you who have been here before: no this is not dejue vu (thanks for nothing spell know what I mean right?), yes I have tried this before.  I am going to do it this time.  I have completely run out of excuses so I may as well do it. :)

 Today is day 1 of my 367 (days until I turn 37..yes my birthday is on Thursday) day journey back to me.  If you want to follow my progress (or "regress" depending on the day...), to join in and do it with me, or just check out how fat I really am (don't judge me, I do that enough to myself) you can go to:

Thursday, May 24, 2012

5 Reasons everyone should have a dog.

 I noticed that I had 8 drafts I had never posted and had to see what they were.  For the most part I just sit down, type, post pic's, and hit publish (I love that it says "publish" because it makes me feel like a real writer).  I rarely type something ahead of time because whenever I go back to read what I wrote I usually just hit delete. Plus drafts don't really make sense for my blog because this is more of a journal than (or then...still haven't looked into that one and figured out when to use which one...adding that to my list of things to do...) anything else.  This post however seemed like one I should "publish" because this is totally a journal post since I LOVE dogs.  I wrote it one day when I was missing having a dog.  I decided to think of 5 reasons I missed having a four legged friend in our home.  We have one now and she is crazy and I love her to pieces (because of that fact I added a little to this post).  Dogs are like people they are all completely different personalities and the three we have had in the past almost 15 years of marriage have all been individuals. :)  With out further are 5 reasons everyone should have a dog.
  (and just because part of this was kind of a draft doesn't mean you should expect it to be is just more of my rambling...)
1. To learn how to forgive and forget. If you step on your dogs tail by accident (or on purpose for that matter, but who would really do that?), and then reach down pet them and tell them you are sorry they: lick your face, wag their tail, and act like it never happened. Let's face it to them it didn't. All they care about it getting your affection. Ever accidentally step on someones (the someone being a human) foot and even when you apologize they aren't really all that happy with you? They know it was an accident but sorry doesn't make it feel better...and you should have been more careful! You have had that happen right? (or been the one that it happened too.) Dogs don't really have to forgive because they were never mad at you in the first place.

2. Confidence booster. No matter what you look like (Sunday best or sick bed pj's 3 days old), smell like (sweaty-just worked out or showered and clean...or you went some where with out them and pet another dog...they sniff ya but just move on.), or how you act (happy or grumpy) they just see you and wag their tail. Ever try to hug a human after a sweaty work out? Not a chance. A dog doesn't care one bit, hug away!

3. Good listeners and secret keepers. You can talk to a dog all day-tell your problems, your fears, your dreams. They won't tell a soul and they won't tell you that you are wrong. They will just wag their tails and follow you around.

4. Security. I always felt safe with Emily (100 pounds of black lab that we had to put to sleep because she had cancer). She was a wimp, but her bark and size could have fooled anyone...and it did on a few occasions. Daisy (55 pound basset hound-our 1st baby who also had to be put to sleep because of old age and a continuous infection that wouldn't go away) was not intimidating to look at, but behind a closed door her bark/howl could have fooled a would be burglar, with no problem. Sadie (our current doggie family member-a 62 pound lab mix) looks and sounds completely viscous and dangerous when she barks because she is scared (she has a "take me with you" bark that is so chirpy and pitiful..).  The hair on her back stands straight up and she looks like she is about to attack.  She never has because when it comes down to it she is too much of a wimp (she thinks she needs to protect us) and won't get close.   But the affect is very intimidating...she is a different dog but I love her.  I never have felt unsafe with my dogs around. 

5. Unconditional Love and a 4 legged soul mate. Dogs love people. No. Matter. What. If you feed them and love them they will love you back 100 fold. They will sit on your feet in the winter and keep them warm. They will alert you to things to come-Daisy wouldn't leave my side the day I started spotting when I was pregnant with Jake. She knew before I did that something was wrong. They will love you when you are completely unlovable. They will be your best friend immediately. They will be loyal and obedient (okay...more so labs than basset hounds on the obedient part..). They will look you in your eyes and lick your face when other people would walk a way. They are amazing. You never have to wonder how they feel about you because they let you known every time you walk in the door....

I saw a quote one time and it went something like this (and no I don't know who said it...but I am still going to put it in quotation marks so nobody thinks I said it...):

"I am trying to be the kind of person my dog thinks I am."  I think that about sums it up...

(in case you are wondering 5 were literally just titles...I deleted those.  The other 2 are Easter and Christmas from 2009 that I never finished uploading pictures too so I never posted...maybe I will do that some day...)

Friday, May 18, 2012

These are a few of my favrorite things...

Things I LOVE, Love, love....

*Raindrops on...(no I am not going to say roses-although that is nice too) on evergreens.  We (Jake and I.) went on a walk in the woods with the dogs and it had rained the night before.  It was so fun to lightly touch the cool raindrops that hung on the evergreens needles.  Simple pleasure....

*Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte.  I love a book with a happy ending and this one is oh so very happy, after some shocking twists and hardships...which makes the ending even happier!  Read it, you will love it.

*The wonderful feature on my laptop on which I can write little notes and they look like post it notes on my screen.  Right now my screen is home to song lyrics that I want to frame.  You know type them up in a fancy way like you see on Pinterest, frame them, and put them up everywhere because words make me happy.  Some of my favorite quotes are from songs.  Example: Matt Scannell, from Vertical Horizon wrote: "All I want is for you to have a life you love and live. Take from me all I have to give 'cuz you are in my heart."  Love it.

* it...
*The fact that the more classics I read the smarter I feel.  It's a fact.  Try it and I am sure you will agree.

*My camera.  I love to document things like Jake getting his cast off.  :)

*Bare minerals make up.

*Annie Sloan chalk paint. I find the concept to be genius: painting things without having to sand them first....and it actually works.  Wonders never cease.

*The fact that the neighborhood we are living in is having a yard sale on Saturday and I am going to hunt for cheap things I can paint with my Annie Sloan paint. :)

Monday, May 14, 2012

Brain Declutter: Just need to ramble...

*I am starting to notice a pattern.  When I take my beloved Sunday afternoon nap I can't seem to fall asleep that night.  My brain just won't stop thinking of all sorts of stuff-probably because I am not tired.  Will this stop my napping? Not a chance.  Especially since I now have a lap top.  Sunday night may become my official brain declutter day.

*John Mayer has done it again.  Another instant classic:

Love it-not so much the new look John, but the song is brilliant.  Can't wait for May 22nd when the whole album comes out. No bad words (besides sucks...but I that is because I have a ten year old and our standards are a little different from the worlds...) in this song. I guess he must have read my letter. :)

*Happy 65th birthday Dad! You are officially a senior citizen and can get discounts at restaurant's and stores on certain days a week!

*I still haven't found my iPod charger but Aaron put some music on my laptop last night so I can live another week without it.  The short list of music I could not live another week with out: Dave Matthews, John Mayer, Adele, Colbie Calliat, Alanis Morissette,  Miranda Lambert, Joshua Radin (really just Paperweight but I am going to listen to his other songs this week and I am sure fall in love with them all). I am wishing I had him put on Jason Mraz too.  I am really in the mood for Lucky, You and I, and a few others that keep playing in my head...

*It really is amazing how many things wouldn't stop going through my head last night while I couldn't sleep but now I can't seem to remember them.  Some of them were profound too...they will come back to me...maybe.

*Mother's day was wonderful.  I got a corsage to wear to church and a set of pens.  Pink, orange, green, and blue (this is where you would see a picture of them if I knew where my camera cord was packed...why it wasn't with the computer or camera I will never know...). My child knows me so well.  He wanted to get me a pillow pet but they didn't have one he thought I would want (yes I want one. Aaron said they only had Winnie the Pooh, a ladybug, Mickey Mouse, and something else I can't remember...Jake is right.  I don't want any of those.), so they headed to the paper products aisles of Walmart.  He told Aaron that they could just get me a bunch of composition notebooks and I would be thrilled (so true) but settled on the pens instead which I love. :)  Jake is going to be a great husband some day because he is really great when it comes to gifts.  For dinner we had the ever famous Harmon hot dog chili on Ballpark franks.  Life it simple and oh so good.  Thanks my guys!

*Do you want goosebumps, chills, tears, and overwhelming joy to fill your soul to over flowing? If so watch this video:

*I can't wait until we finally get our house...Still no word on the offer-a whole month later.  Short sales are turning out to be not so much fun.  We (we being me, Jake, Mom, Nana, & "the girl Erin".  Ranee isn't on this list because she has to work, but if I find a keeper she will be brought to see it immediately for approval.  Aaron will too of course. :) ) are going on Wednesday to look at back up houses.  I still love "our house" but I can't wait forever. Especially since I found another one that is very promising in the next neighborhood over...I am fickle what can I say!

*Okay so back to why I can't wait to finally get our house: I have collected lots of words I can't wait to frame.  I have become even more addicted to quotes as of late thanks to Pinterest.  I am a lover of words...and lots of them.  I have several hundred choices to choose from under "Art I Can Live With" and "Smart things people have said" .  I need to start picking out some of my favorite song lyrics to be added to the list of words that must adorn my walls...then I probably need to edit the list a little so our walls aren't completely covered.

*I love my Kindle.  I am currently reading Jane Eyre on it.  I love how it tells me what % I have read.  I have read something like 67% and I can't for the life of me decide what else could possibly happen in the next 33%!  I also love the fact that if I don't know exactly (that is how I am making myself not feel so dumb-by pretending I kind of know what some of the words mean...) what some of the words mean I can just pull up the definition.  There are so many times in life I wish I had that option...

*Tomorrow night I am going to an open house for parents interested in "Classical Conversations".  I am really loving homeschooling because I get to learn tons of stuff I never did learn in our awesome (sarcasm) public school system.  Sorry-I don't mean to offend anyone who enjoys our countries attempts at educating our children.  I survived it but now I get to learn all the things I never did because I wasn't what you would call a self motivator in school and didn't work any harder then (than?)  I had too...and most of the time sometimes not even that hard.  I am what you would call a late bloomer in that department.  Okay rambling...bringing it back: Classical Conversations seems REALLY interesting...I can't wait to learn more from people who are actually doing it....

*Am I the only 35 (almost 36-thank goodness for even number birthdays) who doesn't know when to use then or than...I need to figure that one out...

*We had a Mother's Day Weekend girls night on Saturday and went to see "The Vow" at the $2.50 theater...remember when it used to be called the dollar theater...those were the days...I loved it-the movie I mean (are you seeing why I have to declutter my brain on occasion?  It runs a mile a minute with randomness 24/7). Definitely going to read the book. We also went for ice cream after.  We had so much fun we decided we are going to do it once a month. :)

*Jake has been waiting patiently (sarcasm) for me to play Lego Indiana Jones on the Wii with him so I better wrap it up.  We had a scare this weekend when Jake noticed the Wii wouldn't turn on.  THE HORROR!  He even discussed how we could sell all the games and get a 3DS if it really was broken-after he got over the initial shock of course.  Daddy to the rescue-it is just the cord...or something easy to fix.  All is well in the Harmon universe again. :)

*Here's to hoping all the profound stuff that was in my brain yesterday will come back!  What is on your mind today?

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Star Wars Geeks

We use any excuse for a party and since my guys are Star Wars geeks we had a "May the 4th be with you" party. Get it May the 4th...May the force? :) We got together with the Martin's (some how I didn't get a picture of Ranee and Jeremy but they were there!) and enjoyed Star Wars food, a light saber battle and the kiddos watched one of the movies while we adults chatted. I am so excited to be doing my first of a ton of posts that will eventually get me caught back up on all that has been going on for the past couple of months. No this doesn't mean I found the cord for my camera...It is still packed in a box somewhere...I went to Walmart and put the pictures on my camera on a disc. I was sick of waiting! I wanted to do a post on my new laptop with pictures. It took no time at all to upload the pictures which makes me a happy camper. That means I can put even more pictures than I usually do. :)

Monday, May 7, 2012

You'll never guess what I am doing & things I wish I could find...

Right now I am typing this post on my very own, brand new, LAPTOP!!!!  My mom and dad kept saying they were going to give me a "bonus" for selling their house for them while they were in the Ukraine visiting my sister and her family.  I thought they were joking until today.  My parents had been talking about getting a new laptop because their computer was getting slower and older. We happened to see an ad in the Target flyer yesterday with a great deal on a laptop.  It was basically the newest version on Aaron's and he has really been happy with his so they decided to go first thing this morning and get one.  Instead of one they got three.  One for each of them and one for ME!!!  We went over to their townhouse today to help them put together some Ikea furniture and my mom told me she had come across a box that was marked theirs but must have been mislabeled because it wasn't theirs.She told me to look and see if it was our stuff.  I opened it and it didn't even register what was in the box.  I just looked at it and said "no this isn't ours".  I didn't even notice the fact that it I was looking at a wireless mouse, a laptop sleeve, and a Gateway laptop computer box.  My mom said "It is yours. It's for YOU!".  I looked again and couldn't believe it!!!  Thank you Mom and Dad!!!!  Jake is just as excited because Papa G is giving Jake his old laptop once he saves all his stuff from it.   I am so HAPPPPPPPPPYYYYYY!!!  Jake said his prayer tonight and thanked Heavenly Father for our wonder surprise gifts today. I am going to thank Him again, like I do every day, for my wonderful parents.  

Now I really wish I could find my iPod charger and the cord that lets me put my pictures on my computer  both of which I could use with MY NEW LAPTOP!!!  (I keep having to say it so I can believe it is really true!!!)...Aaron can't find his sunglasses.  Jake is missing the DVR.  Living out of laundry baskets and boxes gets old quick...We are saying prayers and crossing our fingers that we will hear about "our" house soon and that Aaron will get the job he interviewed for today (it went really well) so that the count down of commuting and only being home on the weekends can begin....I am thankful that Heavenly Father doesn't ever get sick of our prayers.  Living in the South means seeing signs outside of churches with words of wisdom and I saw a great one the other day that said something close to this: "Give your problems over to the Lord.  He is up all night anyway."  I am so glad that is true. 

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Short and Sweet update.

Yes we are still alive and we are in SC!  Here is a very short update on life:  My computer still isn't set up, Aaron is commuting,  we still haven't heard anything about the house (short sales can take a while...) we have an offer in on, Jake has a fractured elbow, we celebrated Star Wars Day yesterday with an awesome "May the 4th be with you" party,  my parents have moved into their townhouse, Aaron has a 3rd interview with the same company on Monday but for a different position, we have an adorable new nephew named Jaxson, it feels like summer with temp's in the low 90's, Jake took his end of the year tests for homeschooling so 5th grade is technically over & we are testing out doing Thomas Jefferson Education, Sadie is in dog heaven being able to run free in the woods, blogger has completely changed and it took me a minute to even be able to view my own blog (that is how long it has been since I have even been on the computer...)...and I have tons to blog about but no way to post pictures and if you know me than  the 2 go hand and hand...