Saturday, December 31, 2011

Last Camp post....

 (If you want to see any pictures of our Vermont trip this summer you will have to go to older posts because this one is so long! There are 6 other posts...We were there over a month what can I say!)

The day we left Camp I spent some time walking around and snapping pictures of the "things" it is made up of.  There are pillows, tables, chairs, and nick-nacks that have been there my whole life-maybe even since Camp began.  It is amazing as I looked closely at all those things that held so many memories for me that I realized that my favorite color combinations in my adulthood came from my childhood.  They came from Camp.  I must confess I took 2 bowls with me that I remembered were Mom's (she told me I could so it is her fault) at our house growing up and then she donated to Camp when her tastes changed.  I will replace them I promise.  I just needed to take a little piece of my life at Camp with me.  They are nothing fancy but they hold so many memories from my childhood home and Camp.  They are in the colors I decorate my kitchen in and now I know why.  It surrounded me during my childhood and it still does.  For some reason I felt differently than I usually do when leaving Camp.  It felt like a little bit of a goodbye-not forever! Just goodbye to Camp as we have known it.  I know I will go back but it just seemed like it might not be the same.  Not sure why...Maybe because my sister is going to be buying a house close by so we will spend time there.  Maybe because our little family has never taken a trip on our own-it has always been going to Camp with family.  Maybe it is time for us to take our own trip. Or maybe it is just because I had a concussion from bumping my head!  I don't know what it was but I felt like I needed to preserve the memories of the things that I have known my whole life.  So, this post is for me.  No explanation needed for me on what the pictures are of because these things are etched in my memory, so you will just have to enjoy or skip it all together.  I just needed to have pictures to remind that even though Camp is miles away it is really everywhere around me because the memories I made there have shaped my whole life. 

I wish everyone I know had a chance to go to Camp and make some memories.  I guess we all have our own "Camp" that shaped us.  I am glad that I am able to share my Camp with Jake. :)