Wednesday, October 30, 2013

My fingernails are destroyed and I don't mind...

...because that means I have been painting.


Just picture the wall in a light gray (which it will be painted at some point) and it would be perfect...Don't you love my new lamp?  I have been eying it at Lowe's for months and they finally went on clearance!!!  I got 2 bases and 2 shades for $28.  One base was originally $21.  This is Aaron's side of the bed.
This is my side:
Now we match, but we aren't matchy-matchy.  Same colors but different pieces of furniture.  I love it!


I already have someone emailing me about this piece and I just posted it the other day.
I painted this a while back and priced it high hoping no one would want it...but someone emailed me about it too.
All I can ask is that they go to a good home. :)

Friday, October 25, 2013

Another First For Jake...

On Columbus Day we went  to the Temple and then the Zoo.  It was Jake's first time going to the Temple and it was a great day.  Nee, Papa G., and Papa Harmon were all there also.  I still can't believe my baby is 12. . .

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Brain Declutter: With pictures...

*It is the best feeling when what you are looking for is exactly where you thought it would be.

*Sadie is a smart dog. . .but not in the common sense department.  She jumped out the window of the Jeep the other day thinking she would chase a squirrel she saw.  When she landed on her head she realized it wasn't the best idea she has ever had.  Luckily we were at a stop sign.  This picture pretty much catches Sadie perfectly.  I love the leaf on top of her head.  She is such a goof.  A goof who gives you a hug when you ask her for one.  That is genius for a dog.

*I am ready for sweaters, french vanilla hot chocolate, crisp air in the mornings. . .and afternoons. . .evenings, leaves falling that I don't have to rake.  I am ready for fall.  I am going to read Anne of Green Gables again.  That book makes me think of fall.

*My wallet makes me happy.  It isn't new or anything I just like it. . .

*Especially when I open it and see this very awesome Target gift card in it.  Jake got it for his b-day and traded me cash for it so he could get his Millennial  Falcon Lego set.  I almost didn't want to spend it but Jake needed new underwear. :)
*Aaron had a friend that recently got a new smart phone and didn't need his Ipod touch any more.  Guess which spoiled lucky kiddo got it? 

*After checking out Jake's Ipod touch (which is really just a smart phone minus the phone) I have miraculously gone from being opposed to smart phones (seriously) to kind of, maybe wanting one, some day in the future. . .If I ever get one I will NOT be a person ignoring everyone around them and always on it.

*I just finished reading (last week) a book called The Apothecary's Daughter  by Julie Klassen.  It takes place during the the early 1800's and it was sooo good.  An easy read (I read all 413 pages in one day so I could discuss it at book club), and if you have tried to read Jane Austen but didn't love it (Jamie) than you may like this book.  Right now I am reading America the Beautiful by Dr. Ben Carson and The Book Thief by Markus Zusak, and a bunch of books for homeschooling. . .

*Dogs are the best.

*I got an email from my Uncle Gary and in it were the words of a government employee (has worked for them for decades) and they stated that the signs, that were professionally printed and put up all over the country, for the government shut down were planned and printed over 6 months ago.  I completely believe it!  Nothing in the government happens quickly (Just ask my brother-in-law who also works for them).  How many millions of OUR dollars did they use to plan the shut down that far in advance?

 *Boo'en.  He didn't fall.  He just delivered the wrong bucket to the wrong family. 

*We learned a new word today (read it in History of US Book 3 and then looked it up in our Noah Webster 1828 Dictionary. . . even though the book defined it.  I just had to use Noah's): Firebrand.  Samuel Adams, Thomas Paine, and Patrick Henry were firebrands.  The mischief they caused was inspired by the Lord to take the steps toward independence from England. . .Just in case you are wondering, History of US didn't depict them in a bad light at all.  It praised them. 

*There is something about prepping that is calming.  Sanitizing and refilling our used bottles for food storage gives me a little peace of mind that we are prepared. . . or are getting prepared.  You never know when a natural (or unnatural for that matter!) disaster will make water  unsafe to drink.  Preparedness=peace of mind.
 *Another first for Jake.  His first Boy Scouts camp out.  He just left at 6:30 and I already miss him.  Aaron went to help him get all set up and will rejoin him tomorrow after work.  It is a two night camp out (public schoolers have a day off tomorrow) and Jake was pretty excited.  I will have the house to myself for 24 hours. . . My "To Do When I Have 24 Hours To Myself" list (not written, just in my head) is LOOOONNNNGGGG but it will include: distressing furniture, cleaning out closets, switching out my Spring/Summer clothes for my Fall/Winter, organizing Lego's, sleeping in, my first estate sale, etc. . .  I really will miss my guys but I am kind of EXCITED!!!

  *Heads up to any would be burglar:  our house shouldn't be a  target for you since my guys will be gone.  I have a dog who will protect me and guns (yes plural) that I can protect myself with.  Plus neighbors that will call the police on you.  They called it on Aaron and his friend when they brought our broken down car home in the middle of the night one time.  Glad I have neighbors looking out for us!!! (No that is not sarcasm.)

*It's the most wonderful time of the year! That is me singing.  Have I mentioned I love fall? :)  I opened my cedar chest (that Grampa Smith made me when I graduated from High School) and it was like Christmas!  I found my favorite pair of gray pants that I have yet to wear because they are 2 sizes too small.  I bought them that way as motivation.  I will be wearing them this season (no I haven't lost enough yet but I will ASAP)!!! And what I was actually looking for (see first comment of this post.  This wasn't I was referencing, but it applies here too): my favorite comfy pants.  See those gray comfy pants on the right?  That is what I was looking for because it is chilly and I LOVE IT!!!  AND THEY WERE RIGHT ON TOP!  That must be a sign that Fall has reached SC and is here to stay!!!! . . I really hope Jake is warm enough tonight. . . Aaron literally just got home and Jake was running around (in the dark.  Boys love stuff like that), and having a blast and excited to be sleeping in Aaron's hiking tent, and using Aaron's sleeping mat and I know this is a run on sentence. . .  :)  And as usual I will not be editing this declutter so it may not make any sense at all!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Photo drop/catch up: The Fair

Lots of picture and a few words. . .

Love that Nana works at the fair and gets us tickets! Thanks Nana!

The ride that did Aaron.  Apparently as you get older you inner ear fluid thins and you can get queasy.

She Jake in his blue shirt in this one?

I want an Antelope from India.

This goat wanted me to take its picture.  I have tons of pics with him starring at me no matter what I am actually taking a picture of. 
Proud ram.  Aaron and Jake, lets see if you remember why you called him that in 20 years.

Honorable mention for my table decorating.
Second place in the photography category: Special-a picture from lasts years fair.
Jake got a 2nd place ribbon for his Lego set up.
I got 2nd place on this scrapbook page.  Not sure why I took a picture of this one because I got a couple of 1st place ribbons too.
Jake also got 1st place for the apron he sewed Nee and 2nd place for the PJ pants he sewed Aaron.  I actually worked at the fair for 3 days before it opened.  I helped sign in and judge the sewing/quilting/cross stitch/etc (the section Jake is in front of.  No I did not judge Jake's entries.  I left that up to Aaron's aunt Pat. . .There was no getting around family judging family.  All of us signing in and judging were related. . .) entries.

I went back to take a picture of the Fair at night and these is the best I could get.  They aren't going to earn me any ribbons but it is so pretty at night!