Wednesday, October 30, 2013

My fingernails are destroyed and I don't mind...

...because that means I have been painting.


Just picture the wall in a light gray (which it will be painted at some point) and it would be perfect...Don't you love my new lamp?  I have been eying it at Lowe's for months and they finally went on clearance!!!  I got 2 bases and 2 shades for $28.  One base was originally $21.  This is Aaron's side of the bed.
This is my side:
Now we match, but we aren't matchy-matchy.  Same colors but different pieces of furniture.  I love it!


I already have someone emailing me about this piece and I just posted it the other day.
I painted this a while back and priced it high hoping no one would want it...but someone emailed me about it too.
All I can ask is that they go to a good home. :)