Friday, October 4, 2013

A Holocaust Survivor and Tibetan Monks...

Homeschooling allows us to do amazing things! This week we were able to hear Esther Bauer, a Holocaust survivor, speak at a local college.
(The man over Jake and Nee's shoulder in this picture is the mayor of Gaffney, SC.  I know this only because he introduced himself.)
This was a once in a lifetime experience to hear a first hand account of a survivor.  She said she had luck on her side-she survived Auschwitz.  Esther was one of the people that was lucky enough to get sent to the right into the showers.  The person next to her was sent to the left-into the gas chambers.

She was indeed one of the lucky ones to survive.  We were lucky to hear her message, which was to make sure this never happens again and that people never forget.

We also had the opportunity this week to see Tibetan Monks create their Mandala Sand paintings and also see part of the "deconstruction ceremony".

 It was amazing to watch them.  They worked on it for 4 days.  We were there yesterday on day 3.

 And today was the deconstruction ceremony.  It was so cool.  The monks "sang'. . .not sure what they call it. It is the deep throat chanting and it was so cool!

 And then they swept away their creation.

 We got to take some home with us. If they come to your town don't miss it.
We are lucky to live in an area that has wonderful cultural events like this that we can take advantage of.  There is so much to learn and it isn't always in a classroom or a book.