Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Brain Declutter: Oh 2016...

*It is getting to the point that I dread blogging. I keep thinking I will do it and then I just can't make myself want to...

*I dread blogging because I am so far behind (story of my life), not because I want to stop collecting our memories in one spot.

*I am not going to worry about catching up right now (or maybe ever) because I don't want to dread blogging.

*I was going to lose 40 pounds by the time I turned 40. That isn't going to happen (story of my life), because even diets that make sense are still diets. Diets are hard, but so is being fat. I need to choose my hard. I keep making the wrong choice...

*I have been rereading the Harry Potter books in anticipation of the new book coming out this
summer. I love them so much. I feel like people that say their children don't like to read must never have read them Harry Potter. I asked Jake if I could introduce (and read the entire series) his children to Harry Potter and he said yes. I am hoping his future wife is okay with that...because if she isn't he will not be allowed to marry her. I wish this picture wasn't so blurry (and I am too lazy to go back to book one, when I am about to finish book 4 just to retake it...that would make me put off blogging and I probably wouldn't be back to it until I started reading HP to Jake's kids!), but this is a perfect example of why all human beings should read Harry Potter.

*Jake is 5'10' last time I measured him and that was well over a month he is probably taller
now!  When I was sick a couple of weeks ago (like sleeping all day with a bad sinus infection and some kind of throat infection...taking antibiotics and that prescription cough medicine that makes you sleep, and Claritin (sp?) D for 5 days before even starting to feel slightly better sick) and we were out of groceries (no milk or bread for 2 days kind of out of groceries...and my mom kept calling asking what she could do to help), my mom came and picked up Jake and the grocery list and headed out!
She was very impressed at his mad shopping skills. She said she just followed him around with the buggy while he got everything. I am training him well. :) When they got home I had to take a picture of the two of them. Jake is so much taller and yet again we had the one is dressed for winter, while one is dressed for summer scenario going on!

*Jake likes this shirt. Actually he just likes to wear all his shirts until I tell him to put on another one. I took this picture of him during General Conference (I am kind of catching up a little but just on the pic's I just downloaded from April so I don't hate it) when he was taking notes. He gets make up days for Seminary, which he doesn't need because he rarely misses and makes it up when he does. He is awesome. I am not a morning person so Seminary (the 2nd time around) is even harder to get up for. Sometime I sleep in the car. Sometimes I walk. Every time the alarm goes off at 5:30 I murmur...But I wouldn't want him to miss this experience and I am the adult in charge of getting him there so I have, and get out of bed!  This past General Conference was more amazing than the last-just like every time! I do feel I was sufficiently humbled (from being sick the whole week before) and was ready to hear what the Lord wanted me too-and I did! I was pretty much weepy the whole time. President Eyring was the first speaker and his emotions are always so close to the surface, as mine were...and that is pretty much where they stayed all weekend. It was a spiritual feast that I needed!

*Aaron and Jake went to the Priesthood session of Conference and the fist thing they said when they walked through the door was, "President Uchtdorf said Chewbacca!" I told them I knew (I could have watched it but I usually just read it) because the Church had already posted it on Instagram and they couldn't believe it! I took a picture of them happily looking it up. Keep in mind our house was a mess because I was sick.

*I could type what President Uchtdorf was referencing when he said Chewbacca but it would be much more fun to see if we remember when we are reading this in 30 years! And if we don't remember I wonder what fancy high tech device we will be looking it up on....

*It has been a wonderful Spring! A few weeks ago we thought we were skipping right over it because over a weekend (I have no idea which one...) it got really hot and we had the AC on. But it has been back off and we just had to turn it on a couple of days ago when it went up into the 80's (but low humidity so it wasn't too hot). So making it into late April with out AC is pretty good!

*I love this dog! I LOVE HER! She is so sweet. If you are standing some some where and she feels like she needs some attention, she comes right up and leans her head on your leg like she is hugging you. In fact if she is sitting on the floor next to me, when I am sitting on the couch, and I lean forward and ask her for a hug she cuddles her head right into me. She still loves to protect us from squirrels and some time last summer she learned to howl like a hound dog and thinks it is very impressive. She is the only one who runs to greet me at the door when I get home from where ever I have been, now that Jake is older and doesn't miss me as much as he used to. She is the best! All that being said, I think I have decided she will be our last dog. We have had (and still have this one) three amazing dogs. All of them have been members of the family and just amazing companions. It is so hard when we lose them. Too hard to keep doing it over again and again...Three times seems like my max....But I am going to be honest and say a big factor (besides all that I have already said) for this decision is fur. Every where. All the time. I know when it is gone in several years (Sadie is only 5 and has lots more glorious year ahead of her) I will miss it. Kind of like you miss sticky hand prints when little ones grow up...but I think I will only miss the fur for one second increments and then I will be okay and be able to move on and be happy I don't have to vacuum every single day (and I could do it 3 times a day and you still wouldn't notice). I will always miss our fur babies but I don't think I will miss the fur very much. I hope this doesn't sound cruel because if you know me, you know I love my dogs and they have all been very spoiled.

*That is enough decluttering for now....but...One more thing:

This happened today! Jake is getting a new pair of glasses and CONTACTS!  He is going to be able to wear sunglasses this summer!...which I am so jealous of!

And definitely the last thing: There were pink, purple, and turquoise glasses for adult men...I don't understand that at all since I am a women and wouldn't wear them! This is a crazy world we live in!!!!

Until next time!
Here's hoping it isn't in a month and a half like last time-after I vowed...(again) never get behind on my posts again! Never say never people!!!