Wednesday, January 15, 2014

We partied hard on New Year's Eve...

Aaron started the night off by trying on one of my sweat bands (which give me a headache by the way...first ones I have found that will stay on my apparently oddly shaped head and they give me a head ache...awesome) and it went down hill from there....

Smart phones and Kindle Fire's were brought out in hopes that would help them stay awake....It was only 2 weeks ago and I literally can not remember if we made any special food or snacks or anything...

Jake mid yawn.  We watched Fox news and their festivities.  The highlight was Willie and Korie Robertson from Duck Dynasty.  I always like when they recap the year..but they didn't.
At about 11:50 we drank sparkling cider and then right after midnight we went to bed.  Next year I don't think I am going to bother to stay up...Moral of the story:  New Year's Eve is not our favorite holiday.  The End.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Old School Phones Are Still Cool...

..when they are sporting the Panthers logo. The Panthers are in the playoffs!  Whoot whoot!  They are playing the 49er's tomorrow and are definitely going to win...but just in case I am sending out "you are going to kick butt and make it all the way to the Super bowl" vibes.  You should do it to...just to be safe. 

The End.

Friday, January 10, 2014

And The Best Sister Of The Year Award Goes To:.....(drum roll please...)

My sister Tina!  Why, you ask, am I giving away this distinguished honor so early in 2014?  Because she (with some help from Mom and Dad since I enjoy picture taking and rambling so much) gave me the BEST.GIFT.EVER.  She gave me something I have been planning on doing since I started blogging in 2008 (you won't find that year on my blog because I used up so much storage on pictures that Google wouldn't let me upload anymore pictures.  Aaron saved it for me so I can still print it) and never did.

Tina PRINTED A YEAR OF MY BLOG!!!!!! 2012 to be exact. Now you have to picture me with tears in my eyes, giggling insanely and you are close to understanding how excited I am right now....AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!  That is a good "ah".  You know the ones that you can't hold in because they just bubble out of you?
That's the one I am talking about.  Hey...This is my first post of 2014 (officially.  I am photo dropping the rest of 2013 and back posting it to look like I was on top of things...)!  Let me remind my future self reading this: Tina and family came to visit SC on January 1st and are still here (except Allen who has to make the money that funds these trips!  We are both blessed with good hubbies).  I was at Mom and Dad's house (we were all there hanging out) and I had to run home to let Sadie out (it was raining when we left the house this morning).  As I was getting in the Jeep to head home Saku ran out and said that
the package was being delivered today (I knew I was getting the book and we were waiting impatiently for it)!  EEEKKK!  When I got home and let Sadie out and was doing a couple of things I heard a thud at the door.  I looked up to the little window that is on top of the door to see if it had opened and it hadn't...That meant no one was there, but a package was........!!!!!...I ran to the door and there it was.  I should have taken a picture of it on the porch but I picked it up before thinking about it.  I couldn't put it down and fake it.  I will make Jake pucker his lips and pretend to be blowing his candles out on his birthday cake if
I miss the shot, but this is too important to fake (that is supposed to be funny if you didn't catch probably did though because you get me)!  I did consider it though, but only for a second because I knew if I opened the package at my house I would never go back to my mom's.  I would sit down then and there and read every single solitary word of MY BOOK.  I know it isn't going to be sold on Amazon or anything, but it still is thrilling like I wrote a real book.  I know this is real-but you know what I mean.
I drove over to my mom's as quickly as legally possible and even thought about strapping my precious in, but that would have just taken more time, so I refrained.  When I go there everyone was all busy making dinner and stuff but I didn't help.  I opened my box and breathed it in..and took a picture. :)  I was instantly in love!  I went and sat on the couch and looked through every page and read a few of them.  Like the time I said I was going to stop blogging and then decided a whooping 48 hours later that I had made a bad decision and that I was modifying
how I was blogging.  I read my RIP post when my Kindle broke.  I wrote about our 1 year anniversary of getting Sadie and our first day going to Classical conversations.  I wrote a LOT.  And I took at least a zillion pictures.  I was reminded how nice it was to sit and type.  In 2013 I didn't do that as much.  I did the photo drop and a few words.  I didn't sit and just write like I used least I don't think I did.  I guess that is why I blog.  Life is so busy that you forget the little things and those the important things!
So, one of my goals (I don't do resolutions.  You know that already though because you have been here awhile) this year is to write more.  This is our families journal.  Our time capsule of memories.  This is what we will be reading when we live next door to Jake, no matter where he lives or how many times he moves, and has a family of our his own.  One of his 12 children (that is how many he wanted to have when he was in 1st grade) will be looking at it and asking me: "Nahnee (I just made that up.  Whatever they call me!) what was Daddy doing in this

picture?".  I will pretend to know while I quickly scan my own words to be reminded.  Or the picture will open the flood gates of emotions as I remember the moment that (as page 55 tells me)  Jake taught me how to play chess and I used the word "smashingly", as if I had a British accent while typing. (I have a British accent a lot when I am typing by the way so you may want to read it that way)  AHHHHHHHHH!  This is awesome!

My book has 274 pages.  It even has a table of contents!  That is SO official.  Aaron looked through it and kept laughing so I would make him show me what he was laughing at.  He said he is so glad we have this book and that we need to go print off the other ones.  We will have to do it over time because I always have one more thing to say and the words and pictures add up...which means this book was a way too expensive!!!  Tina and my parents must love me a lot for printing it for me.  I asked Aaron if I should take less pictures and ramble less and he said no and that what I am doing is important.  It is our families history.  My ramblings are important.  Who knew?  I guess I did and forgot.  Perfect reminder.  I will be rambling much more regularly in 2014.  Get ready for some awesomeness in 2014 future me!  You are going to be so proud of me for writing our history....Now kiss that future grandbaby for me and tell them a story about
something goofy their Daddy and Pappy did together.  Oh yeah Aaron you are so going to be Pappy. :)
THANK YOU. Thank You. Thank you Tina for having the ideas to print my blog for me!  Thank you Mom and Dad for helping to fund my words and pictures!  You all have reminded me why I started blogging.  You have reminded me that my ramblings are important.

One More Thing...I love you guys.