Tuesday, April 17, 2012


We have loan approval!...Put an offer in on "my" house...Aaron has a 2nd interview on Friday for a job in SC that would be about 10 minutes from "my" house...I still hate packing and avoided it by changing my blog background and going on Pinterest.  I guess I could have been posting some of the 3,000,000 pictures and 42,000,000 things I don't want to forget but that just seems like too much work...I will eventually.  We are praying and crossing our fingers that everything will continue to fall into place.  Now back to packing.  I am at the worst part now:  packing the "stuff".  When we move into "my" house I will never move again...In the mean time pray I don't have a nervous breakdown.  Did I mention I am not a fan of packing?..Oh right too many times to count. 

P.S.-To the authors of all my favorite blogs (you know who you are...) I haven't been able to visit the past couple of weeks (at least not long enough to comment), I still love you and will be back to stalking you soon I swear!  I hope you miss me as much as I miss you.  :)

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Just sayin'.....

Packing isn't fun when you don't know when you will be using your stuff again...Crossing my fingers that we find our W2's in storage so we can buy "my" house ASAP....

Also just so I don't forget...

Yesterday as Jake and Aaron were getting ready to head to SC so Aaron could attend a Job Fair today I said something that Jake didn't like.  No idea what it was even about...His response was: "You see this eye?  It's a stink eye and I'm giving it to you."   You probably had to be there for the full impact but I am chuckling thinking of it right now.  I had to jot it down so I wouldn't forget.

One more thing...

I have found my purpose in life.  I am supposed to refinish furniture.  Seriously. I. Love. It.  My mom and I took a class on Wed. and I am hooked on this awesome no sand, no prime, technique to distress furniture.  I plan on distressing everything I can get my hands on when we move.  I will post pic's of my 2 nightstands and 1 little table stand thingy...I am in love and yes I may have been using this as yet another way to avoid packing...

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Our life at the moment...

This is our life at the moment:
No we have not become raging alcoholics.  We have been raiding the ABC store since liquor boxes are the best for packing.  We have 10 days until we move....Even though I have tons of pictures to post, it just isn't going to happen.  I will be back...when I don't know.   Don't have too much fun in the blog world with out me. :)

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Brain Declutter...Changes, books, Conference...etc.

I need to declutter my brain because there is SOOO much going on right now!  So with out further ado, here are all the things that have been cooped up in my brain to long:

*I will not be rereading or editing this post in any way so expect parts to make no sense what so ever. :)

*WE ARE MOVING IN 17 DAYS ON APRIL 20TH!!!  I didn't want to say anything for sure before and jinx it but it is now official.  We are moving to SC and will be homeless again...until we work out the details and hopefully get "my" "our" house that I have been in love with since we first looked at it way back Thanksgiving weekend.  Long version shortened:  We put my parents house on the market while they were in the Ukraine visiting my sister and her family for 3 weeks.  When they got back there was basically an offer waiting for them.  Inspections on their current house and the town home they are going to purchase (the same day they close on the selling the current) are complete and the details are being worked out for all that...Jake and I are going to be moving down the same time my parents do (they are moving there because we are and they lucked out and got a house before us!  Still trying to figure out if the house we are going to hopefully buy is a short sale, foreclosure, or just plain a mystery!) and "visit" (which is code for live with a few days at a time) all our loving and supportive family members that live there. We are able to store all our stuff in Matt & Erin's (Aaron's little bro. and sister-in-law-THANK YOU GUYS!!!) basement. Aaron was going to finish the school year (this teaching position was only until the school year was over so he has been concerned about a job after June....) and come to SC on the weekends but he may be able to move at the same time!!  He got a call back on a resume he put in for a job there.  We are praying and crossing our fingers that it will all work out....I have to get packing.

*It is Tuesday...I am supposed to be blogging about things I said I would post about but never have...I am throwing my schedule out the window for the next couple of weeks because of the above referenced life changing event...

*You MUST read this book: 
It took me about 4 hours to read and if I had time I would read it over again right now.  If you love dogs you will love this book.  If you love stories with twists that end on a high note you will love this book.  I you love quick reads you will love this book.  Read this book to your children (a dog does get killed in it so not to young or sensitive children-although it teaches wonderful lessons...), spouse, your dog-JUST READ IT!  You are welcome in advance if you take my advice and read it.  I already went to the library to get another book by the same author.  (The books are linked together.  Two puppies-brother and sister-and their life journeys when they get separated.  Some chapters are from the dogs perspective and some are not.  I just started reading  A Dog's Life and it is good so far...)

*I worked my last 3rd shift at Bi-Lo last week.  :)

*The Pinewood Derby was last Friday and can you believe this is the only picture I took of Jake and Aaron working on the car? 
I will post about the amazing Pinewood Derby soon.  It deserves its own post.  The Primary/Cub Scout leaders rocked it out this year!

*A new bra is life changing.  If you are plus size you must go to Lane Bryant and get this kind of bra:
Seriously.  I love them so much I am blogging about it and and I threw away all my other ones.  What does that tell you about how A-MAZ-ING they are?  

*Not this past weekend but the weekend before that Ranee, Jeremy, Riannon, Della, and Addie Kate came to stay with us.  Riannon had a volley ball tournament (that her team WON 1ST PLACE IN!!! AWESOME!) and that meant tons of cousin time for Jake. :)  While they were here the missionaries came over and showed us an awesome science experiment/object lesson...which I will post about later...Are you seeing a pattern here?  Any who here is one picture of that and a couple pictures of Addie Kate giving me a manicure....That is all I took for pictures. The.Whole. Weekend.  What was I thinking?  Just picture us having lots of fun the rest of the time....

*When you homeschool you can call anything a field trip which is very helpful.  Jake needed a new scout shirt and we had to meet Ranee and Jeremy to pick up the girls (same weekend as the volleyball tournie) so we combined the 2 and called it a field trip. 

*Conference weekend was wonderful as it always is.  Jake and Aaron were both sick this weekend and because of the craziness the past few weeks have included we decided to order Chinese food during Saturday's 1st session instead of cooking.  Jake ate his in his "conference tent" that is a tradition he is starting to outgrow physically but not mentally.  Not a whole lot of him fit in the tent we make with the cocoa table but he didn't care.  And neither did his trusty companion Sadie...who obviously wanted some of Jake's food badly judging by the stare down she is giving it in this picture:

My vantage point for conference.  Right over the cocoa table tent (we don't drink coffee as Jake pointed out to us when he was about 3 so why did we keep calling it a "coffee table".  He renamed it and the name stuck!).  I printed off my notes sheets here from the Red Headed Hostess.  I used them last conference and LOVED them.  She rocks. :)

*Boyd K. Packer's talk on the Saturday am session was my favorite.  I do have to watch a couple of the talks from the last session because I have to admit I fell asleep...I was sitting straight up and taking notes...and then I wasn't...

Aaron is adorable. :)
In between sessions I made some bleach pen tees since I am addicted to this quick and easy work of art. :)  Tina you b-day gift is finally in the mail!

*Sadie seems to be getting crazier.  Last week she decided she would no longer come down the stairs by herself.  She would sit at the top whimpering until we would go up and walk her down.  She chews on her paws all the time and chases her tail...I think people looking at the house and us packing has her wondering what is going on...Poor crazy dog.

*My mom, Jake, and I were leaving Chic-fil-a (is that how you spell it?) last week and a lady looked at Jake who was walking a little ways behind me.  He told me after that she said: "You look just like your mama (that is what we call mom's in the South)."  To which Jake said thank you. :)  What a sweet boy I have.  She hasn't seen Aaron because they REALLY look a like. 

*We got our taxes back, I needed to feel girlie, and I did a little shopping...FOR MYSELF (that hasn't happened unless completely necessary for quite some time)...and I liked it.  I didn't spend a lot but I got a lot.  That is a post for another day...Some Tuesday in the future. :) 

*I have to go and homeschool my child while simultaneously packing now...This should be a fun and busy couple of weeks!