Wednesday, March 31, 2010

What I have learned the past couple of months...(in no specific order)

1. That there is a big difference in internet that costs $39 a month and $20...we have the $20 internet...I am not a all.

2. I currently am not using a purse. I know it is a shock to those of you who know of my LOVE for bags of all shapes and sizes. But working at Bi-Lo and having 15 minutes to eat lunch has made me only carry the basics in my pockets...or pocket..I washed and dried my work pants with a piece of gum still in one pocket. It is never coming out! Drivers license,debit card, of course lip balm (my current favorite is Palmer's cocoa butter. It looks like a large glue stick and works like a charm), and a water bottle. I carry the water bottle-it doesn't fit in my pocket. While slightly freeing, it is not and will not ever be my ideal to leave home without my purse. It saves me 5 of my 15 minutes from having to go all the way to the back of store (where the break room is), fiddling with a locker to get my purse (or over night bag as Aaron likes to call it), going back to the front of the store, so I can go sit outside and a breath for a few minutes (the heat is still on in Bi-Lo..I have no idea why.) And then do it all again to make it back to clock in on time.

3. I now know for sure that blogging is not only great a way to keep in touch, but it is also very much a part of my sanity. So, I really will be making time for it. Like right now. I should be cleaning. But I am not. I am taking a moment for my sanity.

4. Emily was the best black lab ever. This deserves a post of its own, but it wasn't my intention to do this yet...But I need to let it out. Yes, I did say was...We had to put her to sleep on Monday March 15th. This is the shortest version I can give you...sorry for the rambling...On Thursday March 4th Emily threw up a couple times and was really moping around. We feed her rice over the weekend and she seemed to be a little better. Monday we took her on a walk. Tuesday we played ball with her. She seemed better but not great. Friday night I told Aaron I was going to take Emily to the vet on Monday and see what was going on. I slept on the couch and pulled her dog bed right next to it that night. All weekend she got worse. Sunday night after letting her out to go to the bathroom she could hardly make it up the steps to the front door. That night a neighborhood dog wouldn't stop barking and woke Jake up. I took him upstairs to sleep hoping it would be quieter. I went into the 2nd room upstairs and tried to fall asleep. I guess I did quickly (probably from being emotionally exhausted) because a few minutes later I heard Jake say "Mommy don't you hear Emily crying?" I went downstairs to find my sweet dog barely wanting to raise her head. I ended up laying on her dog bed with her the rest of the night and she kept crying every now and then and I just kept petting her and talking to her. We got up Monday morning and Jake was really tired but I got him ready for school and realized Emily wouldn't even get up to go out to the bathroom. She didn't even get up when Aaron left for school. My plan was to drop Jake off at school and take Emily right to the vet. But when I had to lift her into the Jeep I decided Jake had to come with me. It is really all a blur at the vets office. They did x-rays and an ultra sound. I called my parents balling and told them I would keep them posted. I tried to call my in-laws but they were both at work. I sent my mother in law a text because I knew she would know how I was feeling. I texted Aaron several times (he was at school all day, he told me later that day that when he left for school that morning he knew he wasn't going to see her again). Jake and I talked about what this all meant. I didn't really know what to do. I sat on the floor crying holding my big dog. Finally the vet told us she had cancer in her spleen and liver. The mass was so large that it had pushed her stomach up. We had to put her to sleep. We decided I would hold her while they did it and Jake was going to go out to the waiting room. They said they would give her a shot that would relax her and we could spend as much time with her as we needed. That plan backfired. They gave her the shot and she fought against its affects. She was trying to get up but had no control and it was heartbreaking. Jake said goodbye to his dog and the nurse took him out in the waiting room. I was a mess. I laid down on the floor and just held her. She was trying to lick my face but she couldn't even open her jaw. They finally came to give her the shot that would put her to sleep. It was so peaceful. I told her it was okay, that we would miss her but it would be okay. I felt her spirit leave the room. I felt relief that she wasn't in pain, but shock because this happened so fast. When we left the vet with Emily in the trunk in a box, Jake was comforting me. Telling me that Heavenly Father must really need her in Heaven for something since he took her home when she was only 5 1/2. How pitiful am I that my 8 1/2 year old was comforting me? We ran home so I could change. I had Emily slobber all over me...And then we headed down to Spartanburg to bury her with all of the other well loved family dogs in Aaron's parents backyard. (Daisy is actually buried in Pisgah National Forest...but don't tell anyone because I am pretty sure it is against the law, but we love it there). Thanks again to the vets who never even met us before but took great care of our sweet Emily and us. Jake thought it was amazing that the vet hugged me when we left. And thanks Matt (Aaron's little brother) and the girl Erin (his wife) for digging the grave for us before we got there. I don't think I could have done it. So, the dog beds (yes beds...she had 2 store bought ones and 2 others I made her out of pillows and Jake's room (we really called it Jake and Emily's room because she slept in his room every night) and the living room were the nice ones. And in the sun room and our bedroom were the ones I made for her. The one in our room was under my desk. She was my blogging buddy. Yes she was spoiled, I know.)are in the basement and her food (I thought maybe a change in dog food had made her sick initially. We had 2 1/2 large bags of different food because of this) was given to friends, and I keep finding her tennis balls. We did bury her with her favorite one-the dirtiest one. And now for the first time since we got Daisy as our first wedding anniversary gift to each other (we have been married 12 1/2 years), we are with out a furry four legged companion...and it makes me sad. I can't tell you how many people have told me they aren't huge dog lovers but if they could have a dog like Emily they would get one ASAP. I guess if you are a dog that is probably the best compliment you can get. Unconditional love is what dogs give you. Emily treated me like I was the most important human in the world. I regret the times I got annoyed that she followed me every where. I wish she still did. She loved Jake like he was her baby. Whenever I said Emily where is your boy she would go find Jake. Although sometimes she did run to the door, thinking I said ball! She respected Aaron as her pack leader. She was an amazing dog. I will miss her until I see her again. And I will. Until then I am going to try and be a better person. A quote I heard once keeps going through my mind. "I am trying to be the kind of person my dog thinks I am."

Friday, March 5, 2010

No pictures, just words...

...I guess I can still blog even though I can't post my pictures. It really seems pointless! :) It just isn't the same but I might as well try and catch up rather than getting farther behind! I still have a post waiting that takes care of the first half of Feb. I will post it whenever I can get the Internet to fully cooperate. I am going to just jot down some memories before I totally forget them!

-Jake did a science project and presentation on the skeletal system of Black labs. He got a 93%...or something like that, maybe a seems like so long ago I can't remember. But he did good any way! Especially considering his sheet of notes to use during the presentation fell of the table were they were all being stored and he had to wing it. Luckily he knew it enough to do it with out the notes!

-Jake also passed all his multiplication test through 12's! He now gets to be a grader which his is pretty excited about. They are working on division and fractions. We are getting very near to the end of my being able to help Jake with his math homework. I hate math and really stink at it...Luckily Aaron is really good at it. In fact that is his official major now. I would rather scratch my eyeballs out than do math all day long...But back to the point! I took Jake to get an ice cream cone to celebrate the occasion. On the way home from Jake's school there is this cute little ice cream place and it only costs a dollar. He got vanilla ice cream dipped in that hard chocolate shell, dipped in Oreo's with marsh mellow drizzle. All for $1! I don't know how they stay open but I like it! :)

-I finally got to do the cash register this week and it is really fun. After a couple of hours of working with someone in the morning I was on my own. I was nervous at first but the beeping sound as you scan is so soothing...It sounds crazy but it is true. There are people that seriously come in every day so it is like hanging out with friends. The old men are the cutest things ever! I had 17 hours this week and they are all during the day when Jake is at school (except tomorrow but Aaron is home). Bi-Lo is really great about working around Jake being in school. In fact on Wednesday Jake was on a 2 hour delay, (I have no idea why. Its snowed the night before but it was completely gone...) but Aaron wasn't. I called Bi-Lo and they said not to worry about it just come in after I dropped him off. And they actually meant it! I also have to tell you that the uniform is pretty blah! It is a blue polo, tucked in with, khaki pants and the name tag. The sleeves on the polo seriously come down past my elbows and are so long. I know it doesn't sound that bad but it is. I will post a picture. It really isn't a good look. No one at work likes it. The first day I was going to work I came out to show Aaron and Jake how pitiful I looked. I came out expecting a laugh and this is what Jake said "Mommy you look amazing! You look so beautiful!" That is my sweet boy. Aaron didn't laugh...but he did chuckle.

-Okay so I need to vent a little. I was totally spoiled at Jake's old school in Fletcher...His school is good here...I think...but I don't know for sure because his teacher is totally clouding my vision on it. She is completely unorganized and I really would love to go scream at her!!! Here are a few reasons why:
1. Since Thanksgiving Jake's class has gone outside for recess MAYBE 5 times.
Probably not even that many. Sometimes she "forgets" or they just dance to a 3 minute song and she calls it recess...They are 8 and 9 not stupid. They know they are getting the shaft because there teacher doesn't like to go outside...I have written a note asking her what the policy is on weather keeping them from going outside. Next step is going to be the principal and a "we are new here but is it normal that my child doesn't have recess?" talk. I am going to play ignorant and see what happens. KIDS NEED RECESS! THE LAW SAYS THEY MUST HAVE RECESS!!! UGH!!
2. When we moved here we got a supply list and for the second time in 2 months
we bought school supplies. One thing on the list was like 3 or 4 folders. I decided to get the plastic ones instead of the paper ones thinking they would last longer. Jake came home his first day with a paper folder with some other kids name scratched out and his written in. I asked where his was and he said she was going to "store them" until he needed them...Last week Jake came home and said "Mommy I need to replace my paper folder with a plastic one, because the paper one is falling apart."...Okay. What about the ones I sent to school the first time? He told me he had asked his teacher about them but she looked for them but couldn't find them. He
was all concerned he was going to get in trouble so I wrote a note saying we would buy a new one, but what about the ones I already sent in? I wrote it nicer than that-you know playing ignorant and stuff. She never wrote a note back but told Jake to tell me she was SO SORRY, but she couldn't find them. I went and bought one for $1...I know it is just a dollar but come on women admit you used them!!! He has not used ANY of the school supplies I sent in. His composition books are the same way. Some other child's name covered up with Jake's on it...SERIOUSLY???!!!
3. I could say a lot more but I am going to end on this one...Jake's class
earned a Chic-fil-a party and it was on Thursday. They got one of those huge trays of chicken nuggets. They each got four...She said that was enough for them. Jake said everyone was a bummed because the tray wasn't even half gone and he knows because he is learning fractions! UGH! Why women? GIVE THEM THE NUGGETS!!! They weren't for you to take home they were for the kids! We were SO spoiled at our old school...Okay enough venting..

-The post that I already wrote that I am waiting to post once I can put pictures on it is about the 2 snows we had. So fun! I won't say too much because I already did on the post to come!

-I don't know why it is posting with spaces between some of the words...I tried to fix it but couldn't..

Monday, March 1, 2010

Technical Difficulties...

I have had a post that all I need to do to it, is add pictures forever, but my internet is not cooperating!!! (and let's face it I have a hard time blogging with out pictures) My computer will not stay logged on to the internet. I am on Aaron's lap top right now. It is really weird with the flat keys...I am going to have Aaron take care of it once and for all tomorrow or I will never be able to catch up! Expect something tomorrow...I hope! I miss the blog world. I can't wait to read about all that has been going on with you all! I didn't reach my 20 pounds by March 1st but I have lost another 3 pounds the past 2 weeks and I am happy that the numbers are still decreasing!..I had my first day on the cash register at Bi-Lo today and it is FUN! What can I say my career goals are not extremely high and I love registers! I will update and explain our crazy and fun life tomorrow!!! I hope-I am keeping my fingers crossed...