Friday, March 5, 2010

No pictures, just words...

...I guess I can still blog even though I can't post my pictures. It really seems pointless! :) It just isn't the same but I might as well try and catch up rather than getting farther behind! I still have a post waiting that takes care of the first half of Feb. I will post it whenever I can get the Internet to fully cooperate. I am going to just jot down some memories before I totally forget them!

-Jake did a science project and presentation on the skeletal system of Black labs. He got a 93%...or something like that, maybe a seems like so long ago I can't remember. But he did good any way! Especially considering his sheet of notes to use during the presentation fell of the table were they were all being stored and he had to wing it. Luckily he knew it enough to do it with out the notes!

-Jake also passed all his multiplication test through 12's! He now gets to be a grader which his is pretty excited about. They are working on division and fractions. We are getting very near to the end of my being able to help Jake with his math homework. I hate math and really stink at it...Luckily Aaron is really good at it. In fact that is his official major now. I would rather scratch my eyeballs out than do math all day long...But back to the point! I took Jake to get an ice cream cone to celebrate the occasion. On the way home from Jake's school there is this cute little ice cream place and it only costs a dollar. He got vanilla ice cream dipped in that hard chocolate shell, dipped in Oreo's with marsh mellow drizzle. All for $1! I don't know how they stay open but I like it! :)

-I finally got to do the cash register this week and it is really fun. After a couple of hours of working with someone in the morning I was on my own. I was nervous at first but the beeping sound as you scan is so soothing...It sounds crazy but it is true. There are people that seriously come in every day so it is like hanging out with friends. The old men are the cutest things ever! I had 17 hours this week and they are all during the day when Jake is at school (except tomorrow but Aaron is home). Bi-Lo is really great about working around Jake being in school. In fact on Wednesday Jake was on a 2 hour delay, (I have no idea why. Its snowed the night before but it was completely gone...) but Aaron wasn't. I called Bi-Lo and they said not to worry about it just come in after I dropped him off. And they actually meant it! I also have to tell you that the uniform is pretty blah! It is a blue polo, tucked in with, khaki pants and the name tag. The sleeves on the polo seriously come down past my elbows and are so long. I know it doesn't sound that bad but it is. I will post a picture. It really isn't a good look. No one at work likes it. The first day I was going to work I came out to show Aaron and Jake how pitiful I looked. I came out expecting a laugh and this is what Jake said "Mommy you look amazing! You look so beautiful!" That is my sweet boy. Aaron didn't laugh...but he did chuckle.

-Okay so I need to vent a little. I was totally spoiled at Jake's old school in Fletcher...His school is good here...I think...but I don't know for sure because his teacher is totally clouding my vision on it. She is completely unorganized and I really would love to go scream at her!!! Here are a few reasons why:
1. Since Thanksgiving Jake's class has gone outside for recess MAYBE 5 times.
Probably not even that many. Sometimes she "forgets" or they just dance to a 3 minute song and she calls it recess...They are 8 and 9 not stupid. They know they are getting the shaft because there teacher doesn't like to go outside...I have written a note asking her what the policy is on weather keeping them from going outside. Next step is going to be the principal and a "we are new here but is it normal that my child doesn't have recess?" talk. I am going to play ignorant and see what happens. KIDS NEED RECESS! THE LAW SAYS THEY MUST HAVE RECESS!!! UGH!!
2. When we moved here we got a supply list and for the second time in 2 months
we bought school supplies. One thing on the list was like 3 or 4 folders. I decided to get the plastic ones instead of the paper ones thinking they would last longer. Jake came home his first day with a paper folder with some other kids name scratched out and his written in. I asked where his was and he said she was going to "store them" until he needed them...Last week Jake came home and said "Mommy I need to replace my paper folder with a plastic one, because the paper one is falling apart."...Okay. What about the ones I sent to school the first time? He told me he had asked his teacher about them but she looked for them but couldn't find them. He
was all concerned he was going to get in trouble so I wrote a note saying we would buy a new one, but what about the ones I already sent in? I wrote it nicer than that-you know playing ignorant and stuff. She never wrote a note back but told Jake to tell me she was SO SORRY, but she couldn't find them. I went and bought one for $1...I know it is just a dollar but come on women admit you used them!!! He has not used ANY of the school supplies I sent in. His composition books are the same way. Some other child's name covered up with Jake's on it...SERIOUSLY???!!!
3. I could say a lot more but I am going to end on this one...Jake's class
earned a Chic-fil-a party and it was on Thursday. They got one of those huge trays of chicken nuggets. They each got four...She said that was enough for them. Jake said everyone was a bummed because the tray wasn't even half gone and he knows because he is learning fractions! UGH! Why women? GIVE THEM THE NUGGETS!!! They weren't for you to take home they were for the kids! We were SO spoiled at our old school...Okay enough venting..

-The post that I already wrote that I am waiting to post once I can put pictures on it is about the 2 snows we had. So fun! I won't say too much because I already did on the post to come!

-I don't know why it is posting with spaces between some of the words...I tried to fix it but couldn't..