Friday, January 28, 2011

An amazing invention and a secret

A week without my camera has inspired me to come up with an invention...Please don't steal this idea and go make millions because I will hunt you down. Ready for this? A tiny camera/computer/microchip thing gets implanted in your brain (a painless procedure that you only have to do one time, because it will last your whole life). Every time you see a memory in the making or thing of beauty you think "take picture now" or maybe you pull your ear lob (...I am still working on this part), and it takes a memory shot. At the end of the day you hook up to your computer by plugging in some ear buds that will download your images onto your computer. In the highest known mega pixel available of course. And because this is actually a picture of what you saw, every picture will be perfect. You will even be able to imagine the persons cowlick laying down perfectly instead of sticking up, or the zit on their chin is gone, because through your eyes they are perfect! They are your children, your best friend, or husband so the picture you will be through YOUR eyes or rose colored glasses if you will. What do you think? Perfect idea right? I had several of those moments this week. Like when I was walking the track while watching Jake's b-ball team have their practice...Or when Jake was pointing out the channels we will get now that we have switched from Direct TV to Dish network, that were pictured on the installer guys van in our drive way. He was pointing out Cartoon Network and I was pointing out Fox News Channel, and of course ESPN for Daddy. (we have more channels, HD free for life, DVR, etc., for $15 less than Direct TV's EXTREMELY basic family plan. FOX NEWS CHANNEL PEOPLE!!!). Or the organizing of Jake's "homework zone", that I am praying will help it get done before it is actually time to go to sleep...Maybe Jake needs Ritalin. J/K. He is fine. I hate homework too, so who can blame him for wasting 36 minutes pretending your pencil and pen have come to life and are fighting an epic battle...Or how big of a meal I ate the other night just to use up the rest of my daily points for Weight Watchers (lesson learned, spread them out better through out the day...). See all these fun little pictures I would have? Are you with me or what? I am working on finding a genius to pull this off for me and getting a patent at the same time...

I have a secret I really want to tell...NO I AM NOT PREGNANT. If I was it would so not be a secret...But I can't tell...I will soon enough. I am EXCITED. It is a good secret. And again, NO I am not pregnant. Telling I have a secret makes me feel a little better, since I can't say what it really is. Aaron, Tina, and Mom you all know what it is so don't rack your brain worrying why I haven't told you...And a couple of people at Bi-Lo know...and a few random blog strangers/friends know...So, I guess I have told the secret. Okay, I feel better knowing I really don't have a secret. Please don't try to guess what it is because it will be really hard not to tell you...Let me just say one more time, I REALLY am NOT pregnant, so please don't congratulate me or anything because that would make me depressed and make the real secret so much less exciting...

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Happy Birthday Mom!

I wish I knew how to use the scanner part of the 3 and one copier that my sister and her family gave us for Christmas, because I would scan a picture of us from when I was just a kiddo...Maybe I will figure it out and add a picture to this post...But in the mean time I will post a couple of pictures that show how great of a Nee (what Jake calls her...It was going to be Grammie but this is what he came up with when he was tiny and it stuck) she is, and that will let you all know that she must be an amazing mom too. :) And she is. Happy Birthday Mom! We miss you but are so proud of you for serving a mission with Dad. You always have been and continue to be an inspiration to everyone that has their life blessed by knowing you! Enjoy the random Nee pictures...

I figured it out... :) Me and my mommy...

Looking at the lights a couple of months ago when we visited on their mission in Seattle.
Mom's last cuddle with her "Grand-dog" before leaving on their mission. (We had to put Emily to sleep a month and a half later because she had cancer...)
Last hug at the house before they left for their mission...We surprised them by following them to the bank for one more goodbye. :)...Wow Jake has really changed this past year...
And some other random pictures I looked at and they made me smile...

Simple pleasures...

I love opening up my cupboard to get a cup and seeing a childhood memory. When my Nana Lee (my fathers mother) passed a way the beginning of 2007 ( I can't believe it was that long ago), I mentioned to my Uncle Gary that I would love to have the cup that I always drank out of at Nana's house. Each of the grandchildren had a color that they drank out of every time we were at Nana's. Mine was yellow...Uncle Gary searched for the cups to no avail, until last summer when he came across them in a box in Nana's garage...All the grandchildren got their cup, plus an extra one from the set. I thought about putting them up in a safe place to make sure it would never break. I am so glad I didn't, because now I get to have the simple pleasure of seeing it in my cupboard and drinking out of it whenever I want to reminisce. It is also an amazing way for my son to remember how important my Nana was in my life. It is an honor to drink out of my treasured cup.

****THIS IS AN UPDATE! A new blog friend told me how to do the link thing and I did it! So, this last paragraph doesn't make as much sense as it did before, because you can click on the link now!****
Check out other people's simply pleasures at really need to figure out how to link it...Yes I am serious I don't know how to that. Little help anyone?...It is also a simple pleasure to change my blog background whenever I feel like it... :)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wordless Wednesday...

Wordful Wednesday: My Favorite Childhood Books

I am addicted to this awesome blog called "Chocolate on the Cranium" and she really had me thinking this past week about my favorite childhood books. I wish I had my camera and I would take pictures of them...but I left it at church on Sunday (we are taking pictures of all the kiddos in Primary to put on the wall. I made charts for stickers to show every week they read their scriptures. The Senior Primary has Book of Mormon chapter trackers on theirs...wait a minute this is off the subject...) , so just picture it in your mind. I couldn't pin point one specific book so here is a run down on the ones that I love, love, love...

*Charlotte's Web-My first grade teacher Mrs. Young read this to us...Definitely an all time favorite book.
*The Giving Tree-Does it get any better than this? I like it so much that I have mine from when I was a child and Jake has his own copy that I let him color in. I always wanted to color it in when I was little...This also reminds me of Where the Sidewalk Ends, also by Shel Silverstein (spelling?) . My sister had that book and I had to beg her to let me read it.
*Sweet Valley Twins and The Babysitters Club-Does this give you a hint at the error I was a tween? I so wanted to start my own babysitters club. I wanted to be Claudia so bad, with her cool fashion sense.
*Little House on the Prairie -I had the whole series, but I am ashamed to say I didn't read them all...Maybe I will now. I remember every time my mom made beef stew I wanted to turn off the lights and eat it by candle light. It seemed like something Laura's family would eat...I wanted to be a pioneer, until Hurricane Hugo hit and we didn't have power for several days...I really enjoy electricity...
*The Berenstain Bears-ALL OF THEM! Every single one of them. These probably are my favorite childhood books. The pictures just spoke to me as a child, and they still do. I am so glad my mom is a pack rat and had kept them all, so I could pass them on to Jake. I love "...and the messy room", "...go to camp", and "...go to school" the very best. I so wanted to live in their tree house and go to their school...I love the Berenstain Bears so much, that when Jake was in kindergarten I would watch the show on PBS when he was at school.

When I think of childhood books it makes me think of one of my favorite movies, You've Got Mail. There is a part where Kathleen Kelly's (Meg Ryan), boy friend who is a writer for a newspaper, writes an article to try and help save "The Shop Around the Corner" (you've seen this movie right? If not you have too! You will love it). No wait...maybe it is who Kathleen says it...I guess I will just have to go watch the movie again (bummer, an excuse to watch my favorite movie!). Any who, in the movie they discuss how what you read as a child shapes who you are (....Nope it is the boyfriend. Welcome to how my brain works people...It really can be exhausting listening to it.) as an adult. I agree 100%, and that is why my favorite books are all still children's books and that is pretty much all I read. I am still trying to shape who I am. :)

Check out other peoples favorites at Cocoa's blog...It is on my blog list that says: "We would so be best friends,if I actually knew them". When I have a minute extra I am going to figure out how to do the link where you just click and it pulls up... :)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

State of the Union Address

I watched the whole thing (didn't plan on it), and was surprised to find there were actually a couple of things that Obama said, that I agree with. He is a very charismatic speaker and it made me almost want to believe him ...BUT, he doesn't fool me. I still think he is a Socialist. :) I think government is too big. I think we live on a budget, so why doesn't the government? I think that it was nice that the Democrats and Republicans sat together because it meant there was no annoying clapping and cheering that went on for 2 minutes. I think I am so blessed to live in a country where on a little blog I can type how I feel and not have to worry, because I am free to do so. I also forgot that Obama is left handed, so we actually do have something in common!

I watched the Republican response afterward and liked it. I agreed nearly 100%...My brain was starting to hurt from listening to politicians (it has been a long time because we down graded our satellite package to the bare minimum last year. Since we don't have Fox News Channel, I don't watch the news.), so I will give or take a few % points. Not as charismatic, but I actually believed what was being said...And now I am going to bed!

Monday, January 24, 2011

A moment in my brain...

As I made a quick trip to the post office, I had some thoughts run through my mind. After these few moments I realized just how random my mind is...Do you have a conversation with yourself in your head at all times? I feel like I do. If I am not talking to some one, I am talking to myself in my head...I guess it is really only a problem when you start doing it out loud right? This is kind of (I can't remember exactly so the quotation marks aren't completely accurate, but you get the picture right?) how my inner dialogue went in those few minutes:

*Walking out the front door: "Ummm...I love it when I can smell the dryer smell outside (the vent outside is near the front door), I wish outside always smelled like a cross between Downy (I splurged at Sam's Club a while back), and Arm and Hammer laundry deterent...."

*In the car driving the 1 minute drive to the post office, I see a man walking a black lab: "Look at that cute dog!!! Oh, I just smiled at the dog and didn't even acknowledge the old man...What a horrible neighbor I am. At least he knows I like his dog, which was cute-but no where near as cute as Emily was....I am so glad Jake doesn't have any cavities (he just went to the dentist last week). He is lucky he got my teeth not Aaron's. Aaron's look nice, but he has lots of issues. $4800 worth of issues to be exact...Who has $4800 laying around? (Aaron says he will just get dentures when he is old, he doesn't care...Wouldn't that be nice-the $4800 not the dentures)...I have never had a cavity. My teeth are little, tiny chic-lits but they rock!"

*Pulling in the parking lot: "Nice dude. I could have totally run you over. You didn't look this way at all...Oh, look that other guy shops at Bi-Lo. It is amazing how many people shop there. Every where I go I see people I "know"...Ahhh... look at that dad carrying that sleeping baby...So, cute...."

*On the way out of the post office, holding the door open as an elderly lady follows me out: "Old ladies perfume always smells so good-like they just put it on...How do they do that? Do they use powders or something? How do they always smell so nice?"

Tell me I am not the only one who is constantly having a conversation with themselves in their mind...

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Skinny On The Inside...

"One more thing..." is my scrapbook. It is pictures of the faces I love and the memories I want to keep forever. It is my outlet. It is for posterity. It is "mom stuff". It is who I am, but only partly...

I have a new blog for the other stuff that I sometimes crowded onto this blog. My other blog is just going to be my journal about a journey I am going on. A journey I have needed to take for a long time but didn't have the guts to really commit to before. My "I am starting on Monday" is done. I am starting right now. I have said it before, but I have no choice. Time is slipping through my fingers and I am done with the excuses. I am done watching life pass me by and wondering what it could be like if I wasn't fat. I am ready to see how good life can be-even if it isn't exactly how I thought it would be. I wanted to lose weight so we could have more children. Is there a better reason than that? No, and it still wasn't enough. I didn't lose it because I was afraid of how I was going to feel about myself if I was skinny again and still couldn't get pregnant. What then? What I did was not even give myself the chance to cross that bridge if we came to it. I have made every excuse in the book before. I don't have any left. I am done being selfish. My family is missing out on life because of who I have become. I am done hating the person I see on the outside. I am ready to let the me I know is on the inside, buried down deep, out. I am skinny on the inside...

A layer of ice, Jake @ Bil-Lo, and a tasty gift from nature...

At the beginning of last week we couldn't even open the doors to the car because of the layer of ice that covered it!

Last Thursday UNC-Charlotte was in session but Jake's school wasn't...and I had to work. So, I brought him along. It was supposed to only be for 4 hours, but ended up being for 6...Poor Jake, but he was a real trooper and charmed everyone. The reason it was 6 hours is because when we went out to get in the car to drive to work, we realized we weren't going any where. The cold temperatures zapped the rest of the life out of the battery. I called work to let them know what was happening and talked to the store manager. I told him if I had a ride (I live a 3-5 minute drive away) I would come in, so he came and picked us up! Small town living is a good thing. The manager said he would drive us home too and asked if we could stay the 2 extra hours until he was leaving. Jake was psyched to get chicken tenders from the deli and some little ninja guys from the gumball machine. He even helped me at U-Scan. I don't think there are too many places that would let you take your child to work with you on a snow day from school. The ideal place for a mother is in the home, but if you have to work could you ask for a better situation?
Jake sitting next to U-Scan enjoying the chicken tenders.
Me in the break room.
Jake called the ice with snow on it "a tasty taste of nature" and "natures ice cream".

He is one cool dude.


At different periods in my life I have been very organized. Example: alphabetized spice rack. I have never been completely organized. Do you remember on the show "Friends" how Monica was a neat freak, but had one closet filled to the brim with junk that nobody knew about? That is me. Even at my best organizational phase I still had the hidden chaos...I am working on it. I think it was a "what will I do if everything is done kind?" of self sabotage. I have moved past that phase. I am not however moving forward in this battle. I am in a very disorganized period right now. Example: This organizational tool (that I LOVE by the way and have missed horribly) was lost for...I'd say a good 6 months and Aaron just found it for me in a basket of stuff...

That's right folks I couldn't find my label maker...This made me take a few moments to reflect on how desperate the situation had become. I decided to tackle a few areas that had been bothering me in the kitchen. They aren't perfect, and they never will be, but it works and I felt better after doing these 3 things:

1. Going through the pantry and tossing things that were out of date and organizing it...again...Yes, this is organized...It's hard to tell I know. You should have seen it before...

2. Cleaning out under the sink, where there were 25 (give or take a few) bottles of old, 80% used up, cleaning supplies that were taking up space. I consolidated the 4 partially used glass cleaners into one bottle, I scrubbed the waste basket (you get the picture), and called it good.

3. Organizing the baking cupboards. Which included throwing away some very old corn starch (I don't use it very often and apparently you didn't either Mom because it was pretty old...), and again consolidating the two (actually 3, I found one in the pantry too...) sugar containers (one mine and one Mom's, the 3rd...I have no idea...). It is nice to open the cupboard and know where the vanilla extract is instead of having to search for it, or having a muffin mix fall on your head. I can now look in the cupboard and say "oh look, I need corn starch".. along with several other things, as you can see by the mostly empty containers...Again this was organized in the past...but hasn't been as of late.

After organizing these three spaces and emptying all the trash cans in the house I was left with this pile of trash:

Awesome! It actually isn't as much as it looks like it is because I threw away a lot of boxes from the pantry (they don't recycle card board here) and I didn't break them all down. I was feeling good about my progress...Until I thought about what we were going to have for dinner...And then I walked into the sun room to see that the table we were supposed to eat this mystery dinner on looked like this:

Note to self: Before "organizing", I should probably prioritize. The trash can smells lemony fresh-but there is nothing to eat for dinner and no uncluttered surface to eat it on if there was....Prioritize first, organize second. Mental note taken...I am a broken record. I seriously feel like I have learned this lesson before. I should look back to last January, I probably did the same thing last year...Some day it will finally sink in.

Last Weeks Snow Days....

...4 to be exact, and one 2-hour delay. We were so excited we went out in our PJ's...with some layers on top of course. Aaron opted out of playing in the snow and went with sleeping in the bed. He was getting home from working 3rd shift as we were heading out to play. He had enough of cold and snow after a night out in it...Of course Bi-Lo was open so I headed in to work after playing. The roads were icy, but nothing compared to the parking lot. It was like a skating rink at work! It took me as long to get in the store from my car, as it did to drive to work!
Only long socks I had that were clean. I tucked in my PJ's so they wouldn't get wet.

Check out the icy streets. This was another day of playing in the snow...(Jake is wearing the home made scarf and ear muffs he got at a friends Harry Potter themed b-day party.)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Brain Declutter...

*Is it just me or does $65 seem high for a field trip? Jake's class is going to Grandfather Mountain in May...$65...really?

*I am on day 2 of getting back into exercising. I kicked butt speed walking for 1 hour on the track above the court Jake was having his basketball practice at. He kept waving to me and pointing me out to his closest team mate, which made me keep up the speed. He is adorable. But, what really helped me keep up the pace was the other woman walking the track. She was across from me on the track, and I made sure she never got closer than a half a loop behind me. That is right I say behind, because I was there first and I got within a 1/4 of the loop of her a few times and she would go faster. She probably thought she was in front of me, but I was so in front. Technically I was like 4 laps a head before she even started and she stopped about 10 minutes before I did. I totally kicked her butt...I am not competitive at all...Really, I am SO glad she was there because it made it so much easier to walk to the beat of "Single Ladies"-Beyonce, and "Twisted"-NKOTB. Listen to both those songs and you will realize I was totally kicking butt.

*We are going to have a conference with Jake's teacher. When I say "we" I mean Aaron is coming too. We are getting more and more concerned with her attitude and ridiculous rules. (Like the fact that school starts at 7:30, but in her class you have to be there at the latest 7:20 because if you turn in your homework 1 minute past 7:30, she may or may not except it...I realize that it is helpful to get there a few minutes early to get ready for the day, but you shouldn't get in trouble for getting there when school actually starts.) I am going to let Aaron do the talking because I just can't lay it out there to a teacher. I guess I have always been taught to respect them. I still have bad dreams about forgetting where my locker is, what my class schedule is, and that the major exam is today. I am a great learner and worker but school stresses me out-seriously. I thought about taking a class this semester to work toward my degree, but realized I just can't add it to my plate right now...Okay...I am going totally off the subject...See, I told you I needed to declutter my brain....So, any way we set up the conference and Aaron says it may get ugly...He is better at being respectfully mean than I am. Say a little prayer that Jake's teacher actually listens to our concerns, because I have yet to be able to get out a full sentence with out her brushing me off...Yikes...I am probably going to have bad dreams about school tonight....

*The snow and ice, that I took pictures of, and Jake missed 4 1/2 days of school because of, is almost gone from our front yard. Jake got me with a snowball in the butt today so I am kind of looking forward to it melting completely. :) I will post the snow pictures soon.

*I still want a dog,(badly) but I have finally been able to find one plus to not having one. Keep in mind that the list of positives FAR out way this one little negative...actually two, I just thought of another one. Any way, after snow melts there is always the inevitable mud to follow. This is the first time in 12 years that I haven't had to wipe up muddy paws and dog prints. But, muddy dog prints are cute...more so when they aren't there...The memory of them is fond, but at the moment it can drive you crazy. If there was ever a drought it was because I hadn't mopped my floor...EVERY time I mopped it would rain, and I would have sweet muddy dog prints...The other thing I thought of is fur. No, fur bunnies (instead of dust bunnies...or should I say mixed in with the dust bunnies...), for almost a year now. No fur floating in the air and landing in the darnedest places. Like the eggs you are scrambling or the stack of freshly clean towels. Or the wall where a wet tail must have hit and left behind what almost looks like a shadow of the real thing..I can live with fur too though...

*I am excited to take care of Pooha, Nana's little dog in February when they go on a cruise! She is so sweet and will give me my dog fix to hold me out until my birthday, when I am sure I will be getting a puppy for a gift to stop me from being depressed I am turning...gulp...35...I dread 35, but that is a post for another day....

*As you can see by the time I am posting this I am not doing so well with the going to bed early thing. But, I am up waiting for the cookies to cool that I made for Aaron, so that is a good excuse...right? My sister is going through the whole can't sleep, even if you want phase right now too. Her husband is going through some training for work and has a wacky schedule for a few weeks. She may be up reading this right now! Actually...probably not. Her hubby is probably home by now...Enjoy this tomorrow night when you are bored, waiting for Allen to get home Tina! I will not be blogging because Wednesday is a night Aaron is actually home and I will sleep good!

*I just had a thought...Is it wrong to use people's real names on your blog if they don't even use their real names on their blogs?...Or AM I using real names?...If you are reading this you probably know the truth. Because the only reason you would reading this is to find out if I have fallen off the face of the earth since this is the only way I keep in touch or because you feel obligated to occasionally comment to make me feel good. :) Either way thanks....for anyone that stumbles upon this blog (highly unlikely), you will never know if the names I am using are real or fake... :)

Monday, January 17, 2011

Jake @ the beginning of 2011...

For family home evening we did our updates for the year on Jake. We do it every year, this is just the 2nd year we have done it on the blog. So, here is Jake in a nutshell...No pictures because Aaron and Jake are party poopers.
Height: 55 1/2 inches
Clothes &Shoe size: 10 and 12's, 4
Favorite color: light blue
Favorite meal: creamy crockpot chicken
Favorite drink: chocolate milk
Favorite dessert: cookies
Favorite book: Far World by J. Scott Savage
Favorite TV shows: Transformers Prime and G.I. Joe Renegades
Favorite Wii games: Epic Mickey, Lego Harry Potter, and Lego Bateman
Favorite things to do: Play the Wii, play with action figures and Legos, and watch TV
Favorite songs: It's the End of the World as we know-REM, Live Like Your Dying-Kris Allen, Eleanor Rigby-Beatles, Going the Distance-Cake, Anytime-Eve Six, Assassin and Half of my Heart-John Mayer, I'm Yours-Jason Marez
Favorite place to be: Where ever you guys are and grandparents
Things you couldn't live with out (things not people): Blue Boo (blanket he has had since he was born), Emily's hair and paw print (given to use by the Vet who put her to sleep), 1st Pine Wood Derby car and trophies.
Best friends: Corey, my family, Cameron, Cade, Kaili, and Kaci
Goals for 2011: Be able to focus more on work, finish homework before dinner, read the Book of Mormon, and be nicer and not as bossy.
Habits to break in 2001: Stop saying "no" to everything Mommy asks, even though I am joking most of the time and going to do any way.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What have we been doing so far this year, you ask?

...We spent the first 8 days of it with the Powell's doing a little of this: (this isn't actually in order...)

We got ice cream and went geo-cashing (spelling?)....And we may or may not, have done these both at the same place...We weren't very good at acting like we weren't up to something.

Saku got sprinkles just in case you couldn't tell. :)

Anika relaxed on the swing...I am not sure it was actually relaxing, but I think that is what she was going for. :)
We raked leaves....again. :) A break from raking...
This is what the tarp was really for...
Saku manned the leaf blower. I love the cow boy boots. :)
The last 2 workers standing(the others gave up) got to jump in the pile.

Aaron changed the breaks on the car and Saku watched. It is SO AWESOME having a handy husband. I feel sorry for those of you who don't have one and actually have to pay to have things fixed. Aaron rocks.

We got out Jake's old train set for Ben to play with and the big kids had just as much fun with it as he did. The Mento's box in the background is an old display I brought home from work. It is perfect as a action figure fort, or as we are currently playing with it, as a large space ship. We took off the outside Mento's sign and it is now just royal blue. We are playing our own version of Star Wars/Ben 10/little alien guys we got out of the gum machine at Bi-Lo. I am a very cool Mommy, if I do say so myself. :)
We made homemade pizza, calzones, and smoothies and watched the movie we got the Powell's for Christmas: Babe. I LOVE that movie. One of my favorite lines from the movie: "That 'll do Pig, that 'll do." If you haven't seen it you have too. You will love it, I promise.

Aaron was there. He was just the one making the smoothies and he is a P.T.P.P. (Picture Taking Party Pooper. I just made that up. Aren't I clever? No, not really, I know. It is just getting harder and harder for my P.T.P.P's to pose for pictures anymore. Aaron has taught Jake to sigh every time I get the camera out now too...Curse you Aaron...), so he wouldn't let me take a picture of him.

We had our 4th Christmas celebration...or actually our first of the year! It was on January 1st. Allen was pretty excited about the smoked salmon Mom and Dad sent from Seattle.

Jake trying out his new G.I. Joe kid razor from Nee and Papa. My mom actually bought and wrapped gifts for Christmas before leaving on their mission.
We fried a turkey.
We went and had lunch with Jake at school.
We climbed trees on a walk to the bank. It is a little Sound of Music"ish" isn't it? You can't tell from the picture, but there were 4 trees with kiddos in them.
We made funny faces while on our walk.

One boy with a green tongue (lolly pop from the bank) and another trying to be funny sticking his finger up his nose...

Having fun on the swing...
Sam's picture crashing crazy face-gotta love it!

We pretty much just hung out and spent time together. Jake was jealous of his cousins being home schooled. He ended up faking sick one day (he felt miraculously better, about an hour after I picked him up from school. He did have some post nasal drip irritating his throat...but sick is a stretch.), and got to come home. I got to spend time with each of the bigger Powell kiddos. Sam and I organized coupons and he helped me save lots of money at the grocery store-and it even counted as math for homeschooling. He has a great eye for a bargain. Anika and I hit the Target and got some nail polish (don't waste your money on finger nail polish pens...they don't work) and did manicures. I ended up with taunting turquoise, while Anika had a split between snow bunny and pink sparkly with hearts...that didn't actually stay on. (Don't waste your money on the nail polish with floating hearts in it either...). Tina opted for snow bunny also. Saku and I made a trip to the dollar store where he picked out some awesome badges and hand cuffs. He wanted to buy everyone a treat but I told him it was his turn. :) He did find some cool puzzle erasers that he shared with everyone when he set up a scavenger hunt. Jake wondered why he didn't get a turn until I reminded him that everyday was his turn normally....One of the few perks of being an only child means you get spoiled more regularly....

So, that is a brief (sort of) run down on the 1st 8 days of the new year!