Tuesday, January 25, 2011

State of the Union Address

I watched the whole thing (didn't plan on it), and was surprised to find there were actually a couple of things that Obama said, that I agree with. He is a very charismatic speaker and it made me almost want to believe him ...BUT, he doesn't fool me. I still think he is a Socialist. :) I think government is too big. I think we live on a budget, so why doesn't the government? I think that it was nice that the Democrats and Republicans sat together because it meant there was no annoying clapping and cheering that went on for 2 minutes. I think I am so blessed to live in a country where on a little blog I can type how I feel and not have to worry, because I am free to do so. I also forgot that Obama is left handed, so we actually do have something in common!

I watched the Republican response afterward and liked it. I agreed nearly 100%...My brain was starting to hurt from listening to politicians (it has been a long time because we down graded our satellite package to the bare minimum last year. Since we don't have Fox News Channel, I don't watch the news.), so I will give or take a few % points. Not as charismatic, but I actually believed what was being said...And now I am going to bed!