Monday, January 24, 2011

A moment in my brain...

As I made a quick trip to the post office, I had some thoughts run through my mind. After these few moments I realized just how random my mind is...Do you have a conversation with yourself in your head at all times? I feel like I do. If I am not talking to some one, I am talking to myself in my head...I guess it is really only a problem when you start doing it out loud right? This is kind of (I can't remember exactly so the quotation marks aren't completely accurate, but you get the picture right?) how my inner dialogue went in those few minutes:

*Walking out the front door: "Ummm...I love it when I can smell the dryer smell outside (the vent outside is near the front door), I wish outside always smelled like a cross between Downy (I splurged at Sam's Club a while back), and Arm and Hammer laundry deterent...."

*In the car driving the 1 minute drive to the post office, I see a man walking a black lab: "Look at that cute dog!!! Oh, I just smiled at the dog and didn't even acknowledge the old man...What a horrible neighbor I am. At least he knows I like his dog, which was cute-but no where near as cute as Emily was....I am so glad Jake doesn't have any cavities (he just went to the dentist last week). He is lucky he got my teeth not Aaron's. Aaron's look nice, but he has lots of issues. $4800 worth of issues to be exact...Who has $4800 laying around? (Aaron says he will just get dentures when he is old, he doesn't care...Wouldn't that be nice-the $4800 not the dentures)...I have never had a cavity. My teeth are little, tiny chic-lits but they rock!"

*Pulling in the parking lot: "Nice dude. I could have totally run you over. You didn't look this way at all...Oh, look that other guy shops at Bi-Lo. It is amazing how many people shop there. Every where I go I see people I "know"...Ahhh... look at that dad carrying that sleeping baby...So, cute...."

*On the way out of the post office, holding the door open as an elderly lady follows me out: "Old ladies perfume always smells so good-like they just put it on...How do they do that? Do they use powders or something? How do they always smell so nice?"

Tell me I am not the only one who is constantly having a conversation with themselves in their mind...