Thursday, January 20, 2011

A layer of ice, Jake @ Bil-Lo, and a tasty gift from nature...

At the beginning of last week we couldn't even open the doors to the car because of the layer of ice that covered it!

Last Thursday UNC-Charlotte was in session but Jake's school wasn't...and I had to work. So, I brought him along. It was supposed to only be for 4 hours, but ended up being for 6...Poor Jake, but he was a real trooper and charmed everyone. The reason it was 6 hours is because when we went out to get in the car to drive to work, we realized we weren't going any where. The cold temperatures zapped the rest of the life out of the battery. I called work to let them know what was happening and talked to the store manager. I told him if I had a ride (I live a 3-5 minute drive away) I would come in, so he came and picked us up! Small town living is a good thing. The manager said he would drive us home too and asked if we could stay the 2 extra hours until he was leaving. Jake was psyched to get chicken tenders from the deli and some little ninja guys from the gumball machine. He even helped me at U-Scan. I don't think there are too many places that would let you take your child to work with you on a snow day from school. The ideal place for a mother is in the home, but if you have to work could you ask for a better situation?
Jake sitting next to U-Scan enjoying the chicken tenders.
Me in the break room.
Jake called the ice with snow on it "a tasty taste of nature" and "natures ice cream".

He is one cool dude.