Saturday, January 1, 2011

No Resolutions...Things I am not going to do in 2011

In not particular order....

1. I will not think of excuses not to exercise.
2. I will not stay up late just because Aaron is at work and I feel guilty that I could be sleeping and he can't...and there are always tons of random things to do around the house...I will go to sleep earlier because I need sleep. I am grumpy without it.
3. I will not let the laundry pile up, the dishes pile up, or the dust pile up...Not all the time at least.
4. I will not get sick....much. I know this because I am a big believer in anti-bac. I also haven't been getting sick much for the past 3 years that I have been using Airborne. I will buy stock in Airborne since I use so much of it. If you haven't tried it and you are a germ-a-phob you should try it. It is the bomb. You will love it.
5. I will not just read kids books. I will branch out and actually read some adult books too. Not bad adult books-you know what I mean right?!?
6. I will not eat snacks late at night just because Aaron is at work. I will no longer be staying up late so that should pretty much take care of this one too, but I just wanted to be thorough.
7. I will not be a complete slacker when it comes to keeping in touch. I probably won't be calling everyone and writing letters, but I will send out emails to remind people I am alive and if they want to keep in touch they should check out my blog. So, I guess I am not technically going to be doing much better in this category...but trying and wanting to do better, is better than nothing right?
8. I will not post pone losing weight until next Monday. Because next Monday always turns into next Monday...
9. I will not buy any purses or bags in 2011...I will try REALLY hard not to buy any purses or bags in 2011.
10. I will not feel guilty for taking happy pills, because I am not sure how I functioned in daily life before I started taking them. I will also not try an "experiment" to see if they are really working by stopping taking them for one month....They REALLY do work. ***Something I wanted to post about but forgot: While we were in Seattle Jake stopped me from taking my pills one morning. He took them to my dad and said "Papa guess which one of these pills makes Mommy not grumpy." Papa guessed right and we had a good laugh at the same time.*** If you need medication take it people! That is why Heavenly Father made people smart enough to invent it!!!