Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Years Eve...Ringing in 2011!

We were ready to ring in the New Year and we partied "families with kiddos style": Early! The Powell's (my sis and family) got to our house that evening...maybe 6ish...(It was 12 days ago after all. I can't remember everything! Yes, that is right the date on this post says differently, but I am just now getting to New Years Eve on 1/12...I posted the title and saved it so that it would be back with my 2010 posts...).We had the snacks already and the Gariety's came to party with us. Jake and I were the only ones that ended up staying up until midnight (well I am sure the Gariety's did too, but they headed home early to get Morgan and Cole in bed). Aunt Tina and Uncle Allen gave up a little after 11. They had just gotten back from Colorado so jet lag was setting in...not to mention they drove 8 hours to get to our house...Also, when you have kiddos, it doesn't matter what time you go to sleep, they always get up early! We also partied early because Aaron had to leave for work at 9. How do people work these crazy hours and schedules all the time? We are only going to be doing it for a couple years and we are counting down until life gets back to normal!!!!

All the kiddos playing. Sam is a pro at smiling for the picture, but just at the last second going to a crazy face without you knowing...Can you tell which one is my funny nephew Sam?
..except Cole-he couldn't fit in the picture! Wait a second...Where is Morgan?...
Ben and Uncle Allen. Ben is sporting one of Jake's hand-me-downs. Looks pretty good for boy #4. That is what I call getting your monies worth out of it!
Cranberry ginger ale in my favorite fancy glasses. I think of my mom every time I use them because she got them for me for Christmas last year. The straw wouldn't stay put but it was still fun!

Happy New Year! May 2011 bring more wonderful memories with family and friends!