Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Our 1st Weekend in Seattle

After a day of traveling all day Friday, and a 3 hour time change we were pretty tired on Saturday. We had a fun day hanging out with Nee and Papa in their cute little apartment, that is just perfect for them. We had fun spending time playing the Wii, making fairy houses, running to a grocery store with tons of candy by the pound, and feeding...oh, I can't remember what we ended up naming him, but Nee and Papa's "pet Squirrel"...Confused? The pictures will make it a little clearer....And you know I took a lot. :)

Craft projects
Feeding...the cute squirrel, whatever his name is...

Nee and Papa working together doing the dishes. On Saturday night a couple from church had gotten tickets for them to go to the Nut Cracker. Our plane tickets were purchased after the Nut Cracker tickets and they hated to back out...We didn't mind them heading out for the evening because 7:00 pm in Seattle was 10:00 pm to us so we headed to bed!

On Sunday we went to church and had fun helping teach Nee's primary class with her. Later that day we went and walked around the Temple grounds and it was beautiful.

Jake said he really felt the Spirit...I could totally tell he did when we passed this statue and he...well, he acted like Jake, and I of course couldn't resist snapping a picture of it. In ten years when he is getting ready to go through the Temple to go on his mission (wow, it just hit me that 10 years is going to go by really fast....) I can show him this picture and remind him even at the tender age of 9 he was able to recognize the Spirit in holy places. :)
We had to prop up the camera and get a shot of all of us. Later in the week Mom and I were able to do a session at the Temple and it is just as gorgeous inside as it is out. I love going to the Temple....
The Stake Center is right next to the Temple and they had over 300 nativities on display, along with different rooms to show the Saviors life. The room these next few pictures were in, depicted His life from birth to Resurrection. It was amazing and a great reminder of Christ's perfect life. Even the children couldn't help but walk quietly through this room and take it all in.

The nativities were beautiful and there was even a living nativity (no animals, just Mary, Joseph, and Baby Jesus...Since I didn't want to post 100 pictures I decided on this one instead.

Jake's favorite nativity was this one of the Peanuts gang: