Thursday, December 30, 2010

Wrapping up the Seattle trip in a "Picture Post"

I have tons of pictures (this isn't all of them) to post and not much time to type...Get ready for a picture post and a few of my ramblings to go with it...

More of our fuzzy friend.

Jake working on school work we brought along since he missed 7 days of school.
Working hard at the mission office.
The Lego Store. Even the Lego store didn't have the Harry Potter Lego set Jake was hoping for, for Christmas. We made 3 little people to take home with us.

The giant Christmas tree at the mall.
Outside the Mission office. (Most of the times I had my camera ready were on outings and Papa wasn't able to come to all of them with us. You will see him more later I promise.)
Putting "warm fuzzies" (a pom-pom for every good deed you have done) in the jar being sent to President Monson the end of 2010.
Jake and Nee outside Deseret (spelling?..) Books. Jake got a new "Missionary in Training" badge and we had a laugh at how he pinned it on compared to an experiences missionary like Nee...
Jake and Nee posed on the giant piggy bank at the world famous Pikes Place Market.
We traveled all the way to Pikes Place Market and where did we decide to eat? Subway...We were hungry and decided to go with what we knew.
The world famous sign at Pikes Place. (You have heard of it right? If you watch the Travel Channel, Food Network, or anything like that you know what I am talking about.)
Some views from inside Pike's Place:

This is where they throw the fish. You have heard of that right?
Jake and the Balloon Man.Remember in "Sleepless in Seattle" when they are shopping for produce? This is the place! I need to watch that movie again...It is one of my favorites.
Snack break...
Seriously yummy...We got 7, as big as your head pastries, for $8 and something cents.

The Space Needle was pretty impressive, but it was $18 per person to go up so we just enjoyed it from the outside. I have to admit I was surprised by how "70's" it looked to me. I guess it would be hard to update the Space Needle....If I remember correctly, I was practically laying on the ground to get this shot. :)
A cool Christmas tree made out of giant ornaments. I bet it looks pretty at night all lite up. I wonder how much taller Jake will be in August when they get back from their mission...He is at Nee's chin in this picture...

A cool statue near the Space Needle.
Bringing Jake and treats to Papa at the Mission Office. Nee and I went back to the mall to "exchange Nee's makeup, which would be so boring for Jake". That was code for: exchanging Nee's makeup and then going to the Lego store so I could buy Jake the Lego Harry Potter characters he wanted for Christmas.
Snowflake Lane in downtown Belle View. They have a sidewalk parade and it "snows" soap suds. I had a ton of pictures of this, but here are just a couple.

You are supposed to be able to see the "snow" in this one but it didn't show up...Just trust me, it looked just like it was snowing!
A picture of Mom and I at the Temple...Not sure what my hair was doing in this picture...We walked to the Temple book store after and spent 2 hours looking around in it, while we waited for Papa and Jake to come pick us up after selling one of the mission cars. We probably could have looked even longer!
Papa and Jake playing Wii Fit Plus. Papa was really into it. Notice the air mattress leaning against the wall. :)
A couple pictures I couldn't resist taking while I was setting up the camera for group shots of our Christmas.

Before gifts....
...and after gifts. Jake is wearing a home made snuggie. If you saw the Christmas post already, than you know that Aaron has a matching one.
At the Ward Christmas party, with the Grinch. It was so fun. The play was a mix of the nativity and the Grinch...It is something I will remember if I am every on the activities committee at church.
Jake sneaking a couple of notes into Nee and Papa's "air mail box" as they call it. They don't get much mail delivered to their apartment address. They get more at the mission office...But we definitely need to do better about writing letters...
And that (in a quick version) is a recap of our awesome trip to Seattle!