Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Countdown Is On!...And Thanksgiving....

It is time for me to finish packing, but what do I do? Blog...It all started when I went to clear the pictures off my camera so it would be ready to fill up in Seattle...And then I realized I never even mentioned our Thanksgiving! That could be because it was relatively uneventful. Tina and crew ended up sick and not able to come. We were bummed and they were bummed but they felt sick and we didn't want to too! We will see you guys soon!!! I had to work 9-2 on Thanksgiving. Aaron had to work 3rd the night before and the night of. It didn't really feel like Thanksgiving (weather wise, work wise, other people-less-ness...) except for the food...It was good food and my 2 favorite guys so it works for me! We took a couple of out of focus pictures to show that there actually was a Thanksgiving this year (where has this year gone????) and called it good.

And now back to packing and cleaning up the house...I did cross off a few things on my to do list...Crafts for class check. Teacher reaction-no surprise less than enthusiastic, I have come to expect nothing less! Oh well!! Check any way. (I won't even go into the details...) Christmas tree?...Nope. Picture-nope. Christmas card? Nope-and there isn't going to be one. We decided to do the pitiful(free) Christmas email and picture...That hasn't happened yet but will! Dad...The place with your hearing aid batteries changed their office hours...They are now closed on Thursday. Perfect!...because today is Thursday and we leave tomorrow!...I will get you some more when we get back and mail them to you...House clean? about 30 minutes...I need to do a quick (kind of...) run through. What happened since Tuesday night?

One More Thing!!! Jake wanted me to take a picture to document that he did the dishs on Tuesday. He did a lot to help me-mostly because I bribed him. I paid him $1 per room he helped clean. He made a grand total of $4! Usually I don't pay him-he just has to do it because I am the cleaning boss. He thought it was because I couldn't get it done with out him...shhhh! Don't tell him I could have, I just wanted him to have a little spending money is Seattle. I am a nice mom on occasion...But I won't be if I don't finish all I have to finish and get in bed soon!
Yiiiipppppeee! We leave tomorrow!!!!