Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Finally back to blogging....Arriving in Seattle

I am finally back to blogging and have a lot to cram in, in the 3 days that are left of 2010....So, here goes the first of MANY posts: (Aaron just asked me why I had to get them all done when I still haven't finished the book for last year yet...I will and soon too!!! I am a little nervous to see how much it costs to print a year full of my ramblings and pictures....It is going to be a thick book...)
After 12 hours of traveling by car and plane we made it to SEATTLE!!! When we got off the plane and went down the escalator we thought we would see them immediately (like at the Charlotte airport), but we had to get on a subway...And when the doors opened we thought we would see them...but we had to go back up another escalator! The suspense was killing us!!!! When we got to the escalator I said look Jake their they are (up at the top waving). I got on the escalator before I realized Jake had made a last second decision to just run up the stairs next to it he was so excited. It was like in a movie...All the people on the escalator were pointing and "ahhhhing" and I watched the hugs that hadn't been able to happen for 10 months. It was awesome...

Jake enjoying Cinnabon...special occasions, call for special treats. :)
After hugs, kisses, and giggles we set up for our first shot...and Papa's phone rang. I had to snap the picture anyway to mark the memory. Dad always has to answer his phone. He is the guy in charge of all the mission cars and sometimes those calls are "we just got in an accident", or "the car broke down"...I thought it was a perfect picture to capture the moment. :)
Best friends reunited. :)
We got our bags and are ready to go and enjoy our 10 days in Washington with Nee and Papa on their mission!!!!