Monday, December 20, 2010

Surprised...No shocked is a better word...

...To describe Jake when he found out we were going to Seattle to see Nee and Papa. Mom sent a photo album that was empty except for the first few pages that said: Merry Christmas Jake (flip page), Here is an early Christmas present. You can use this album for the pictures you take (flip page), when you come out to Seattle to visit us. How about coming out really soon... (flip page), Like...Today! He read it out loud (Aaron took a video while I took pictures...Jake didn't seem to notice that he should have been dressed and out the door for school when Daddy gets home from work. He was to busy reading a book while eating breakfast), and when he was done reading he looked up and waited for an explanation. He thought it was a joke and when we told him it wasn't he had to take his glasses off and wipe the sweet tears from his eyes. I tried to get a picture of that but it was all blurry...But I got all the others.

The package:
Opening the package:
...And then back to "did I just read that right?":
And the shock is setting in...
It's starting to sink in...The page he is looking at is the print out of our ticket confirmation.
He was saying something when I snapped this picture, but it is so cute.
This one is after the tears...
This is after he realized it was really true.

Even on the way to the airport he was still asking us if we were really going because he thought it might be a joke. We joke a lot, but we would never joke about that!!!!