Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Monday at the Mission office and Family Home Evening

On Monday we went into the mission office and helped Nee and Papa do all sorts of things. From labeling mail to organizing the supply room we did it all...And got to see just how busy Nee and Papa are on their mission. It was really cool to watch them in action and try to help just a little.

That night for Family Home Evening we went to see a Botanical garden that was transformed for the winter with lights. They give you a map and a list of things to find (like lizards, slugs, and monkeys). We found the everything on the list and it was beautiful. The pictures give you just a small glimpse of the display. Lights were blinking to make it look like water was flowing and of course still pictures can't capture that...So, just use your imagination....

Using the light from Papa's cell phone to check the map and search out the hidden creatures.