Friday, April 24, 2015

Now I remember...

 Now I remember when I took the pictures of Aaron and Jake playing Frisbee!  It was between sessions of General Conference the first weekend in April.  I remember now because during the 2nd session they both took a few minute snooze from wearing themselves out....Aaron woke them both up by snoring a few minutes later.

It didn't wake Sadie up though. 

Wednesday, April 22, 2015


I am not even sure when this was...A couple of weeks ago...That is all.

Easter Eggs

Okay.  This was a while ago...It was the Thursday before Easter to be exact.  Mom and Aunt Sheila came over to decorate Easter eggs.  This will be mostly pictures with a few words sprinkled around every now and then...

Aren't they so pretty?!

In case you were wondering, Sadie was there and adorable. 

Papa came from the airport to see our progress.

Nee drew on a whole bunch of candy with an edible marker.  We were all crafted out at this point.

And that will do it...Aren't they pretty?

Saturday, April 11, 2015


 ...part 7,456,391.  I do this a lot...too much maybe.  It is what it is!

This is another shot of my studies.  I may be enjoying this a little too much.  Jake asked me one time why I couldn't get this excited about Math and Science.  I just can't.  I do try science.  I have given up on Math.  I told him he is smarter than me at math and had already surpassed me.  I thought it would make him happy.  Nope he said that wasn't true and that I should try to like it...Not going to happen.  But I am glad my guys enjoy it!

 Frustration is sitting down to enjoy some reading and wasting precious time trying to decide which book to read..

Leftover over potatoes from the night before turned in to....

A yummy fried potato, bacon, egg, and cheese mess for Aaron when he came home from basketball last Wednesday...the same night I didn't sleep.  I am a messy cook as you can see by the eggs mess on the stove.
 Yum right?  I have a problem...I can't stop taking picture of food...

Jake is so cute sitting up at the bar eating his lunch.  :)

And I never just take one picture.  It may be blurry!  Now in 25 years we can look back and now that Jake had Ramen noodles for lunch the first week in April of 2015.  This is what I do people:  document the little moments.  Some that matter, others....not so much! 

This one is just so we can remember how cute our living room was...

A different day-same room.  This was Friday (a week ago) when Jake had the stomach bug.

When he hadn't thrown up for a few hours and felt like he could eat something he took this little bite of a Saltine and drank a few sips of water...and then threw up.  Poor boy...

A couple hours later he felt good enough to sit on the couch and fly the helicopter that he bought from Papa G.  Sadie was not a fan.

Toy helicopters are hard for dogs to comprehend...