Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Day 20: Wrapping it up

 This is Jake's portfolio for his 8th/9th grade year.  We call it that because his core classes are 9th grade level and he gets high school credits for them.  He isn't even 14 yet and he had 4 high school credits earned! He is such a smarty pants. So this year was more like 9th grade than 8th grade.

 We just got his Iowa test results back and he did great.  His weakest areas are in spelling (no surprise at all), and his use of apostrophes, commas, and semi colons. Right there with ya dude! We will review that.  And although his grade equivalent is 12.1 for problem solving and data interpretation in math, he didn't do well at adding or subtracting decimals...?  He must have stopped paying attnetion!  Standardized tests are funny things.  The test shows his grade equivalent in reading comprehension (and his reading total), maps & diagrams, reference materials & sources of information total, science, and social studies are all 13+.

The thickest part of Jake's portfolio is Algebra.  We don't have to keep everything but I do when it comes to math.  This is a 3 inch binder and we have just about run out of space...
 I finished filling these "High School Course Credit Description" forms to put in his portfolio and we are wrapping things up.  We are done with Physical Science and Jake is working on his 2nd to last paper for Literature and Composition.  We are done with vocabulary, spelling, and grammar.  We are planning to finish Math up the middle of June and then start it back up in the middle of July.  The longer break you have from math, the more you have to review.  We are still working on Geography so we are kind of looking at half days from here on out.  Where in the world does the time go?

(Whatttt?  Am I actually up to date on my blogging now? Yep)

Day 19: Jake set it up

Jake has been dying to set up the board this way for Settlers of Catan.  I am not going to get into the details or rules of the game.  If you have played the game than you get it.  I still can't figure out why we roll the same numbers over and over again-and I don't mean the ones that statistically are rolled the most...I mean 5 and 9 (which I guess are pretty close to being the ones that should be rolled...statically speaking).  Those were the big numbers of the night last night.  I was on neither. Next time we play I will set up on those numbers and they will not be rolled.  That is the way it works! This is the very beginning of the game.  Jake and Aaron had the board covered with their brown and green roads, settlements, and cities.  My blue didn't move to much.  Aaron won but it was a two way battle to the end.  Now we can say we set the board up this way and

Day 18: Death Comes Quickly

This happened over the weekend.  I killed it in a week and a half.  I didn't even water it because Aunt Sheila said to only water it once a month.  So why does it look moldy like I over watered it?  I didn't even see this happening-that is how quickly it happened.  Sorry little plant....

Here is was just a week ago....oh well.

On a happier note I am excited to say that this is all that is left of this Chap Stick.  It is one your have to roll up like lipstick and I really love it.  Aaron put it in my stocking for Christmas and I have actually not lost it and it is almost gone.  That is "a small kind of accomplishment" right? If you knew that I just quoted Elizabeth Bennett than you get a cookie.  I usually lose my lip balm.  I have tons of it because I don't like to feel air on my lips and as I type this I have to hold back the urge to go and put some on...I will in a minute.

And just so you get a better perspective...See how far it rolls down into the tube?  That is how much I used with out losing it.  Some times I amaze myself.

And now I am wondering why the background of both theses Chap Stick pictures look yellow....Hmmm.  No idea.  Okay.  I need to go and put on some lip balm...

Day 17: Boys and Their Toys

No words...This is pretty self explanatory...(after dinner at Nee and Papa's on Sunday)

Day 16: The Music Man

On Saturday night Jake and I got to go and watch The Music Man and it was so good!  Aaron was at Stake Conference (I was a rebel and didn't got since we had free tickets to the play!) and Mom gave us the tickets since she was able to see it the night before while she volunteered at it. The end. :)

Day 15: A New Toy

Jake went with Papa G to Triple Tree on Friday to the world's largest remote control airshow.  They had a blast and they came home with a new toy.  Papa got Jake an early birthday gift and it is pretty cool! It took some time to "trim" it.  I really don't know what that means...But he has it all figured it out and is loving it.

Sadie doesn't know what to think of it.  It doesn't scare her as much as Jake's bigger helicopter but she still stays clear.

Here are the pictures that Papa G texted me while they were at the airshow.

Can you believe this is a remote control?

I am so glad that Jake gets to grow up with both of his grandparents in the same town.  He is one spoiled lucky boy. :)

Friday, May 15, 2015

Day 14: Dad's 68!

  Before I get to the picture of the day I need to declare that our family will no longer be wearing clean clothes, sleeping on clean sheets, or using clean towels.  Literally minutes after I was taking fresh spring smelling laundry off the line (while contemplating how one of my least favorite chores becomes my favorite when you add in sunshine, a nice breeze and a clothesline), I saw a snake in the laundry room.  A snake in the laundry room.  A snake.  In MY laundry room.  It peeped its horrible head out and was crawling up the wall behind the washer and dryer. Why?  Why can they climb a wall?  They have no arms or legs! I screamed while slamming the dryer closed and ran in the house.  As Jake met me in the kitchen I cried and told him there was a SNAKE IN THE LAUNDRY ROOM.  Here I am behind the screen door in the kitchen taking a picture of Jake with his snake hunting tools.  We called Papa Harmon and he came and helped in the search.  They did not find the snake.  Jake actually asked me if it wasn't just the hose from the washer I saw.  Really?  So for this reason I will not be going into the laundry room.  Indefinitely. 

On a lighter note...I love making Red Wine Vinaigrette in a mason jar because it looks so pretty.  I made a salad for Dad's birthday dinner.  It is so simple and so delicious.  It is just spring mix lettuce with strawberries, walnuts, Colby Jack cheese and this salad dressing.  It paired perfectly with the Salmon that was sooooo yummy.

We got Dad a few dark chocolate bars from Ikea and some of their blueberry jam.  We also bought him a book (it was from mom too).  It is The Complete C.S. Lewis Signature Collection.  He had admired my copy when they were at our house for dinner on Mothers Day so we though it would be the perfect gift.  Aunt Sheila got him a book of chocolate recipes and she made him chocolate truffles.  Mom got him a a little American flag treasure book and sign for his man cave that says, "I Pray For America" on it.  

Don't worry his face isn't on fire.

I have two pictures of the day for May 14th.  This one that we will name: "For the pure joy of dark chocolate".

And this one.  It doesn't really need a name.  Happy 68th birthday Dad!  We love you! But we hate snakes.

Day 13: A Well Loved Book

After we say the Pledge of Allegiance and a morning prayer we read from two books to start our day of homeschooling.  One is The American Patriots Almanac by William H Bennett. The other is the book that Jake is reading from in the picture of the day for May 13, 2015.  It is a daily devotional book, called Stand A Little Taller, that you read a scripture in and then a comment from President Gordon B. Hinckley.  The fact that is falling apart says it all.  It is filled with words to live by!

In other news from Wednesday:  Jake (who is a Boy Scout) taught Mikael (who is a Cub Scout) how to take care of his bike which was the last thing he needed to learn in order to earn his Handyman pin.  

After that they rode their bikes around the parking lot at church and Jake was very proud of a skid park he made.

Then he rode his bike home from church.  It isn't that far away but it is off a four lane road so I kept pulling over to make sure he was okay.  I am an overprotective mother like that.

And Jake found this disgusting tick on Sadie.  So gross.