Thursday, November 6, 2014

Seeing Red...and that's a good thing!

On Tuesday, I voted.  I hope you did too.  I love my camera (which is my phone.  But in order of importance-camera comes first.)!  The sweet little old lady but my "I Voted" sticker on me (before I voted...I felt like a fraud-but only for a minute) and I pulled it off to get a picture (because that is what I do) and you can see the fuzz it pulled off my shirt!  You used to have a fancy expensive camera to capture the fuzz.  Now you just need a Samsung S5 smartphone.  It also reminded me that I need to clean my steering wheel.  I shouldn't have said that.  You may not have noticed how dirty it was if I hadn't pointed it out.  I didn't know how dirty it was until I got excited at the fuzz on my sticker!

But any way-back to the point...if there is one.  I noticed something that I couldn't help but capture on...what used to be film but is the cloud?  Microchip?  I don't know just on my phone.  There really isn't a fancy or romantic sounding way to say it anymore is there?
But any way-I looked down and saw this beautiful RED leaf.

And it made me look up and see tons of RED leaves on the trees in the parking lot of the school we vote at.  I had to pick one and take a picture of it.  It is so RED and sooooo pretty....I haven't painted my fingernails for a long time...but that is another subject....See how my brain works?  It really is exhausting listening to it all day.

It seemed to me that all those RED leaves could only be a sign of things to come.  And I was not to be disappointed.  Thank you American's for not letting me down!  I am so proud to live in a State that there was no doubt would be red.  South Carolina is a conservative state with conservative values.  That is one of the beauties of living here.  I am proud that my 2nd home state (NC) and Jake's birth state woke up and went RED again.  And my birth state (NH) even got a couple of RED stripes in it which is way more than I expected would happen!

And it only seemed right to FINALLY watch "America Imagine The World Without Her" (and a lot of FOX News) on election day.  I loved it (but it does make you see red a little when he is laying out the accusations against America and the way we have let-since we didn't stop it-history be rewritten)!  I loved that it corrects so many misconceptions about our History that is being taught in schools today.  I love that it brings to light when, where, and who is at fault for the lies being spread (and taught in our school systems) that we need to apologize about what we have and who we are.  It is amazing that a single individual could further an incorrect and deceptive ideology (liberalism) so quickly and that so many people would fall for it and think the idea of America should be crushed....I cried a little when Bono (an Irishmen) stood up for and spoke out about what he called "the idea of America".  Why are so many Americans apologizing for our greatness?  What big dummies!  I am so glad that the votes on Tuesday reminded some of those Liberals that we aren't going down with out a fight.  I am so glad that I have the right-no duty-to vote in this free nation. 

Halloween...and the rest of the week!

We celebrated Halloween the Wednesday before at our church trunk-or-treat.  Primary (the organization for children 18 months to 11) was in charge of a "carnival style" game of making Halloween Stew (you take a straw and suck up cut out Halloween shapes and run over to a cauldron and drop it in) and it decorating our station.  Aunt Sheila came along for the festivities and got roped into helping set up-which she didn't mind at all!

This is pretty much it for the pictures I took that evening because it got dark so early!   Recognize the costume?  It is Link from the video game Legends of Zelda Hyrule Warriors...but you probably remember it from his Renaissance costume. :)

Jake managed to rack up a lot of candy and of course couldn't wait to see what he got!

Sadie was also very interested in seeing what he got!

The week before we had gotten "Booed!" (someone leaves treats on your doorstep and you are supposed to turn around and "boo" two others) and because of Aaron having a really long week of work (he had to finish 4 houses last week to close and he did it!) we never got to pass it on (even though I had it already-we just wanted to do it as a family but we ran out of time!)!  So finally on October 30th we did it!

Even though it was daylight, and Nee already knew we were there, we had her close the door so Jake could still do the ding-dong-ditch part of "booing" because that is what makes it so fun!

We tried to do it to Aunt Sheila but she didn't hear the doorbell!  Luckily the gentleman she hired to paint her house heard us other wise we may have been there for a while!  Hahahaha!

My favorite part of this time of year is the colors...These were some leaves on Aunt Sheila's steps up to the parking lot.  It is like a rainbow on leaves!  I love it!

We decided to drive down a different road than usual to see a few more leaves before they are gone...

Jake cooked dinner for us that night.  He is a pro at making egg holes.

You know you are a spoiled Southern homeschooler when you do school in your PJ's, in your parents bed...Oh yeah-the Southern part-it was 62 degrees in our house which Jake said, "is freezing!" and had to put on his Winter coat...

That is not that cold.
 And last but not least: On Halloween night Jake got invited to a lock-in at friends (just 12 kids) of ours from our homeschool co-op.  We don't do sleepovers but we decided a lock-in (is that a Southern thing?  I don't know.  They stay up all night playing games) would be okay since it was supervised 100% of the time.  There was fun games to play all night long (they had a bonfire, a hay ride, hide and seek in the dark, etc) and the best part:  It snowed!  We didn't have any accumulation but it snowed!  This is a picture of Jake on the way home eating Chick-Fil-a on the way home.  We were supposed to be going to the Biltmore Estates (since our pass runs out on the 8th) but decided, since it snowed (and accumulated) in the mountains and was supposed to rain all day up there (and the fact that Jake had been up all night), to wait until this Saturday.  Aaron and Jake went to the $2 theater and saw Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles while I went I up to Monroe with Mom to go to a funeral of a friend of ours.

And now as I am typing this I am realizing this week is almost over...I will never catch up...

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Frustration is...

...Getting a text from the library saying we have an overdue item and to log online to resolve it or call them.  I logged on under my card-nothing is overdue.  I logged on under Jake's card-nothing overdue. So, I take the next step.  I call and can't even get through to a live human being after working with the automated system 3 times!!! I have done both things you asked of me and nothing is resolved!!!

Not to mention the fact that I went on Facebook for about 10 minutes and as usual it has put me in a bad mood.  With out going into all the details, I just commented (to back her up) on a friends post who had posted something political and she was pretty much told she was ignorant for posting.  And the worst part of this Facebook bullying is that the person that told her she should "check her facts before posting something" (that was in fact correct by the way) used Wikipedia as a source to prove her wrong....Wikipedia?....Are you serious ignorant Facebook bully?!  You think Wikipedia is a credible source? 

And just to really keep it real:  It is 2:00 on Thursday afternoon and only about half of Jake's list for the week is done and that is not going to cut it and it will get done if he has to work until he goes to bed tonight and then again tomorrow....and I may have just yelled at him about that...which lets face it may not have helped very much.

What is this world coming to?!!!  The library should have a live person to answer their phone and people need to get a life and stop stalking their "facebook friends" to see if they are posting anything they disagree with in order to bully them.  I am learning that Conservatives/Republicans roll their eyes and scroll on through when Liberals post something they don't agree with.  Liberal/Democrats have so much time on their hands that they can leave their remarks all over the place and feel better about the fact that the only things they believe in are a women's right to murder unborn children, cops being bad people, letting illegals in-in order to create more liberal votes, and that the US needs to apologize for being awesome. 

There.  I said it. 

I realize in 10 years none of this will matter (lets face it maybe in 10 minutes it won't matter...) but at this particular moment I am frustrated and venting makes me feel a whole lot better.  Don't judge me...I already do that enough for the both of us.  Now, I need to go and apologize to my child while letting him now he better step it up and put a hustle in the bustle!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Yesterday's Randomness Turns Into Things I love...

 This picture is actually from Monday but he is the one I will be discussing at the moment.  This face is precious to me...but...
 ...There are days like yesterday when I have to write my star pupil notes and stick them in his Algebra notebook.  In case you can't see it,it says "If you don't: (1.) Leave space between your problems,  (2.)  Write 2m when it is 2 meters, (3.)  Show your work and work down the paper, (4.) date it and tell me the lesson #, Then I will:  (1.)  Beat you up, and (2.)  Mark it wrong (even it it is correct) (Seriously) :) Heart-Mommy

You may think this is harsh, but this is round 2 of sticky notes in the Algebra notebook with pretty much exactly the same requests demands. 

(This was really two lessons in one.  How to get a good grade in math and a reminder about "If, Then" sentences...there are teachable moments everywhere!)

Look at this page for example.  See how it goes 6, 7, 8....and let me squeeze 11 right under and beside the work of 7 so you have to wonder what the heck is going on here.   And this is actually not that bad compared to some of his other pages! 
 Friends of ours issued a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) challenge due by Friday and we accepted.  I understand that this is above and beyond the work I have already assigned Jake for the week...Jake of course believes this should take priority and went ahead and made planes for his marshmallow and toothpick bridge....I think he has 5 plans.  None showing any marshmallows...

 ...Really he just doodled some plans for cool looking bridges.  I know this because when I sat down with him and asked how exactly he would build (and he wants to build several) his arched bridge design (not pictured...I think that was design #4 or #5) with toothpicks and marshmallows, he said he hadn't thought of that yet.  I love this kid!  He gets excited with the idea in general before really making a plan.
I have no idea where he gets that.  Okay. Fine.  He gets it from me.  The "leap before looking" mentality.  We will have to work on that.  The two sheets in the out of focus photo are a result of trying something new.  We do this a lot to "perfect" our homeschooling experience.  Jake wanted me to give him his assignments for the week and he would decide which assignments he was going to do when.  With the understanding that you have to do math everyday and you can't write a whole paper due on Friday...on Friday (or read a whole chapter of science, do the study guide, and take a test all on one day.  Or practice spelling and take a test all get it.  Jake does theory.  We shall see..).  And if you want to do one of the things that we do together, I have to agree it is a good time to do it.  So far, so good.  The weekly assignment sheet hangs on a clipboard by the door...since it has already been momentarily misplaced and I just gave it to him yesterday.  The plan is to give it to him Sunday night-if not during the week prior.  I couldn't print it until Tuesday morning and Jake is already complaining about missing a day he could have worked on it...even though we didn't get home on Monday from co-op and the library until 4:00 and I KNOW he would not have done any thing on Monday anyway.
On a completely unrelated topic, I found this cheap ($7.99 compared to Annie Sloan's $36) chalk paint I am going to try out.  I need to get back to painting.  I have several pieces that are just waiting to be painted and sold, but I haven't had much motivation lately.  Plus I am afraid to go into the little "studio" glorified crawl space (it is more than a crawl space but at the moment I harbor ill feelings toward it...when those fade I will come up with a new name...I still need to take pictures of it...Soon...Maybe.) under the house because when I was taking Mr. Rooter (we thought we had a plumbing problem but after being told it would be a $675, I  fixed it with a huge bottle of Drain-O) in to look at a pipe and there on the light switch box, that I was about to turn on, sat a snake.  I had to push Mr. Rooter out of the way because apparently frantically yelling "SNAKE!" and trying to run out didn't give him the clue to get out of my way.  Any way.  I won't be painting in there any time soon.  But I will be painting soon!
 Back to yesterday.  Do you ever have those moments when you pass through a room and see a snap shot of your life at that exact moment?  I do.  All the time. And then I take a picture of it to remember.  This is a photo of one of those moments.  Jake's drawing paper that he had been designing his bridges in (that I really do love),  Ender's Game that he is a couple pages from finishing (we started it last year together but I just couldn't get into it because it is a total "boy book" in my estimation..but he decided to restart it when he got it for free at the library, at a homeschooling event-which is good because he still wants to see the movie and in our house you have to read the book before you can see the movie...but I am not going to read it and I will watch the movie with him), my plants that I need to pot because they have taken root, on my table that I painted, with my chairs that I need to add another coat of spray paint to, our book cases filled with our beloved books, in our blue dining room, with Aaron's guitars (that he plays in the evening after dinner and is teaching Jake to play) leaning against the wall, right next to the simple white curtains that are my favorite,  and Jake's Darth Vader cup that he has taken upon himself to hand wash so it will last longer, my wide mouth Mason Jar of water that I sip on every time I pass through the room and has been there a while because the ice is all melted, and of course the huge bowl of marshmallows (3 bags to be exact....I didn't know he was going to open all of them..that have since been transferred to a cook sheet) that we are hoping will get stale/hard and be better bridge building material....See what I mean? All this went through my head as I walked through the room.  A snapshot that captures a moment of our lives...I love it.  And yes that was most likely one of the longest run on sentences I have every typed...which is saying a lot because...well it's me and that is what I do!

I did a lot of laundry yesterday.  It was a perfect laundry on the line kind of day.  Let me tell you, I would pay millions (if I had it) if someone could bottle the smell of our favorite laundry detergent,  our favorite fabric softener, and true Southern Autumn breeze...All the "clean linen" sprays/candles I have smelt, smell pretty good. But NOTHING can even compare to the sweet smell of our fresh, clean laundry when I take it off the line.  I wish that scent could last!  I hang the clothes up really quickly, hoping that the scent will attach itself to our other clothes.  But it doesn't.  They clothes still smell amazing, but nothing like that fresh of the line smell.  I love it.

Sadie love the water hose.  I was just trying to fill up her bowl but she just can't resist playing in it even for just a second.  Pretty soon it will be too chilly to play in-even for a dog!  Sadie is so shiny.  I love this crazy dog.

And literally seconds later a leaf fell into her bowl and she did not want to disturb it so she drank from the side.  I love Fall

I mean seriously...Can you ever really take enough pictures of laundry on the line?  That is my favorite table clothe.  I love it so much that I  bought another one, from Walmart, before they don't have it any more.
 I am pretty sure I am going to hang up pictures of our laundry, on our line, in our laundry room.  That is a lot of ours.

Although we have a school room/office, school happens every where.  Jake decided to read his science (while chewing on a straw I gave him- for that purpose after he had to throw away a pen he had chewed up) on the trampoline yesterday.  He is out there right now doing his math.  I love that we can do school on the trampoline.  I love that we can go from me threatening to beat him up (which may or may not have been a joke...) if he doesn't leave space on his math sheet, to "ohhhhh.  Look at my Jake doing school on the trampoline!"  all in one day!
This is getting to be a familiar shot...I just really love this spot in my house.  I do my make up a lot sitting in this chair.  I don't know why I don't sit in my regular spot (across from this one, where my view is our lovely books on their shelves) to put on my make up...I just like to change up my views I guess.  I am ready to decorate the buffet for Christmas already, thanks in part to a trip to Dollar Tree Yesterday.  It is going to be so pretty and cheap! 
 Jake brought out his Millenniam (sp?) Falcon to show the missionaries at dinner yesterday.  Elder Crossin (the guy giving the thumbs up) is being transferred to another area today and we were the lucky ones to share his last meal in Spartanburg with.  He had a lot in common with Jake (books, both want to be engineers,  Lego's, Star Wars) and is a great missionary.

Aaron has a busy week going on.  He is trying to finish 4 houses and last night when he finally got home (to stay-he came home and had to turn right back around and head to a meeting a church) at 8ish, said it just might happen.  Yesterday I washed one of his hats, that he hasn't worn in a while because it was pretty dirty and it came out looking like new.  I sent him a text to show him how awesome it looked because that is how we roll around here.

Jake just finished his Algebra and no problems are crowding together which means I don't have to beat him  :)  I guess that means we did better than yesterday and that is all that really matters. 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Art Class So Far...

I haven't taken that many pictures in art class because I am the one who is teaching it!  I did find a few that show some of the fun we have been having.   We covered  3 of the 5 elements for art and have done a project for each.  We have learned about lines, shapes & forms, space, texture and we will learn about color theory and value next semester.  Throw in a couple of "free art" days and we are almost to the end of our first semester.  The first class we created collages to have to cover our art portfolio's.
We learned that art can be frustrating and that is just part of the process.  I read them a true story about a girl who had and accident and lost the use of her arms.  She learned to draw with her mouth. We tried it and it was hard---and I even let them hold the paper in place with their hands!

There was a lot of giggling going on and they actually all did amazingly well!  One project they really had fun with was when I gave them a sheet of paper that part of a picture cut out from a magazine and they had to finish the picture.  They were free to draw it as realistic or as abstract as they wanted.  They have incredible imaginations! 

I have no idea what they are drawing in these pictures.  We have done a lot of drawing to learn the basics and I thought they had to be getting sick of it but even on free art days, when they are offered other supplies, they all love to draw and color.
  We painted self portraits on bowling pins to enter in the Fair.  No one won but they all got ribbons for participating.  They did a great job for only having a crash course in painting and only having about 45 minutes to do it.

They had to paint themselves in the clothes they were wearing that day and they all came out really great.  I took pictures of all of them with theirs so they could have it to remember just how well they came out.
  We also did some printing using Styrofoam plates and it was really fun.  All the while we were incorporating our elements

We have learned about lines and how just drawing them above a pot lets you know it is hot.  We have learned that when you add shading you turn shapes into forms. 
I have big plans for next semester when we have learned all the basics of why you do what you do (like using the whole space to make your picture more visually attractive) and are ready to conquer the tougher drawing faces!  Eek!  I am not good at that.  I need to map out a schedule for next year because it is going to fly by whether I am ready or not!
I should have taken pictures of some of their drawings because they really are great artists.  I will keep that in mind as the year goes on!