Thursday, April 17, 2014

A day of Homeschooling...

 It sometimes starts off like this...especially when you have a new shiny book that you have been wanting for a really long time (Brandon Mull's Five Kingdom: Sky Raiders) and your amazing mom (yep I am that amazing mom) put in the cart at Sam's Club with out you looking and laid the new book on the desk in your room to see how long it takes you to notice it....How long did it take Jake to notice it?  No time at all.
 I was going to continue to be the awesome mom but the weather and an uncomfortably high park swing foiled my plans.  We had some bread that had been down graded to only duck worthy and hadn't feed the locals in forever so we loaded up some books and old bread and headed to the "lake" (it's really a pond but its called a lake for some reason) .
 Jake fed Fred first.  He is an ugly looking duck...poor guy...

See what I mean?...
 The fish were happy we were there too.

 The Canadian Geese are always the bullies...
 Jake threw this lovely lady a piece that landed on her back.  It stayed on for probably 5 minutes.  Jake was glad that I got a shot of the egg that was in the water too.  Poor egg... :(
 Our books were waiting and we read a little while but than got chilly and our legs hurt from the weird swing.
 See what I mean by chilly?  These guys agreed.
 So reading commenced at home.  This is the kind of mess I love to see in my house.  Books, paper, and pencils/pens are all you really need to educate yourself
 And books that are so good that you can't stop reading them to eat lunch. :)
 We went to the library again today (we were there yesterday for the Homeschooling Club, "School of Thought" [our library rocks], for "Ready, Set, Grow"-where they made a terrarium and a newspaper planter) because Jake could get a free book today!  Free + Book = Awesomeness!...No this book is not the one he got for free.  This is one he looked up and we couldn't find...So he asked the librarian in the Teen room where to look.  Would you believe there is a whole section of books upstairs we never even knew was there!?!
 Upstairs is the reference section...and the overflow of the teen section!  They only keep the most popular older books (Harry Potter type books) and the new ones (6 months and younger) on the main floor teen section.  We are so exploring up there soon!!!  Crazy to think Jake is in the teen section but they consider you a teen when you are 12+ and/or a rising 7th grader.  Last year Jake did the teen summer reading program when he was only 11!  While he was looking at his book I read the large print version (walked by the large print row, and saw it.  I have been wanting
 to read it for a while so I grabbed it) of Sarah, Plain and Tall. Is that wrong to check out a book (after I read the whole thing...but it was so good I want to read it to Jake) that is large print when you don't need large print...
Jake also did 45 minutes of math on Khan academy (online and math major, Principal Aaron approved) and started his science fair project (more on that later).  Also he didn't just read the Brandon Mull book.  We read & discussed, 2 chapters of Vol. 4 of the History of Us...and his library book...and built with Legos and lots of other things...
He is back to reading his new book (the one from Sam's Club not the library and that he has read 178 pages of today) and is going to be bummed that I am almost done with the post because that means he has to stop reading, get a quick haircut (that poor kid has never had a real haircut!), take a shower, and head to bed...Oh wait also add in make his bed because one of his chores today (2 days late....this is a Tuesday chore...) was to change his sheets and they are still in the dryer...

This is a pretty good picture of good day in the life of this homeschooling family. :)  Next time I will document what a bad day looks like.

She is a mess...

 This dog is adorable.  Obviously.  How could you not love that face?  BUT.  She sheds like no dog I have ever encountered.  Lab mixed with whatever is a mix that SHEDS!  Notice the floor beneath her...
 I had vacuumed just a mere 3 days before I took this picture.  Gross.  We will be vacuuming every day for a while...
 And the dirt she brings in the house!  How could I not mention the dirt?  Her favorite place to sit outside (besides on the porch, where she can keep watch of her yard and make sure the squirrels are kept in check) is in the dirt that is around the trampoline (a path she has worn...I will have to take a picture of that before we move for memory purposes).  She especially likes to lay in that dirt after Jake has sprayed her with the hose.  To be fair my vacuum fills up on one side before going to the other but that is still a lot dog fur and dirt...
Not to mention the fur I brushed off of her.  That is the fur from her back "haunches" and a little from her back.  And then she got restless and I let her go.  More brushing will be happening soon...Welcome Spring! :)

It is a good thing she is so stinkin' cute and smart and loving and cuddly...and the best dog on the planet!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

It's Bow Time!

 In the South we have a fast food restaurant called Bojangles.  The serve some of the best (fast food) biscuits and fried chicken you can eat!  Their tag line is: "It's Bo Time!"

(I am the bad mom who didn't realize how drastically the temperature had changed during the day...It was going to be in the low 30's over night...I didn't realize it had already dropped to probably low 60's, high 50's (maybe even colder than that...) already...)

 Today it was "Bow Time" because they are sponsoring the Mavericks-Jake's homeschooling archery team.  They are giving the team 15% of all the sales that they make between 5pm and 8pm.  The archers waved people in, opened the doors for everyone and cleared and cleaned the tables.  It was packed!
 No doubt some people came in because Microphone Man (who is apparently the voice behind the local wrestling association) did a video that he posted to his Facebook account. 
 That was so nice of him...but I have to say he didn't buy anything...hmmmm...Maybe he will come out to our next Bow Bo night on April 30th-which is the day we close on our house!!!!

Monday, April 14, 2014

On Saturday....

Jake helped me (he sprayed the hose) re-pot this plant.  My parents gave it to us at Christmas time and it had a very pretty Pointsetta (spelling?) in the middle.  I have been planning on re-potting the other guys ever since then.  Saturday was the day it was going to get done (along with a couple more coats of paint on two tables...more on that later)!

This is the before of the plants...kind of sad.

When ever the weather is nice and the hose is out, Sadie ends up looking like this. :)

This is the after...They look a little "off" right now, but when they get their roots in there good they will GROW and be so pretty!

Aaron also made ribs.  He is so good at it! 

Don't let this picture fool you.  I made the potatoes but he got them out from under the broiler for me.

Nee and Papa were there...obviously.  The ribs were Nee's idea.  She buys them and Aaron cooks them.  Sweet deal, I know.  After we ate, on the back porch because Spring in the South is awesome, we played a rousing game of Blurt!  Can you guess who won?  Me.  I am a fan of words and being loud.  This game revolves around both those things so I rocked it.
  Guess who came in last?  Papa.  For posterity's sake I will just come out and say it:  He usually does.  Not always, mind you.  But usually. :)

And it wouldn't be a party with out one picture of Aaron being a dork!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

I should be cleaning and packing...

...but I am here instead.  That is what I do.  Procrastinate.  But I feel a big burst of getting something done-right after this really quick post.  Just a bit of randomness...

Best friends....


 First box I have packed...I put pretty things I love on top so it will feel like Christmas when I open it. :)
 All while sipping from my very cool, new mason jar topper that my friend Leandra Grinder gave me. She saw it at Target and thought of me because she knows we love our mason jars. Feeling loved is a good thing. 
Now back to packing.  Every single room in our house is a disaster right now.  Literally.  I am going to completely finish (hopefully) one today and feel accomplished.  If I took pictures of my house you would be shocked. The spare bedroom looks like a library threw up in it (we never did put up the bookshelves because we started looking for a house...then I needed one stinking book, that I couldn't find, in one of the 5 Rubbermaid containers of books.  I need to go through them all any way so....), and the school room is not much better.  Bedrooms: closets have been cleaned out and there is stuff everywhere....Note to self (and everyone who made need this):  Don't pull things out to try to organize and decide what to get rid of in every room.  Do it one room at a time....Now I am going to blare Les Miserables (I just had it!!  It is temporarily misplaced in the chaos...Pandora-John Mayer radio it is) while working in the spare bedroom since I have the house to myself.:)

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Something I know.

 I have a strong testimony that I have been baptized in to the true, restored gospel of Jesus Christ.  I know that I am a daughter of God and that we are all His children.  I believe The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints has the fullness of the gospel.  I believe all Christian religions, and non-Christian religions (Jewish, Buddhists, Muslims, etc. ) for that matter have parts of the truth.  I believe we should all unite and treat each other as children of God and the world would be a much better place!  I will always be respectful of others beliefs and will fight for their freedom to believe them.  I will share my testimony and the gospel with anyone who asks, but I will never pressure anyone to change their beliefs or make them feel uncomfortable about what they believe.  And I will try to be an example of Christ to everyone I meet.  I don't believe in "Bible Thumping" or "Bible Bashing" because contention is of the devil.  I believe in discussing and learning from one another.  In the homeschooling community we have the opportunity to spend time with lots of amazing Christian families and it has opened up some interesting conversations that could lead to "Bible bashing" but I don't let it.  I have never felt offended, because I will not ever be offended for what I believe, but I have felt like some friends may be thinking I need to be saved.  We are all saved!...but that is a discussion for another day. 

I was having a discussion with a friend who was trying to convince me that I don't have faith in the Lord if I don't take Him literally in the first pages of the Old Testament.  How can I say I believe any of it if I don't believe that the earth was created in 6, 24 hour days/  That is what she asked me.  I tried to explain that I believe God's time (eternity) isn't the same as our 24 hour periods. He teaches us in ways that we can understand.  No matter how much we know, we can not fully comprehend eternity.  She went on to, pat my arm (or my leg...can't remember) and tell me that if I don't take that literally how can I believe in the rest of the scriptures and I needed to go home and really think about it and pray about it.  I didn't really reply. She was worried she had offended me.  I assured her she hadn't and went on to tell her that Christians all over the world believe and interpret the scriptures in different ways.  Go to the 1st Baptist church and they will say one thing.  Head over to the Methodists (or even another Baptist church) and the preacher will be saying something completely different about the same passage of scripture.  That is okay because everyone is trying to be better and do better.  What is not okay is when Christians try to discount or question other peoples beliefs in hurtful ways.  We in this day and age of no praying or no "under Gods" need to be uniting together for a common good. I could have said (and maybe should have said) that I have in fact already prayed about it and have a strong testimony that His time is not our time.  I was not offended.  A little hurt that someone who knows me would think that I hadn't prayed about it, but not offended.

I keep thinking about this because she says she "takes the Lord at his word literally" but she believes that Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost are all the same.  That they are one being.  If she takes the scriptures literally, which she told me she does, then how can she explain who is speaking from Heaven saying "This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased", when Jesus was in the river Jordan being baptized by John the baptist?  Jesus was still in the water, just having come straightway out of it, and it was spoken from Heaven...This is my beloved Son.  I take that to literally mean Heavenly Father, Jesus' father, spoke from heaven.  I know that the "Spirit of God descending like a dove..", was the Holy Ghost.  I know that they are literally three separate individuals.  I am not going to ask her about this unless the Spirit prompts me too, but in the meantime I have studied it more and know with even more assurance what I already knew. :) 

I know there are things in the scriptures that we can and should take literally.  I also know there are things in the scriptures that we need to study to learn the meaning behind.  Parables for example.  Not made to be taken literally-you have to look for the meaning.  

Another thing I know is that believing in a "young earth" or an older one, will not effect my eternal salvation.  What I do with my time on earth will.  Some people may be judged for this very thing---if they are judging other people by it.  Who do you think has decided it is a good idea to create this widening divide between people that are supposed to be loving one another?  That division is not created in Heaven that is for sure.


Saturday, April 5, 2014

Best test ever...

There was a test on Facebook (I love all those dumb tests!) and it tells you which children's book character you are.  I took it and got the tree from one of the best books ever: The Giving Tree.  I think that is the best compliment that the Internet has ever given me!  Jake wanted to take it and his results was PERFECT!  He got Max from Where the Wild Things Are, which I had memorized (probably still do) because it was Jake's favorite when he was little and we read it several times a day-literally! 
We need to break both those books out and reminisce and connect with our inner children's book character. :)

Friday, April 4, 2014

Dinner at the Nguyen's

We had a great time (back in the middle of March) trying Pho for the first time at the Nguyen's house with the Robinson's. Pho is a Vietnamese food and it is sooooo good!
Ladda also makes the BEST egg rolls ever...

I never knew there was such thing as fried garlic but I will be stocking my pantry with it from now on!!!
Ladda gave us the low down on all the good stuff we could get at the Asian grocery store.  We decided we are going to go on a field trip there some day with her. :)
Ladda's friend Dee was a pro at cooking it and putting it together too. 

To die for!...
Ladda even made fried rice with Asian sausage in it...because the big serving size bowl of Pho, and multiple egg rolls just weren't enough! :)

The kiddos were having a fun time on Minecraft while we were stuffing ourselves.  They stopped long enough to eat at an Asian table (one of those circular trays that you sit on the the floor around) that is so cool.  I will have to get a picture next time.
After we ate we played Headbanz and laughed our heads off!

We all thought it was hysterical (it's a Mormon thing) that Jason got church right after he had beer.
We had so much fun and can't wait to get together again ASAP!  I some times dream of those egg rolls....Except not right now because we just went to Bronco's and stuffed ourselves with yummy Mexican food (Jake is at a friend's birthday party so we had a date night).  Aaron doesn't like egg rolls usually and he ate at least 10 of them that night.  Ladda you are an  amazing cook and friend!