Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The big 13.

Jake turned 13 on Thursday, August 28th. He was sick but feeling a little better-mostly because if was his birthday I am sure.  I am still trying to figure out when this all happened.  Roughly 4,745 days went by rather quickly.  How is my baby 13 years old.  That annoying yet true phrase you hear is true: "don't blink or you will miss it".  We usually do breakfast in bed but we didn't this year (he had lunch in bed today, just for fun, to make up for it).  Jake was greeted first by his his best dog friend who was just as excited as he was that it was his birthday.  You can tell in this picture he still wasn't feeling great but he was going to make the best of it.
Aaron gave Jake his first present before he headed off to work (and a doctors appointment checking on his pinky which is healing very well.  He doesn't have to go back for 2 weeks and Aaron is hoping at that point we won't have to keep it wrapped any more and that he will not have to cover if with a plastic bag when he takes a shower), which he had been wanting and knew about because it is a Lego set that is retiring and he found it at Walmart on sale-so we bought it on the spot.  If you see Lego's on sale it is either Christmas time or they are retiring that set because they are never on sale other wise.
Then before leaving Aaron gave him an extra special birthday hug.

And Jake got down to business.
Sadie really wishes she could build with Lego's too.
I helped Jake sort that Lego's...
...while also cooking his birthday breakfast request (same as last year): bacon, egg, and cheese biscuits.
And we had chocolate and strawberry milk to go with it-you can do that on birthdays.

Before we headed out to lunch I gave him another gift he seemed pretty happy about too.

We went to Taco Dog for lunch and is was very yummy.

Jake got a few more gifts...
...and we headed home so he could rest because not even all this fun can keep you from feeling yucky when you are sick.
Sadie dutifully guarded the rest of his gifts while I made dinner and we waited for Daddy to get home so we could have Jake's favorite dinner: creamy crockpot chicken which I am pretty sure he as eaten the leftovers of every day since.

I got candles but when the fan blew them out before he could (later that evening) he said it was okay because we probably didn't want him blowing them out being sick any way.  See how smart you get when you turn 13?
We just couldn't take a good selfie for some reason...
More family time with gifts and cookie cake an ice cream after dinner.

And a special gift from Daddy: the Star Wars card game they have been wanting.

And the cookie cake minus any germs that would have been on it. ;)

After dessert while Jake got ready for bed Aaron turned on the first South Carolina game of the season that he was dvr-ing.  That is love: recording a football game (SC lost horribly) in order to celebrate the birth of the best 13 year old ever.

 Even being sick, I think Jake kicked off 13 pretty well.  I guess I must have blinked, but I am so glad I didn't miss it. :)

A visit with Sara with no h.

I feel like I have posted this already...Have I? I looked back and didn't see it so here goes (again?...maybe)! I guess this is what happens when you don't stay on top of documenting memories!

"Sara with no h" is our oldest niece.  When she was little I gave her a Christmas gift and on the tag I wrote "Sarah" and in her little tiny voice she said, "but Carrie you know my name doesn't have a "h" on it!"  I never forgot that again and I will never forget it.  Sara is now 23...is that right?  I am pretty sure 23 not 24...Either way that makes me feel really old.  Sara is now officially a grown up, living in DC and starting a life full of grown up adventures.  Before she moved she came down for a visit and we go to spend a couple of days with her.  We went swimming at Jaxson's pool and had lunch at CiCi's pizza.  The next day Nana, Pat, Sara, and I went shopping on one of the famous Tuesday shopping trips.  Nana and Pat go just about every Tuesday and we got to tag along.  It was so fun and Nana even surprised us by contributing to our wardrobes.  Here are a few pictures of the fun we had.

We love you Sara with no h and hope all your dreams come true as you start this new adventure in your life!


Jake is in his room listening to "Kidnapped" by Robert Louis Stevenson.  He has a homeschooling Literary Club meeting today.  It's not run by the library, just held there.  It is run by a homeschooled high school girl who apparently likes classics-which I think is bloody brilliant (I may be typing this in a British accent...so yo may want to read it that way). Jake started going last year and several meetings in found out it was supposed to be for high schoolers.  But in true homeschool fashion the girl who leads it said she didn't care what grade people where in if they could read, comprehend, and discuss the book.  That is the kind of academic rebellion you just don't see in public school.  :)  This book club has no parent involvement-just a group of homeschoolers that meet in the teen room and discuss a book...and now, back to the book.  On Friday I asked Jake if he had gotten an email about when the book club was starting back up.  He checked his emails (which he rarely does, and low and behold it was starting today.  We went to the library and got out the book and he read a chapter over the weekend...Just a chapter.  We were busy-I will give him that.  So, this morning (he read a little Sunday night and then for maybe 15 yesterday.  Yard work, Daddy was home, holiday...all good excuses) he got to reading it and realized he wasn't going to get it done in time.  We found it on Amazon for free on the Kindle and got it so he could finish it (he read half of it) by listening to it.  This will not be the norm.  School can't be just reading (or so I have been told but I am not sure I really believe that) you have to do math problems and write things and all that kind of stuff.  But I am all for a reading day every now and then.  So, while Jake is reading/listening (again-not the norm.  I enjoy a good audio book occasionally, but something about it seems like you are cheating) I have been rereading Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.  I love Harry Potter.  I love J.K. Rowling.

But any way, the point is that I realized I am supposed to be cleaning my room (our room but you know what I mean right Aaron) but I am reading Harry Potter instead.  As a child I can't say I ever got in trouble for reading rather than cleaning my room.  In trouble for not cleaning my room, yes-but reading instead?  I don't think so.  And I am not really getting in trouble-I mean I am the mom...but it struck me a little funny that I am a 38 year old (wow I haven't really said my age much since I turned 38...usually the even years make me feel a little better but not this time...) stay at home mom who is reading Harry Potter and not cleaning my room....and what pops into my head after I chuckle about doing something that seemingly a ten year old would be scolded for?...This: 

Well said Severus Snape.  Well said. 

{Jake just let me know that even listening to it he will not be done in time....Oh well he still wants to go to book club and he still has to finish it.  It is on his 8th/9th grade reading list.  I know this because I am the one who made the list and I just added Kidnapped to it.}

Jake and Jake's future wife:  Please let me be the one to read Harry Potter to your children. :)

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Let the preparations begin...

One day until my Jake turns 13! I don't know how this happened...but I am excited to celebrate! Unfortunately Jake is sick. :(  But we will still have fun!  I picked up his favorite cookie cake from Sam's club that used to be a circle but sometime in the past year they switched to rectangular.  Who knew!
While I was there I saw this:
Seriously?...But then I saw Santa so I felt bad for being a Grinch...but I still don't understand it.  This year, more than ever, our focus is going to be on the true meaning of Christmas. 
Here are the last of the pictures I posted daily on Facebook leading up to Jake's birthday...and I am now taking a break from FB.  It is a time waster and quit frankly I rarely leave it feeling uplifted.  I have been unfriending people recently that continually post things that I don't want to see.  I am sick of the ALS ice bucket challenge-yes I know it is a good cause but every other post is getting old.  I am also sick of seeing people post about how the police are racist and use their powers for evil. Ridiculous.  The media is creating this perception and I am sick of it-so I am turning it off for a while and so far I have not missed it at all (well I have missed conversations with my cousin but I will email her)!  But any way back to my favorite face!

Tomorrow is the big day!