Monday, September 26, 2016

What we have been up to...

This came out. I read it. I was disappointed. Not 100% disappointed...more like 82%. 

Aaron replaced all the pipes in our house. It is amazingly convenient to have a handy husband. We have been having to do half loads a wash for a year because the water was slow to drain (old cast iron pipes). About a week after he fixed the pipes and everything was going great, water was puddle under the washing machine. Luckily it wasn't the plumbing...We just needed a new washing machine, which cost more than Aaron replacing all the pipes. Oh! Did I mention my car was making weird noises that I figured was my tires and it was. We had to replace all four of them the next week. Thank goodness for savings!
 My new washing machine can wash a lot of clothes! I love much as you can really love a washing machine.

Another blurry picture, but it cracks me up so I am posting it!
I picked up a shirt for Jake at Target and he tried it on. As he was coming down the hall he asked it there was something wrong with the sleeves. I did not even notice they were 3/4 length sleeves. I did not know they made men's shirts like that...I thought that was a girl thing. Needless to say we returned it.

The men hanging out in the Man Cave, which we are going to be giving a face lift some time soon.

I have no earthly idea why I took this picture...or why were garbage bags all over the floor. Maybe in twenty years we can have fun trying to make up a story why I posted this.

What the table looks like when we are working hard at school..This is a pretty good day too. Sometime it spills into other areas of the house.

Chemistry labs are pretty interesting. I don't understand much of it, but it is cool!