Monday, September 26, 2016

The first day of school...Way back on August 1st

...was set to start off right with breakfast in bed for Jake!
 But I spilled it on the way in to his room. We rescued the books and one of the plates. 
 Sadie thought it tasted delicious with milk all over it. It was Eggo waffles with a maple flavored sausage patty, cheese, and a fried egg.
 We took this picture for some reason, I am sure, but I have no idea why...

This picture is fuzzy but I just wanted to document the fact that Jake shared half his breakfast with me, since mine was soaked in milk.

Jake is excited to be studying Chemistry this year. He has been waiting years to study it. After all the years it has been since I studied it in high school, I am still not a fan. Math and science mixed together? No thank you. I am glad he is excited though!

Latin...Jake wants to learn Latin. We have been struggling to move forward because of some confusion in the first Chapter. The great part about homeschooling is that we don't have to move on until we get it. I finally broke down and called the company who published our Latin curriculum and it turns out we are smarter than we thought! They are having to rewrite the first chapter because of inconsistencies (they give you rules, you memorize the rules, they tell you there are exceptions but you don't have to worry about those yet, and then the questions that count as grades include things that you could only get right if you knew the exceptions...)....the same ones we were stuck on. Turns out we are so smart we found the issues that the author, editor, and publisher never even came across! We are not the only ones to be calling with concerns. I think I could be a curriculum tester. That would be a fun job.

 On the first day of school you have to have a cafeteria inspired lunch even if you are homeschooled. Mac and cheese, chicken nuggets, and chocolate milk.

And of course almost two months later we are not nearly as far along as we should be and I wonder every day if we are doing enough...But I think that is what makes for good homeschooling. Always wanting to do better...