Sunday, January 31, 2010

C-ya in 18 months!

After the Jeep got repacked and we ate lunch (Aaron had to say goodbye before they left because he had to go to the dentist), we said our goodbyes. We took a few photos and hugged a bunch. It was strange because I think we all expected it to be sadder or more emotional than it was. We are of course going to miss them, but it had already hit us when they got set apart that it was really here. We cried our tears then and now we were just saying goodbye or really c-ya in 18 months. It could have been saying bye as they went out to dinner or something. Plus we knew they were on their way to the bank down the street. We had a deposit to make too so we waved bye and then went and jumped in our Jeep to surprise them one last time! It was pretty funny and it gave Nee another chance to sit and cuddle Jake one more time.

I am so excited for you Mom and Dad! You are going to be great missionaries. We are going to miss you so much but we know that you are where you are supposed to be-or at least you are on your way! Good luck as you enter the MTC tomorrow. You will be just what Seattle needs!

What's the hold up?

Like I said before my parents were going to leave after breakfast on Friday but didn't leave until after lunch. This is one of the reasons why...

Full up here...

Is that door going to be able to shut?

No more space here either...

...And this stuff still had to go in the Jeep too...

..and this too..

It is hard to pack for 18 months! The only thing their apartment has (besides furniture, thank goodness!) is plates and silverware. So while Papa repacked, Nee played with Jake and..

..and cuddled with her four legged grandchild.

Jake's gift

Still Friday 22nd...Nee and Papa had a gift for Jake Friday morning. Nee thought a little distraction would make them leaving a little easier. It worked. Nee and Papa got Jake the "Night Raven" from GI Joe.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Friday morning...

Jake and I got up Friday morning to make our last meal (or so we thought!) with Nee and Papa. Not to mention Aaron's last meal with all his teeth. (this was the day he went and got his tooth pulled...poor guy)
Jake with his chef hat on. It didn't stay on for very long but he was ready to cook!

Papa and Nee eat the same thing every morning. I started out taking pictures and then got to busy making 4 omelets, oatmeal, toast...etc., that I had to abandon it. But here are a few shots. Papa has an omelet with tomatoes and onions. He then pours flax seed and ketchup on top (these are both for his prostate cancer that he has been treated for. I forgot to get the ketchup in the shot...) Nee eats oatmeal with walnuts on top and toast.

I love my camera...I even got him cracking the egg. The old camera would still be hesitating to this day!

And the whole gang enjoying breakfast!

The Last Night...

On Thursday the 21st we didn't feel like cooking and then having to clean up after so we had a healthy meal of Papa John's pizza and ice cream! There was a lot of packing, reminiscing, and Mario "Karting" going on.

Aaron and Dad packing up the Jeep. Just wait until I post the Jeep all packed...

Jake decided to look through his treasure box and realized about 95% of the things inside had something to do with Nee and Papa. Cards Nee made and sent to Jake, souvenirs from our trip to Mexico, wood from camp...

Mom decided even though she was a missionary one more round of Mario Kart with Jake would be okay. The concentration on their faces totally cracks me up. I have 2 or 3 more at different times that pretty much look exactly the same!

Lunch at Jake's school

My parents went and had lunch with Jake on Thursday, January 21st since they wouldn't be able to do it for 18 months! They also signed him out of school early which he was thrilled with of course. Here are a couple of shots just for the memories. When they get back Jake will be almost 10...I am hoping he won't be "too cool" to have people come eat lunch with him then!

Pack Meeting

Have I mentioned that Aaron is the Cub Master and I am the Wolves den leader? Well, we are and it is a really fun place to be since Jake is in Cub Scouts. We had our first pack meeting, which turns out to be the first one in like a year for this troop so everyone loved it. Jake got his Bobcat badge and his first 2 beads for finishing 6 achievements. We did a little tug-a-war to show the parents what their cubs can accomplish with their parents help. I think everyone had a great time and it was a nice distraction for us since just a few minutes before we watched my parents getting set apart as missionaries. Which was awesome don't get me wrong, but it was really the first time it sunk in how soon they were leaving.
If you assumed I took pictures you are right!


So, Jake is in need of an anatomy lesson. I thought we had cleared this one up a couple of years ago, but apparently not. Let me start by saying I have no idea what we were talking about, because as soon as Jake said this we couldn't stop laughing. He said "girls have big cooties". While saying this he is holding his hands out in front of his chest for emphasis...No we weren't talking about breasts when he did this. Like I said I have no idea what we were talking about. When he was little he heard someone say boobies and thought they said cooties. We told him then that neither was correct, but apparently since it is not a subject that comes up very often he didn't retain the correct name for them...He is going to be so happy I documented this in about 10 years. :)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Jake's Reaction to his Report Card

Jake got his report card today and in the car told me he got all A's except for one B that may as well be an F...Okay...He really wanted to make the A honor roll, not the A/B honor roll again. I told him that was a great goal and I know he can do it...(this is where I made my mistake)... but if he tried his hardest and only got a C we would still be proud of him. He then said "Great now your telling me I should get a C!"...I explained myself better, but I still don't think he really got it because he was too busy being depressed about his B. I guess he gets that from Aaron because he sure didn't get it from me!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My Parents Getting Set A Part As Missionaries

Wednesday January 20th my parents got set apart as missionaries. It was a really awesome experience and the Spirit was so strong. It also hit us that in 2 days they would be leaving. Jake started crying when Nee was getting set apart. Right after it was over he slipped out the door. I followed him and he just couldn't hold back the tears. He and my parents are so close. It was so great to be able to live with them for a little while before they left. It worked out perfectly for everyone that our house sold and my parents didn't want to have to sell their house but couldn't leave it empty either. We are going to stay in their house while they are gone and it benefits us all. My parents didn't have to sell the house they love in a bottomed out real estate market and we don't have to rent some little apartment for $1,000 a month while Aaron is in school. But I am starting to really see how mindful the Lord is of us. He knew Jake needed to spend this time with his Nee and Papa so that letting them go for 18 months wouldn't be quit so hard. How many kids can say they got to have their Nee lay in bed with them for a few minutes almost every night and chat about what ever you want to chat about? Or after school, driving through the neighborhood you see your Papa walking your dog and you get to jump out and take a walk with him while your mom drives home. How many people can say that they got to kiss there Nee goodbye every morning before school-and a lot of those mornings she drove a long with you and your mom to drop you off? Who has played so much Wii with their Papa that sometimes it was hard to tell it was an adult and a child playing and not two buddies? We also got to see them grow even closer together as they prepared to serve the Lord. We have been extremely blessed to have spent the time before their mission with my parents. It was just what we all needed.

My dad and mom right before getting set apart as missionaries.

Bishop and Sister Gleaves, President and Sister Cheney, and my parents.


This is an "I am going to really miss you" hug for sure.

After he cried in the hall I told him he would feel better if he hugged Nee. He didn't want everyone to see him cry. I told him it was okay to be sad they were leaving but we have to remember they are serving the Lord and we need to support them. He really is happy for them. But in this moment he was just sad because he knew how much he was going to miss them.

Making Jewelry with Nee

Nee (my mom-this is the name Jake called her when he was learning how to talk-probably one of his first 10 words.) loves to make jewelry. Monday January 18th was MLK day and Jake had the day off of school so Nee got out the beads and they got to work. Jake made Nee a necklace with matching earrings, a pair of earrings for his cousin that just got her ears pierced, and a pair for me. My mom and I worked on some jewelry that she could take on her mission with her. It was a nice, relaxing way to spend some time with Nee as we were counting down the days until she left...

Puppy sitting

Matt and Erin just got a new puppy! I LOVE PUPPIES!! This was not just any puppy. It is a black lab puppy! AWWWEEEE so cute. We got to puppy sit "Finn" for the evening when they came up to Charlotte for a wedding reception. We thought Emily would just love her. She loved our old friends and neighbors Dean and Laura's chocolate lab when he was little and she took care of him. Did she love Finn? Not so much. You see Finn took Emily's beloved tennis ball. When Emily finally worked up the courage to take it back (she is a huge wimp) Finn tried to steal it back and nipped at Emily. So...Emily was scared of her...Seriously. Our almost 100 pound dog was afraid of a maybe 15 pound puppy. We had to force her to lay on her dog bed with Finn. We told Emily to go lay down and she tried to lay next to the bed so she didn't have to get to close. My dog is pitiful. But we love her because she really is perfect in every other way. :) And Finn is A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E!!!!

I mean how could you be afraid of this face?

This is pre-scared-to-death-of-a-tiny-puppy.

Finn exploring...So cute.

Okay, so there are no cute puppies in this picture just my cute husband. He made us smoothies while we were puppy sitting and they were so yummy and pretty I had to show you. I know I take way too many pictures...

Isn't it pretty? I love berry smoothies. This one is just milk, vanilla carnation instant breakfast, and frozen mixed berries. This was dinner! My mom gave me these awesome goblets for Christmas. I knew I was getting them because I showed them to her at Target and they were on clearance so she had to get them in front of me or risk them being gone. :) There are green and amber colored ones too. Thanks Mom!

Jake enjoying his chocolate "smoothie". If there is no fruit in it is it really a smoothie or a milk shake? There isn't ice cream either...It had carnation instant breakfast, milk, ice and peanut butter.

Emily after we forced her to lay on the bed with Finn so she would stop cowering by us!