Thursday, January 28, 2010

Friday morning...

Jake and I got up Friday morning to make our last meal (or so we thought!) with Nee and Papa. Not to mention Aaron's last meal with all his teeth. (this was the day he went and got his tooth pulled...poor guy)
Jake with his chef hat on. It didn't stay on for very long but he was ready to cook!

Papa and Nee eat the same thing every morning. I started out taking pictures and then got to busy making 4 omelets, oatmeal, toast...etc., that I had to abandon it. But here are a few shots. Papa has an omelet with tomatoes and onions. He then pours flax seed and ketchup on top (these are both for his prostate cancer that he has been treated for. I forgot to get the ketchup in the shot...) Nee eats oatmeal with walnuts on top and toast.

I love my camera...I even got him cracking the egg. The old camera would still be hesitating to this day!

And the whole gang enjoying breakfast!