Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Puppy sitting

Matt and Erin just got a new puppy! I LOVE PUPPIES!! This was not just any puppy. It is a black lab puppy! AWWWEEEE so cute. We got to puppy sit "Finn" for the evening when they came up to Charlotte for a wedding reception. We thought Emily would just love her. She loved our old friends and neighbors Dean and Laura's chocolate lab when he was little and she took care of him. Did she love Finn? Not so much. You see Finn took Emily's beloved tennis ball. When Emily finally worked up the courage to take it back (she is a huge wimp) Finn tried to steal it back and nipped at Emily. So...Emily was scared of her...Seriously. Our almost 100 pound dog was afraid of a maybe 15 pound puppy. We had to force her to lay on her dog bed with Finn. We told Emily to go lay down and she tried to lay next to the bed so she didn't have to get to close. My dog is pitiful. But we love her because she really is perfect in every other way. :) And Finn is A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E!!!!

I mean how could you be afraid of this face?

This is pre-scared-to-death-of-a-tiny-puppy.

Finn exploring...So cute.

Okay, so there are no cute puppies in this picture just my cute husband. He made us smoothies while we were puppy sitting and they were so yummy and pretty I had to show you. I know I take way too many pictures...

Isn't it pretty? I love berry smoothies. This one is just milk, vanilla carnation instant breakfast, and frozen mixed berries. This was dinner! My mom gave me these awesome goblets for Christmas. I knew I was getting them because I showed them to her at Target and they were on clearance so she had to get them in front of me or risk them being gone. :) There are green and amber colored ones too. Thanks Mom!

Jake enjoying his chocolate "smoothie". If there is no fruit in it is it really a smoothie or a milk shake? There isn't ice cream either...It had carnation instant breakfast, milk, ice and peanut butter.

Emily after we forced her to lay on the bed with Finn so she would stop cowering by us!