Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What have we been doing so far this year, you ask?

...We spent the first 8 days of it with the Powell's doing a little of this: (this isn't actually in order...)

We got ice cream and went geo-cashing (spelling?)....And we may or may not, have done these both at the same place...We weren't very good at acting like we weren't up to something.

Saku got sprinkles just in case you couldn't tell. :)

Anika relaxed on the swing...I am not sure it was actually relaxing, but I think that is what she was going for. :)
We raked leaves....again. :) A break from raking...
This is what the tarp was really for...
Saku manned the leaf blower. I love the cow boy boots. :)
The last 2 workers standing(the others gave up) got to jump in the pile.

Aaron changed the breaks on the car and Saku watched. It is SO AWESOME having a handy husband. I feel sorry for those of you who don't have one and actually have to pay to have things fixed. Aaron rocks.

We got out Jake's old train set for Ben to play with and the big kids had just as much fun with it as he did. The Mento's box in the background is an old display I brought home from work. It is perfect as a action figure fort, or as we are currently playing with it, as a large space ship. We took off the outside Mento's sign and it is now just royal blue. We are playing our own version of Star Wars/Ben 10/little alien guys we got out of the gum machine at Bi-Lo. I am a very cool Mommy, if I do say so myself. :)
We made homemade pizza, calzones, and smoothies and watched the movie we got the Powell's for Christmas: Babe. I LOVE that movie. One of my favorite lines from the movie: "That 'll do Pig, that 'll do." If you haven't seen it you have too. You will love it, I promise.

Aaron was there. He was just the one making the smoothies and he is a P.T.P.P. (Picture Taking Party Pooper. I just made that up. Aren't I clever? No, not really, I know. It is just getting harder and harder for my P.T.P.P's to pose for pictures anymore. Aaron has taught Jake to sigh every time I get the camera out now too...Curse you Aaron...), so he wouldn't let me take a picture of him.

We had our 4th Christmas celebration...or actually our first of the year! It was on January 1st. Allen was pretty excited about the smoked salmon Mom and Dad sent from Seattle.

Jake trying out his new G.I. Joe kid razor from Nee and Papa. My mom actually bought and wrapped gifts for Christmas before leaving on their mission.
We fried a turkey.
We went and had lunch with Jake at school.
We climbed trees on a walk to the bank. It is a little Sound of Music"ish" isn't it? You can't tell from the picture, but there were 4 trees with kiddos in them.
We made funny faces while on our walk.

One boy with a green tongue (lolly pop from the bank) and another trying to be funny sticking his finger up his nose...

Having fun on the swing...
Sam's picture crashing crazy face-gotta love it!

We pretty much just hung out and spent time together. Jake was jealous of his cousins being home schooled. He ended up faking sick one day (he felt miraculously better, about an hour after I picked him up from school. He did have some post nasal drip irritating his throat...but sick is a stretch.), and got to come home. I got to spend time with each of the bigger Powell kiddos. Sam and I organized coupons and he helped me save lots of money at the grocery store-and it even counted as math for homeschooling. He has a great eye for a bargain. Anika and I hit the Target and got some nail polish (don't waste your money on finger nail polish pens...they don't work) and did manicures. I ended up with taunting turquoise, while Anika had a split between snow bunny and pink sparkly with hearts...that didn't actually stay on. (Don't waste your money on the nail polish with floating hearts in it either...). Tina opted for snow bunny also. Saku and I made a trip to the dollar store where he picked out some awesome badges and hand cuffs. He wanted to buy everyone a treat but I told him it was his turn. :) He did find some cool puzzle erasers that he shared with everyone when he set up a scavenger hunt. Jake wondered why he didn't get a turn until I reminded him that everyday was his turn normally....One of the few perks of being an only child means you get spoiled more regularly....

So, that is a brief (sort of) run down on the 1st 8 days of the new year!