Thursday, January 20, 2011

Last Weeks Snow Days....

...4 to be exact, and one 2-hour delay. We were so excited we went out in our PJ's...with some layers on top of course. Aaron opted out of playing in the snow and went with sleeping in the bed. He was getting home from working 3rd shift as we were heading out to play. He had enough of cold and snow after a night out in it...Of course Bi-Lo was open so I headed in to work after playing. The roads were icy, but nothing compared to the parking lot. It was like a skating rink at work! It took me as long to get in the store from my car, as it did to drive to work!
Only long socks I had that were clean. I tucked in my PJ's so they wouldn't get wet.

Check out the icy streets. This was another day of playing in the snow...(Jake is wearing the home made scarf and ear muffs he got at a friends Harry Potter themed b-day party.)