Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wordful Wednesday: My Favorite Childhood Books

I am addicted to this awesome blog called "Chocolate on the Cranium" and she really had me thinking this past week about my favorite childhood books. I wish I had my camera and I would take pictures of them...but I left it at church on Sunday (we are taking pictures of all the kiddos in Primary to put on the wall. I made charts for stickers to show every week they read their scriptures. The Senior Primary has Book of Mormon chapter trackers on theirs...wait a minute this is off the subject...) , so just picture it in your mind. I couldn't pin point one specific book so here is a run down on the ones that I love, love, love...

*Charlotte's Web-My first grade teacher Mrs. Young read this to us...Definitely an all time favorite book.
*The Giving Tree-Does it get any better than this? I like it so much that I have mine from when I was a child and Jake has his own copy that I let him color in. I always wanted to color it in when I was little...This also reminds me of Where the Sidewalk Ends, also by Shel Silverstein (spelling?) . My sister had that book and I had to beg her to let me read it.
*Sweet Valley Twins and The Babysitters Club-Does this give you a hint at the error I was a tween? I so wanted to start my own babysitters club. I wanted to be Claudia so bad, with her cool fashion sense.
*Little House on the Prairie -I had the whole series, but I am ashamed to say I didn't read them all...Maybe I will now. I remember every time my mom made beef stew I wanted to turn off the lights and eat it by candle light. It seemed like something Laura's family would eat...I wanted to be a pioneer, until Hurricane Hugo hit and we didn't have power for several days...I really enjoy electricity...
*The Berenstain Bears-ALL OF THEM! Every single one of them. These probably are my favorite childhood books. The pictures just spoke to me as a child, and they still do. I am so glad my mom is a pack rat and had kept them all, so I could pass them on to Jake. I love "...and the messy room", "...go to camp", and "...go to school" the very best. I so wanted to live in their tree house and go to their school...I love the Berenstain Bears so much, that when Jake was in kindergarten I would watch the show on PBS when he was at school.

When I think of childhood books it makes me think of one of my favorite movies, You've Got Mail. There is a part where Kathleen Kelly's (Meg Ryan), boy friend who is a writer for a newspaper, writes an article to try and help save "The Shop Around the Corner" (you've seen this movie right? If not you have too! You will love it). No wait...maybe it is who Kathleen says it...I guess I will just have to go watch the movie again (bummer, an excuse to watch my favorite movie!). Any who, in the movie they discuss how what you read as a child shapes who you are (....Nope it is the boyfriend. Welcome to how my brain works people...It really can be exhausting listening to it.) as an adult. I agree 100%, and that is why my favorite books are all still children's books and that is pretty much all I read. I am still trying to shape who I am. :)

Check out other peoples favorites at Cocoa's blog...It is on my blog list that says: "We would so be best friends,if I actually knew them". When I have a minute extra I am going to figure out how to do the link where you just click and it pulls up... :)