Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Photo drop/catch up: The Fair

Lots of picture and a few words. . .

Love that Nana works at the fair and gets us tickets! Thanks Nana!

The ride that did Aaron.  Apparently as you get older you inner ear fluid thins and you can get queasy.

She Jake in his blue shirt in this one?

I want an Antelope from India.

This goat wanted me to take its picture.  I have tons of pics with him starring at me no matter what I am actually taking a picture of. 
Proud ram.  Aaron and Jake, lets see if you remember why you called him that in 20 years.

Honorable mention for my table decorating.
Second place in the photography category: Special-a picture from lasts years fair.
Jake got a 2nd place ribbon for his Lego set up.
I got 2nd place on this scrapbook page.  Not sure why I took a picture of this one because I got a couple of 1st place ribbons too.
Jake also got 1st place for the apron he sewed Nee and 2nd place for the PJ pants he sewed Aaron.  I actually worked at the fair for 3 days before it opened.  I helped sign in and judge the sewing/quilting/cross stitch/etc (the section Jake is in front of.  No I did not judge Jake's entries.  I left that up to Aaron's aunt Pat. . .There was no getting around family judging family.  All of us signing in and judging were related. . .) entries.

I went back to take a picture of the Fair at night and these is the best I could get.  They aren't going to earn me any ribbons but it is so pretty at night!