Tuesday, December 8, 2015

December Randomness

December flew by, along with the rest of the year!  Here are a few random things that happened in December.
We took a picture of the finished product so we can include it in our portfolio and then we threw it away!  I have been in the throwing away mood for a while.
Ranee asked for my salad recipe so she could make it for the Relief Society Christmas dinner, so I took a picture of it and sent it to her. Then I thought it would be a good place to share it in case I ever loose the cook book and so my posterity can make it in 50 years and love it like I did! I use a teaspoon of garlic powder rather than cloves. (I love garlic cloves but I don't won't a chunk of garlic on my strawberry...I like that the powder disperses. I also make it in a mason jar. You don't have to but why wouldn't you? It looks so pretty in there.)
I like to use spring mix rather than romaine and feta rather than Monterey Jack.  And I don't roast the walnuts. It is my favorite sweet salad.  I am almost positive that there is a picture or two from earlier in the year of this salad.

We did a white elephant book exchange (they didn't get to keep the books. They are on loan for the break from the Harmon library. But it was fun to unwrap gifts) in my American Lit class at co-op to see which biography the students would be reading over break. They did a presentation on the American history hero they read about when they get back (we missed the presentations because we are in VT/NH because Grampa Smith and Aunt Gloria are having some health issues) from break.

                         Our first Christmas present (from Jeanne Clunney and decoration up!
                                          And the first photobomb of the holiday season.
                            The pose of putting up the December 1st ornament on our advent tree.
                                            How he really feels about me taking this picture.
 My ongoing quest to simplify, declutter (spell check says this isn't a word but it is in my world) and organize. Clothes that have holes or stains that won't come out.  Why do I keep them?
                                    This is the beginning of a project that I end up loving to pieces.
This is what happened to me when I was trying to buy some Chrismtas presents on mega sale!!! I ended up getting it no problem thanks to Lindsay Chapman. (They loved the gifts)
Jake went to hear an author speak at the library. You can't tell from this picture but there were 3 other people there...Jake ended up with 4 free books for asking the author questions he was impressed by.
                                            We had a great Relief Society progressive dinner.
                                             And we got to take home this awesome gift.
I loved the message: what shall we give? What will we give as a gift to the Savior this year.