Monday, December 7, 2015

November Randomness...

The Panthers keep winning (I know I already said that) and that makes us happy.

I found a picture of the cook book I wanted for Christmas and I labeled it and sent it to Aaron.

It also made Cam really happy that they kept winning.

                                                   My nerds happy on comic book day.
                      Mom's night out...I wish I could remember what we were grossed out about!

                              Mockingjay Part 2 came out and we of course went and saw it. It was great.
                                                                 Leaves kept falling.
                                         Color really started going up at the fixer upper house.

                                                         And it got a new front door.
                                               And the gorgeous old doors got painted.
                                           And the floors got sanded an stained...a pic of that later.
                                            And the bathroom got bead board and painted.
  Jake procrastinated but got a project done for American Lit in time for co-op (yes I teach that class).
                                                          More fixer uppering happened.

  Sickness set in (the day before Thanksgiving and the day after the Grove Park in field trip..sorry to anyone we infected). Only Jake got sick luckily.

                                              Because he is spoiled I got him a milkshake.
                                  We started a new pre-Thanksgiving tradition and had a bonfire.

I like these pictures so I had a hard time narrowing them I posted most of them. Aaron is cute. :)

                                             Then I made Derby pies for Thanksgiving.
                                                                         And rolls.
                                                                     Several batches.
                                                            And Aaron fried a turkey.

                                                  I may be done with November...